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MintDice is a fully-featured online cryptocurrency casino. Read more
Peculium has strived to bring advanced wealth management services to the world of digital assets. We are building a savings platform that integrates the power of Automated Machine Learning and AI, Blockchain Technology, the economics of traditional savings and crypto markets Read more
Enterprise digital tipping system. QR code and link-based remote payments for hospitality and more. Read more
Our platform enables governments, institutions & savers to participate in in a new OECD endorsed pension model which sustainably solves most of the major underlying causes of the current global pensions crisis. Read more
Swan is a banking platform that lets you embed banking services directly into your product in under 5 minutes. Read more
he SENDLY application developed by Mongolian experts is the first officially licensed international money transfer service for Mongolians abroad. We aim to provide our customers with cheap, fast and reliable money transfer services. Read more
Simplifying the comparison and purchase of life insurance products. Read more
Officium is an automated accounting system founded in Québec City whose mission is to free entrepreneurs from all accounting tasks in order to bring them better personal and financial health. The pleasure of accessing the advantages of an accountant at the price of software. Read more
Livsta creates online financial solutions for builders. It offers the right insurance and investment products for everyone, at the right price, among those offered by all financial institutions. Read more
Use Budgeto to prepare your annual budgets, review and adjust your financial forecasts monthly and have a clear view of your company's cash flow at all times. Read more
A mobile application combined with a prepaid card to teach young people the value of money, while providing their parents with a simple tool to turn pocket money into practical life lessons. Read more
Lendo is a P2P Lending platform that offers installment loans to consumers Read more
Tradesocio offers brokers in the forex market with a cloud-based social trading platform providing information about business opportunities. Read more
DCore is a stable, customizable and cost-efficient open-source blockchain platform you can build on. As the world’s first blockchain dedicated to digital content distribution, DCore provides software development kits to empower developers and businesses to build the real world decentralized applications, makes it easier for everyone to be connected on blockchain. Read more
altFINS is a cloud-based platform allowing investors and traders to track and analyze digital assets across various platforms. Read more
Stamped prepares financial statements for SMEs in a simple, fast and affordable way. Read more
A risk-sharing platform that allows Quebec motorists to insure themselves among themselves without going through a traditional insurer. By capitalizing on the latest technologies and by simplifying the process, our application allows you to save a lot of money. Read more
At Code F, we help employers keep their employees financially fit, more fulfilled, and engaged at work through our innovative financial education and coaching solutions! Read more
TokensBy is the World’s first Exclusive Creator NFT Platform & Marketplace. Read more
MarketsCombined puts more than 60,000 stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex and precious metals from Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and US at your fingertips. You can go back in time or predict the future. Read more
Payble is a better way to get paid. Improve cash collection, lower transaction costs and make failed or late payments a thing of the past. Read more
Zip Pay is a friendly, interest-free payment solution for everyday spending, and Zip Money is great for life’s bigger buys. Read more
Liquid Mortgage is a digital asset platform changing the way borrowers and loan holders interact. Moving Loans Forward. Read more
Neptune Digital Assets accelerates cryptocurrency growth through Bitcoin mining, staking, blockchain nodes, and decentralized finance. Read more
Embedded provides securities execution, clearing, settlement and custody APIs for broker-dealers, RIAs, banks and trust companies. Read more
Tanda is a financial solutions platform that capitalizes on the need for alternative banking products in a region characterized with high financial exclusion. Read more
Apex Payment Solutions is your trusted terminal to payment services/solutions. We are a fast growing, privately owned business with an independent and entrepreneurial spirit, which makes us a great fit with our customers. Read more
Lucinity helps financial services surveillance teams to shed light on money laundering with a surveillance cloud solution that uses power of Human AI to reduce process waste and improve regulatory compliance. Read more
Macropay entered the eCommerce payment market place in 2013 with the view of making online and cross border credit/debit cards payments easily accessible and highly secure, without prejudice against the merchant industry type. Read more
Vancouver Bitcoin is the lower mainland's first and only physical cryptocurrency exchange. Our goal is to provide customers with a physical location they can go to and deal with people they trust. Read more
Life Is Hard - Work Soft is the leading solution provider for the Romanian Insurance Industry. We made it our mission to improve the lives of millions by facilitating access to a safer, happier life through the right insurance. Read more
Nvoicia is a invoice discounting startup compnay. Read more
With excellent interest rate, zero transaction fee and convenient digital tools, Pennysmart helps you to save towards the things that matters to you. Read more
Trust your payments to go where they need to go, everytime. Easily hire freelancers and remote workers from your personal and professional networks. Read more
Portali offering an intelligent Cloud-Based system to automate bookkeeping and accounting processes using AI and ML. Our goal is to help firms automate their business processes ,eliminate human errors, and minimize operational costs. Currently at TheHive Accelerator. Read more
Virtual Hat is a payment management platform where you can pay freely while maintaining your privacy and receive money safely. Currently at TheHive Accelerator. Read more
We help people improve financial decision making and outcomes. Our process starts with a free financial plan powered by artificial intelligence. Read more
SecuX Technology is a Blockchain Security Company devoted to developing comprehensive solutions to secure people’s valuable digital assets Read more
The platform with all information about finances. Read more
A modern accounting system for businesses, which has a permanent connection with Kazakhtelecom and does not require maintenance. Read more
Online accounting platform for companies. Read more
Automation of payment systems. Read more
Automation of businesses' accounting systems. Read more
Datacultr reduces risk & cost of collection for lenders on 'New to Credit' users, by converting their smartphones into a virtual collateral. Read more
Automatization of cash register systems. Read more
A Blockchain-based Middleware Platform for Food Tracking Ledger Builder. Read more
At PayRay we saw the difficulties many developing businesses faced when trying to access traditional financing and working capital, so we set out to change things Read more
MoneyMax is an online comparison platform for credit cards, insurance, loans and broadband plans. Apart from comparison, It is also a financial news aggregator and provides consumer user guide to use different financial services. Read more
Keep Warranty is a simple and very useful app that saves the warranties and purchase slips of your appliances. Read more
Noken Digital Assets is an asset-backed blockchain tokenization solution with native notarial intervention. Read more
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