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A mobile application combined with a prepaid card to teach young people the value of money, while providing their parents with a simple tool to turn pocket money into practical life lessons. Read more
Tradesocio offers brokers in the forex market with a cloud-based social trading platform providing information about business opportunities. Read more
MarketsCombined puts more than 60,000 stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex and precious metals from Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and US at your fingertips. You can go back in time or predict the future. Read more
Embedded provides securities execution, clearing, settlement and custody APIs for broker-dealers, RIAs, banks and trust companies. Read more
Nvoicia is a invoice discounting startup compnay. Read more
PearlPay is a Philippine-based Fintech company offering affordable and secured end-to-end banking solutions. Read more
Spare aims to enlighten and encourage #saving through small amounts of spare change and be part of the financial inclusion, regardless of your personal net worth. Read more
A cross-border digital platform of solutions that automates and streamlines complex onboarding end-to-end continuous compliance in insurance and banking. Read more
Agro-DigitalPH helps raise farmers’ incomes through virtual aggregation & end to end value chain solutions. Read more
The company develops multifunctional platforms for businesses and individuals. Read more
Get to know the digital wallet that will change your shopping experience. From now on there is no need to lug around with all the plastic cards Read more
Smart COOP is a digital platform that essentially digitizes the entire process of co-operative banks / societies. It also provides a mobile application for members to enable access to their accounts and information on demand. Read more
An online authentication and ID verification platform. The system checks whether a person is who s/he claims to be and automates the identity verification process for obtaining online loans, remote account opening, etc., including through biometric identification. Read more
Zeepay is a wholly Ghanaian owned Mobile Financial Services company focused on providing integrated mobile payments services with mobile wallets with the objective of bringing the unbanked into the financial stream and easing payments and collections for the banked population. Read more
It is a Fintech specialized in loan credits that always seeks the best solution for its customers and that provides an excellent service based on technological channels. Read more
Menerva Software is an analytics firm focused on Financial Health Monitoring solutions for Banks, Alternative Lenders and other Financial Institutions. TRaiCE, is a risk monitoring system that predicts portfolio and entity risk using publicly available data to issue alerts. Read more
Cryptocurrency trading and analytics platform Read more
Corecentra provides enterprise Impact Measurement & Management solutions for the world's largest corporations, investment managers, foundations, and agencies to manage data in real-time and generate a Quantified Narrative™ of impact success for markets, regulators, and customers. Read more
OpenWrks is an Information Technology Company. Read more
Ecosystem of fintech solutions based on blockchain. Read more
Plataforma de Trading de bonos sin receta. Read more
Aggregator of online and cash payment means. We integrate collective collection systems with all credit and debit cards, as well as means of payment in cash. Our service operates in different verticals such as Market Place, Ecommerce, Telemarketing, among others. Read more
Invera is a wealthtech that provides solutions for financial institutions in the capital market, automating processes from onboarding to recommendation and management of investment portfolios. Read more
You ever wanted an advance, but we know how uncomfortable it is to ask your company. Payufy helps you and your company receive salary advances. Read more
Building trusted digital bridges for businesses. Read more
Credidi Inc.,is a FinTech AI startup focused on implementing cutting-edge AI technology to create powerful financial tools. With user privacy at our core, we are designing our entire database from the ground up to ensure that our service is as safe as it is smart. Read more
SPENN is an advanced financial platform built into a user friendly mobile banking app. Create your FREE account in seconds, and wave goodbye to transaction fees forever. Read more
UTU us pioneering new models of digital trust to help online businesses and consumers engage and transact in an easier, safer, and more trustworthy way. Read more
AXIOM provides innovative solutions to financial institutions, businesses, and consumers because we believe that adequate and timely access to finance is essential to growth and development. Read more
Exodus Finanças x offers an online system to facilitate financial management. Read more
M-Paisa is Afghanistan's first mobile money transfer service, providing service to 90 percent of the population. Read more
Сloud platform for managing access to cloud applications, as well as for managing company employees' accounts Read more
Fintech company focused on high-tech projects of any complexity in the payment field Read more
Autonomous cyber-physical platform IoT / IIoT. Embedded electromechanical and software and hardware solutions with self-updating software and an autonomous neural network for automation and machine vision tasks based on the principles of cognitive radio optics Read more
A cash register scanner with QR codes, as well as an application that allows you to find goods from cash register receipts that are sold in stores nearby and are cheaper Read more
Leading developer of voice and bimodal biometric systems Read more
Platform for automating client communications: omnichannel chat platform, AI bots, AI assistants, knowledge bases, analytics. Allows you to automate communications, accumulate knowledge and manage customer experience Read more
Fintech solution provider. Provides participants in the financial market in Russia and the world with technological solutions that allow them to easily and safely make payment transactions Read more
A telephone robot that calls a subscriber, communicates information, recognizes human speech, builds a dialogue and assigns the next action Read more
A system for the development of voice and text robots for contact centers using the context-intent model Read more
Solution for the prevention of internal and online banking fraud for financial institutions Read more
Marketplace of services for additional monetization and increasing the loyalty of the bank's audience Read more
International processing platform Read more
A platform for information security services to identify employees vulnerable to social engineering and raise their awareness using AI Read more
Financial sector software that helps microfinance organizations, credit copers, banks, fintech startups, brokers and other financial institutions automate business processes Read more
Communication platform for interacting with customers and company employees in text channels using operators and chat bots in the framework of sales, support and training Read more
The company specializes in the development of mobile applications for restaurants, coffee shops and deliveries with a loyalty system Read more
Voice recognition in a telephone (SIP) conversation and chatbots for customer service systems using built-in adaptive scripts and external services (Dialogflow, LUIS) Read more
Biometric user verification system by voice Read more
Financial marketplace with a data core with great detail and daily updates. And these are: The most complex filters, sortings, comparisons, tips, calculators, advisors, and more. Automatic text for SEO and chat / voice bots. Read more
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