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he SENDLY application developed by Mongolian experts is the first officially licensed international money transfer service for Mongolians abroad. We aim to provide our customers with cheap, fast and reliable money transfer services. Read more
Lendo is a P2P Lending platform that offers installment loans to consumers Read more
Stamped prepares financial statements for SMEs in a simple, fast and affordable way. Read more
Lucinity helps financial services surveillance teams to shed light on money laundering with a surveillance cloud solution that uses power of Human AI to reduce process waste and improve regulatory compliance. Read more
The platform with all information about finances. Read more
At PayRay we saw the difficulties many developing businesses faced when trying to access traditional financing and working capital, so we set out to change things Read more
MoneyMax is an online comparison platform for credit cards, insurance, loans and broadband plans. Apart from comparison, It is also a financial news aggregator and provides consumer user guide to use different financial services. Read more
The company offers financial services online. Read more
Te ofrecemos préstamos personales a bajo costo, con un proceso de solicitud rápido y conveniente. Read more
The platform allows banks and businesses to process effectively customer card payments disputes. The solution allows to reduce the cost and the time threefold to solve and to refund transactions to customers. Read more
An information system that allows outsourcing, accounting, and judicial companies to offer their services. Read more
More than data-driven technology for your invoicing to payment process, that's Risolto. Less worries, and more timely paid invoices. People matter, where innovation meets experience. Read more
Xinecto helps verified professional advisers to represent their clients in the search for lenders. We combine technology and market intelligence to match and compare competitive tenders via a single portal. Read more
Built a platform that aggregated and standardised multiple bank feeds in one screen. Our technology is designed to be fully integrated in an enterprise’s private cloud or infrastructure, allowing them to compete on a global stage without compromisingto their clients' privacy. Read more
The company develops mobile applications and web services for investment, brokerage, management, insurance companies, private pension funds, microfinance organizations, as well as remote banking services. Read more
Developer of an access control system (ACS), a payment system for face biometrics and cloud video surveillance. Read more
The developer of a contactless user identification system for making payments for services. The solution virtualizes existing payment solutions and contactless payment methods, i.e. the user makes a payment without taking the phone out of his pocket or touching public surfaces. Read more
The company has developed mobile applications for paying tips with a waiter's photo and for calling a taxi without being tied to a specific service. Read more
Jgive is a digital platform for donating and fundraising. All money raised through Jgive is transferred directly to the charity, with the exception of a small credit card fee. Read more
CauseMatch offers fundraising solutions for nonprofits using an algorithm-based platform that cultivates data from millions of fundraisers. Read more
BeneFactors Ltd. is a Rwandan factoring company, providing tailored working capital solutions to firms. Read more
We are an online peer-to-peer marketplace that solves the need of short-to medium term loans of consumers by connecting lender with borrowers for fast and convenient loans & attractive returns for lenders, when interest rates are low globally, promoting financial inclusiveness. Read more
A finance marketplace enabling users to compare and purchase banking and insurance products (loans, deposits, mortgages, car insurance, etc.) Read more
A provider of outsourcing services including payroll management, accounting, HR management, tax management, legal services, procurement services, etc. Read more
A payment system enabling users to manage their banking accounts online, purchase goods and services, transfer funds, make payments to government organizations, etc. Read more
Brix provides boutique software services in the FinTech sector. Our team of 60+ talented employees located throughout Israel enjoy unparalleled flexibility in their work which we believe produces higher quality software. Read more
BezoMoney is a Ghana-based Savings platform for low-income earners and millennials. We are providing a social savings platform that helps low-income earners save effectively, have access to bulk capital through group savings and boost their creditworthiness. Read more
Users can enjoy the convenience and security of our service when donating money to their favorite charities online Read more
Tully exist to help everyone with debts. Read more
We are a digital innovation company. Our solutions are the easiest to use on the market for the exchange of electronic documents in the buying and selling processes of companies, with more than 6000 companies and more than 40,000 users of our platform. Read more
A crowdlending platform where representatives of small businesses can raise funds to fulfill a government contract. Read more
Our mission is to create equal access to financial opportunities and services no matter where in the world you happen to live. Read more
Crezu’s intuitive online financial platform makes comparing and accessing a full range of financial services easy Read more
Finarm is a comprehensive financial platform that is accessed by thousands of crypto and Forex brokers all over the world. I The site offers a listing with a wide range of providers with detailed reviews and comments from their customers. Read more
Structured digital invoice generator Read more
Software for cash flow management Read more
Collection management and automation platform. Read more
Allows you to accept digital payments on the Internet with credit cards, debit cards, from a bank account or cash. In addition, we help prevent fraud, optimize acceptance and simplify reconciliation processes, among other services. Read more
We help thousands of businesses sell more, improving the way they charge online. Read more
Dinger enables businesses to accept digital payment with or without technical resources. Read more
Destacame is the first behavior-based credit score in Latin America. Read more
KiwiGo is the new super app created after the acquisition of Meal Temple Group in 2020. Created on the principle of solving everyday challenges with technology, the KiwiGo app has been created from offering just a food delivery service (formerly Meal Temple) to a suite of more than 10 services today. Read more
GUI services and lending platform for micro businesses Read more
4G Capital are the Neobank for Africa, powering micro and small business growth to build economies and generational success. We provide clients the right financial service, the right training and the right digital solution for growth, for good. Read more
MillTechFX by Millennium Global is the FinTech affiliate of Millennium Global Investments, one of the largest specialist currency managers established in 1994. Our independent multi-bank currency solution helps Businesses significantly reduce FX costs. Read more
M-Changa is the world’s first SMS-based crowdfunding app. Users solicit support for a cause, track contributions, and withdraw funds all from their mobile phones. Fundraisers are launched in under 2 minutes, can support any cause, and cost nothing to initiate. M-Changa puts fundraising power in the hands of those without access to internet, banking services, or in-person gatherings. We’ve already helped thousands of East Africans raise money for school fees, weddings, funerals, medicine, community rehabilitation, and small business costs and more. Read more
Digiduka provides digital financial services and social commerce solutions to informal retailers in Africa Read more
Tremor designs, builds & manages SmartMarkets utilize state-of-art auction technologies & optimization techniques. Read more
DSBC Financial Europe became the trusted choice in terms of SEPA and SWIFT Transfer for individuals and businesses around Europe and over the globe with digital payments and remittance. Customers can use Payment Mastercards for business and personal transactions. Read more
Equb is an alternative means to achieve saving and improve access to credit by rotation of savings. Read more
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