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Hygge Hills is an agriculture tourism business. Read more
Cryoocyte is developing a novel technology to cryopreserve fish eggs. Egg freezing will enable fish farms globally to become less spawning dependent and produce year round at full capacity. Cryoocyte also will create a genetic egg bank of critically endangered and wild species to preserve aquatic biodiversity. Finally, frozen eggs could be transported over greater distances, creating opportunities for many low cost hatching operations globally. Read more
Order online from Chicago delivery and pickup restaurants. Whatever you're thinkin' Chicago, we got you. Read more
Global VIllage Fruit develops and markets nutritious, delicious products from under-recognized superfruits. Read more is a leading online food delivery marketplace in Continental Europe, connecting consumers and restaurants through its platform in 9 European countries and Vietnam. Read more
iceFood is an innovative technology for creating and daily delivering of healthy meals both for your family and office team. The main difference is that these are natural, healthy and delicious products. Read more
Yummly’s vision is ambitious: -Unlock the power of food, data and technology – essentially mapping the food genome -Build the digital kitchen platform and innovate on the activities that surround the kitchen -Enable understanding, personalization, seamless interconnectivity, utility -Empower the home cook We’re on the path to building something great, but there’s a long way to go.  Read more
Matchall is a Consumer Upgrade company. Read more
Cornershop is an online delivery service that helps Latin America get their groceries without ever leaving their home. The application allows users to find supermarkets and specialty stores, and allows users to order from several stores at once. Read more
We love to connect passionate pizza eaters with local pizza makers who care about craft, history, and culture. That’s why we make it super easy for people to order authentic pizza and support their local pizza shop. Read more
TaniHub is a B2B agriculture marketplace that connects farmers with food, hotel, restaurant, and catering business people. Read more
VinePair operates an online platform that enables wine consumers to discuss, share, and understand about wine and other beverages. Read more
Imperfect Foods delivers groceries with a mission to eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone. Read more
Sun Basket is a healthy cooking service that delivers organic ingredients and customized recipes weekly to customers' doors. Read more
Gamaya improves efficiency and sustainability of farming businesses by offering compelling agronomy solutions, enabled by hyperspectral imaging and artificial intelligence Read more
Sirved is an all in one platform, allowing you to discover relevant restaurant information including menus, photos and ratings to help you choose your next dining experience. Read more
Huel provides nutritionally-complete food products. Read more
Caviar is the easiest way for consumers and businesses to order food from favorite local eateries with live GPS tracking. Browse a picture menu, place the order, and we'll deliver within 1 hour or scheduled up to 6 days in advance. No minimums and no maximums. Caviar offers restaurants a delivery solution in just a few minutes without any infrastructure, logistical, or operational costs. Read more
FieldIn is an Ag data software service that optimizes pest management in orchards and vineyards. Read more
Too Good To Go Denmark fights food waste primarily through our app. Read more
SeeTree offers you complete transparency into the health. Read more
Magic Spoon is a food company that provides childlike, low-carbohydrate cereal foods for adult customers. Read more
Specialist in the sale of food supplements and natural and organic cosmetics. Read more
Dame Jidlo is web and mobile app helping hungry people find any type of food delivery, at any place, any time, with just 3 clicks.  Read more
Nosh is a delivery food service platform based in Osaka. Read more
7shifts allows managers to create schedules, communicate with staff, and control labor costs in one easy to use application. Employees can then check their schedule, request shift trades, and submit time-off, all via the 7shifts mobile app. Owners and managers in the food service industry are frustrated with having to rely on several software systems that don't integrate with one another in order to manage their day to day operations. We are streamlining employee training, scheduling and time clocking in order to begin simplifying their world. With 7shifts, managers rely on one application to manage their employees.  Read more
Healthy snack delivery service that makes healthy snacking fun, life more productive, and workplaces awesome... and now, your home! Read more
Jahez is a food delivery platform that unites stakeholders from restaurants, logistic fleet, meal orders into the Jahez Mobile Application. Read more
A&W is a restaurant that serves a delicious combination of great-tasting burgers, onion rings and frosted mugs of famous A&W root beer. Read more
Enhance the gastronomy experience for food lovers worldwide, while making the restaurant business alive and sustainable Read more
Base Food's mission is to reinvent the ingredients in staple foods so that a healthy lifestyle can be accesible to all. Read more
Trifecta is an internet company that specializes in the fields of food delivery and mobile apps. Read more Adds a button to your browser that lets you copy any recipe from any website. Copy Me that detects the full recipe, removes all the extra text and ads, and copies it to your personal account. Here you can tag it, edit it, search through the text, add it to your shopping list, and share it. Never lose a recipe again. Copy Me That is already up and running with more than 300 active users. It is far better than any similar product at detecting recipes and is easier to use. Works on smartphones, too. See what people said on Reddit: Future features include printing your own recipe book, meal planning, ability to multiply recipes and perform unit conversions, downloading of recipes as PDF files. Some of these could be packaged in a premium version. Will include a module of images with links to the original recipes (recently copied recipes, most popular, etc.). Read more
SARAH has been working on the planning and operation of the gourmet community app ''SARAH''. Read more
Lufa Farms is an agricultural and technology company located in Montreal, Quebec. It is reputed to have built the world's first commercial Read more
YFood Labs is a food-tech startup which designs smart food solutions for a modern generation. Read more
Cardinal Spirits, LLC is a craft distillery located in downtown Bloomington, IN. Just like craft/micro-breweries in the early 1980’s, there is a movement for quality craft distilleries opening in the U.S. Think of a regional vineyard or brewery creating wine and beer that reflect the tastes of its state and region. Cardinal Spirits will emulate that concept, but with distilled spirits like vodka, whiskey, and liqueurs.  Read more
Pepperplate is a seamless digital cooking platform, which now syncs across almost any type of computer, smartphone and tablet. Pepperplate has attracted a wide range of followers including restaurants, cooking schools, personal chefs, caterers and serious home cooks. Pepperplate was founded in 2010 in New York and has completed apps for iPad, iPhone, Android phones, tablets, Kindle Fire and NOOK devices. Read more
MOVELIFE is nutritional software to food service and food manufacturing. Read more
A late night burrito delivery service on the Middlebury college campus Read more
Find Me Gluten Free connects consumers with gluten free friendly restaurants and businesses.  Read more
La Ruche qui dit Oui is an e-commerce platform where users group themselves to buy directly from their local farmers. Read more
OpenMenu™ has created the first standard to regulate the way restaurants store and share their menus over the Internet by standardizing the menus' structure and format. Combined with OpenMenu Registrars, OpenMenu is providing a regulated system for sharing accurate menu information. Complete specification can be found at: OpenMenu: Sample Restaurant on the OpenMenu Platform: Read more
DOTDOT helps restaurants to quickly embrace digital transformation and effortlessly join online food ordering platform. Read more
Just Spices is a spice-mix and meal-prep brand that manufactures and markets food products. Read more
Gremon Systems provides innovative IT solutions to greenhouse growers that results in direct cost and yield benefits. Read more
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