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Plateforme d'évaluation des performances RSE et achats responsables. Licorne. Unicorn ? Read more
Travertine Mart, an Inc. 5000 company, is the fastest growing online supplier of Travertine products. Travertine is a natural stone considered as the ideal pool deck stone by architects due to its ability to resist heat and porous nature. Travertine pavers do not retain heat and are less slippery when wet. Our ASTM Testing shows that Travertine Pavers are freeze/thaw compatible in cold climates. They are considered “Conditionally Slip-Resistant” meaning they are slip-resistant. Read more
Less is a mobile app that allows you to sell and buy pre-owned clothes. Read more
Crusoe provides oil and gas companies with a fast, low cost and simple solution to natural gas flaring. As the energy industry works to address infrastructure constraints and increasing environmental standards around flaring and emissions, Crusoe is here to help. Read more
PittMoss specializes in the fields of sustainability, gardening, and soil and food science. Read more
Chooose allows subscribers to act on climate change and directly support some of the most impactful CO2-reducting projects around the world. Read more
Algarmo is a platform for smart purchasing that exludes the purchase of single-use plastics. Read more
Revolutionary startup creating green funeral products. Founder is a TED Fellow, Stanford d.School Fellow, MIT alum. Read more
Accuvio has developed software that enables large organisations to respond to requests from investors, customers and governments for information about their impact on climate change and the environment Read more
Hurb develops software solutions for local governments, promoting their capacities to increase ssutainability towards the issues their cities and citizens face. Read more
Outdoor Technology. We are continuously creating products for the most demanding recreational outdoor uses, but we also work with developments for the military sector, the humanitarian aid sector, and smart cities. Read more
We bring the next generation performance, today Read more
Ponce busca disminuir las pérdidas de agua potable, energía, y grandes daños, tanto en el rendimiento como en la calidad de los cultivo, a través de un sistema IoT de detección de fallas para equipos de riego. Read more
A sustainability startup all about circular living. We help declutter homes and lives by taking things that people no longer need and ensuring they have a new purpose. Read more
Carbyon has developed a technology to capture CO2 from ambient air. This allows the energy industry to produce 100% circular and renewable fuels from renewable electricity. Read more
Kora provides a financial tool to enhance sustainable behaviour. They reward individual sustainable behaviour such as zero emission mobility, using renewable energy, and reducing waste. Read more
Lusoco is a deep-tech startup focusing on a revolutionary new approach in self-powered illuminating visual communication to create a bright and colorful future. The key of the technology is to use fluorescent dyes and inks to absorb sunlight and guide it towards solar cells. Read more
Bractlet is an energy solutions company. We provide electricity monitoring and analytics for efficient energy management through an integrated hardware/software platform. We offer data acquisition, analytics, and software tools to assist energy service providers with sales, reporting, portfolio management, and measurement and verification. Read more
Corkbrick is a Lego like system, where you can build any structure, wall or furniture, inside or outside, with no tools, no screws, no glue. Read more
Tekizo Africa Limited manufactures and distribute solar powered chillers (Kuza Freezer) to small scale fishermen, offering them with sustainable cooling services during and after fishing hence reducing post-harvest fish losses and improving food security. Read more
Argaman Technologies develops, designs, and manufactures multiperformance textiles for a wide range of applications. The company focuses on developing permanently self-sterilizing, flame-proof, multifunctional yarns and fabrics. Read more
The Memory Tree urn is more than your average burial urn – it helps keep memories alive by entangling them in nature and reincarnating them into a different life form. Read more
Arvada Corporation repurposes containers into living and commercial units. Read more
EkkoSense is a global leader in the provision of software driven thermal optimization for critical live environments Read more
CW&P seeks to assist the technopreneurs, cooperatives, LGU, and the government to accomplish sustainability by introducing a very innovative and cost-effective means to improve Energy and Internet Infrastructure as a Service. Read more
We are focused on supplying solutions for heat and energy generation which increase fuel efficiency and reduces emissions on conventional liquid fuels helping pave the way towards decarbonization. Read more
The developer of fiber-optic systems for warning, control and monitoring of the state of structures for the oil and gas industry, railway facilities, space and aviation technology. Read more
Developer of a digital platform for intelligent environmental monitoring and management of emissions and discharges for industrial enterprises and settlements. Read more
The company is engaged in the development, production and implementation of metal-cladding lubricants. Produces humic acid concentrates using patented technology. Introduces a pavement modifier that improves the properties of the pavement during construction and repair. Read more
Kyoto Fusioneering is developing fusion technology to drive a new energy industry and solve global environmental problems. Read more
We offer farmers a powerful smart irrigation system with advanced soil sensor technology & cloud-based Ag analytics that integrates with micro-irrigation systems helping farmers to increase crop yield & reduce water, fertilisation and energy costs. Read more
To drive the transition to sustainability and inspire continual improvement– through measurement, benchmarking, and adaption Read more
Nature Gift utilizes cellulose nanofibers derived from sustainable woody biomass to produce resin compounds and masterbatches. This resin compound is a raw material containing CNF for molding into products such as automobiles, communication equipment, and electrical products. Read more
Ocean Eyes is developing technologies aiming at realizing sustainable ocean utilization by utilizing state - of -the - art information technology such as pattern recognition and data assimilation technology. Read more
AltFlow aims to transform society by providing independently developed flow synthesis technology, especially flow micro technology, in response to the rapidly increasing demand for synthetic flow chemistry. Read more
We have worked on more than 30% of active furnaces worldwide. Implementations of our models have proven to optimize glass properties, deliver savings in energy and/or increasing furnace lifetime. Read more
The company provides consultancy on environmental issues and sustainability. In the near future the team plans to develope a sustainable product from textile and plastic materials. Read more
More than 40% of global CO2 emissions originate from energy-intensive industries and there is currently no CO2-free fuel that meets industrial requirements. RIFT is determined to face this challenge. Read more
By using fiber re-inforced polymers and a for this purpose developed set of materials we created the basis for a new technique to manufacture lightweight PV modules. This completely new technique allows Solarge to choose and utilize the best solar cells that are available. Read more
Tarucca’s vision is to work together as industry to make the world sustainable, reducing the costs of wind energy by billions of Euros, enabling better asset management and maintenance of blades, via photonics and AI driven IoT solutions. Read more
An environmental monitoring system analyzing earth remote sensing data. Read more
We help shape new old cities for generations to come. Cities that are adaptive to the societal and environmental challenges we face in the upcoming decades. Read more
Giving classic cars a new life with a 100% electric drive Read more
We build rugged and reliable electric seismic sources with a minimal environmental footprint for the seismic acquisition industry! Read more
We carry out aerial photogrammetric surveys with aerial images taken with drones, measurements of mineral and aggregate battery volumes, civil works progress, quarries and roads, using RTK / GNSS technology of high precision and images and videos of high resolution (4K). Read more
The foundation implements projects as they promote the reduction of energy consumption in businesses and industries, applying a management model, supported by three pillars: measurement, simulation and projection. Read more
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