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With excellent interest rate, zero transaction fee and convenient digital tools, Pennysmart helps you to save towards the things that matters to you. Read more
We help people improve financial decision making and outcomes. Our process starts with a free financial plan powered by artificial intelligence. Read more
Plentina is a fintech company that uses alternative data to build a credit score and extends credit to good borrowers to purchase essentials. Read more
WAAFI is your new life-style combining mobile money, communication, entertainment and productivity in a unified app. Read more
In 2011 we brought together people with deep expertise in lending with some very smart technologists and Oakbrook Finance was born. Although our backgrounds were different we shared a belief that there was a better way to do consumer lending. Read more
Podium is creating the perfect ecosystem for consumers looking to start their mortgage adventure online. Current mortgage journeys are not built with a consumer's goals and needs front of mind, we are changing this. Read more
Service for instant sale by installments of any product without the presence of a loan officer Read more
EZsave is a debt reduction platform designed to help consumers get out of debt. Read more
Zowo is a household finance management app for families which have fragmented and isolated finances and experience uncertainty. Read more
A service enabling users to automatically save small sums from each purchase and invest them according to a chosen strategy. Read more
A service for people who want to improve the conditions for their current loans. We analyze the client's financial profile based on their credit history and social demographic data, we find a similar profile in the database, for which a loan has already been approved Read more
High-tech online loan service. Customer scoring is based on the data of his financial behavior and takes place automatically within 2 minutes Read more
Instant online loan service. Submit your application. All you need is a phone number and a passport, no extra documents. Solution in 1 minute. You will receive an SMS with a decision on the application to the specified phone number. Read more
Marketplace and online auction for individuals for issuing loans, with the possibility of their further servicing Read more
Online Loan Granting Service. Microfinance organization Read more
Service that issues microloans fully automatically Read more
System for automatic accounting of finance Read more
Combines a complete list of credit products. organizations. The application allows you to increase sales of additional products, providing a transparent calculation for the client, combines the selection of products for individuals. and legal. persons Read more
Online loan provision service and insurance service Read more
Portal for a convenient and quick search for loan offers from trusted financial partners. Credit aggregator Read more
A new generation financial company that specializes in online personal loans for individuals and entrepreneurs Read more
Microcredit service. With Pay P.S. it is easy to take a loan online on a VISA, Mastercard or MIR card, a bank account or in cash through the Contact system. Read more
Online service for obtaining and searching credit history, borrower scoring Read more
When issuing a loan, the company uses probabilistic methods for assessing borrowers, based on statistics and data from various sources. The scoring system simultaneously analyzes more than 10 thousand user parameters Read more
Credit platform for instant payment for goods and services on the Internet on e-commerce sites Read more
A company specializing in instant loans Read more
A program for keeping records of personal and household finances Read more
The company has a proprietary technology stack. One of the advantages of companies is a fully automated process for approving and issuing funds. Read more
A convenient, simple, interesting and effective way to help your favorite Charitable Trusts using bonuses from various Loyalty Programs without wasting money and time. Read more
System placing deposits. Fast placement of temporarily free funds on the best terms Read more
Smart store platform for buying securities on the exchange Read more
Development of mathematical algorithms and machine learning approaches for solving trading problems Read more
Savology is helping households improve their financial well-being and reach their financial goals by providing access to fast and free financial planning. In just five minutes, Savology users get access to a free financial plan, report card, modules, and personalized action items Read more
Sapien Wallet is a user-friendly, decentralized cryptocurrency light wallet. Sapien Wallet also features a Human Rating platform, where fellow users may leave a rating and review for each other after completing a transaction. Read more aims to help you find the best financial products in France. With you can compare a wide range of credit cards, loans and other financial services offered by most banks in France, and apply for them on line securely directly with the banks free of charge. Read more
Portify is the first UK fintech company to address the financial volatility many flexible workers face, offering essential financial products to help users build credit, budget and save, via a single secure mobile app. Read more
TheOliviaApp to makes it easier for you to set aside funds for the things that are important to you. Whether it’s for that vacation, your child’s college education or kitchen renovation, Olivia will visualize your goals and help you take action. Read more
Online tax refund and tax return service Read more
Financial assistance service in stocks, financial transactions, markets. The service helps the user to handle money properly. Read more
Grandhood is a pension savings based on the premises of small and medium-sized companies. Read more
Drop is a rewards app that turns users' everyday purchases into gift card rewards. Read more
Guilabso is a mobile personal finance management platform and a credit marketplace that help people to manage their their personal finances and make better financial decisions. Read more
Volt Bank looks after users' money and is working on ways to help Australians become better savers. Read more
Delcarando is an online tax platform that helps freelancers save money and time through a virtual tax advisor. Read more
Boki is a comparison service for money transfer providers. We are like skyscanner but for money transfers! We work with the best in the business to get you the best possible rates,and fees . Boki provides the exchange rates offers from companies which are strictly regulated, authorized or licensed by FinCen, FCA, HMRC and equivalent international authorities. Read more
RemoteOne helps freelancers run their business smoothly. Our unique blend of time-tracking, invoicing and project management makes business simple. RemoteOne automatically converts your currencies, calculates timezone differences and updates your clients with real-time project dashboards, making it the perfect companion for remote workers. It also has all of the features you’d expect from a time-tracking app: – Simple time logging – Automatic invoicing – Powerful reporting – Free online invoice payments Read more
Alora is a cryptocurrency portfolio management app which helps you to keep track of all your crypto investments. We provide you complete set of tools you need to stay on top of the market. Over 1500+ coins supported. You can check portfolio, news and price updates in real time. Read more
Ernest is a personal banker for all, powered by Artificial Intelligence: a chatbot that connects to all your bank accounts, answers questions and proactively gives you insights on your personal finances in natural language. Read more
BankBazaar is the world's first neutral online marketplace for instant customised rate quotes on loans and credit cards. Shop for loans & cards just like you buy everything else now - online. Read more
Afterpay took the first step in its mission with the introduction of our first product in 2015 – simple, interest-free instalment plans, available instantly at retail stores – either online, on mobile, or in-store. Read more
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