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Yawatt makes electric vehicles charging a win-win situation for drivers and businesses. Read more
Metalla was built to generate leveraged precious metal exposure by acquiring royalties and streams for our shareholders. Our goal is to increase share value by accumulating a diversified portfolio of royalties and streams with attractive returns. Read more
We are passionate about innovation and improving business practices in the mining industry, with a focus on data integration and geometallurgy: using geoscience to optimise processes throughout the life of a project, from exploration to production and reclamation. Read more
There is a huge knowledge gap affecting the Oil and Gas industry. Projects are getting more and more challenging while more and more experts are retiring! The phenomenon is called "the big crew change". Petrolessons is the first peer-to-peer knowledge marketplace for the Oil and Gas industry. Any O&G professional can easily create, publish and sell their knowledge! Students rate classes, network and share their accomplishments. Professionals share their knowledge, make money and show their expertise. All done in an intuitive, modern, mobile friendly platform that allows for just-in-time learning! Keywords: oil and gas, mooc, education, energy, peer-to-peer Read more
ecoworks uses industrial pre-fabrication, digital processes, and highly efficient energy systems. Read more
ResourceKraft's Advisor Energy Monitoring Software empowers management & operation teams with the information they need to make financial and process decisions to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Read more
An intelligent engineering integrity and information management system assuring your design and operations are verified faster, safer and more accurately. Read more
Organic Tech Farm Corporation is an R&D company developing new types of organic pesticides and contributes to efficient organic agriculture. Read more
Biome is an image analysis technology startup that has developed a living creatures collection mobile app. Read more
dcbel offers AI-driven sustainable technologies which enable people to leverage solar energy to power their cars, homes, and lifestyles. Read more
We design market based solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. Innovest Advisory is an impact investment advisory firm which supports public and private stakeholders in the creation and scaling of sustainable market-based solutions to global challenges. Read more
ESG Solutions is a world leader in passive microseismic monitoring. The company leverages its industry leading instrumentation, software, and services to help its clients increase productivity, reduce downtime, and mitigate safety and environmental risk. Read more
Creating light that is atmospheric for guests and functional for staff, but without the hassle of cables. With parasolar, you can add local light wherever you want. Read more
Powerhut is a fastest growing enterprise with independently owned solar system designs and installations in Maharashtra. As a premium solar panel dealer and installer, we provide a complete solar power solution to residential, commercial and industrial properties. Read more
Stemloop is developing a platform for the rapid on-site detection of public, community, and environmental health threats using innovations in synthetic biology. Read more
Braille Energy Systems is constantly developing new technologies which enhance the performance capabilities of its lithium ion and advanced technologies batteries. Read more
We generate air quality and environmental data through cheaper, faster and smarter technologies, to empower everyone to work towards more safe places to breathe. Read more
Pragma Industries is an innovative supplier of the best of breed fuel cell test equipment and the first company to start factory production of hydrogen-powered bicycles for use in corporate or municipal fleets. Read more
Daika developed a new material which is 100% natural, with greater ability than wood to be shaped. Daika allows wood materials to be extruded, molded or printed. This opens the door for new opportunities and applications for shaping and processing wood. Read more
We are a biotech startup founded in 2017, that offers fully-organic, biodegradable and microplastic-free nano, micro and macro encapsulation services to agrochemical, cosmetics, nutraceutics, pharmaceutical and smart material companies. Read more
Canadian Wollastonite (CW) is a recent addition to the mining community of Ontario and produces wollastonite mineral products and performance aggregates. Read more
Ecube Labs offers a comprehensive, smart waste management solution using industry leading cloud-based software connected to the latest IoT smart sensor and smart bin technology. Read more
AirSpeQ is commercializing a sensor for airborne particulate matter (PM). The technology is based on proprietary MEMS thin-film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) technology, and leverages more than 10 years of R&D at the University of California at Berkeley. Read more
Remote sensing Co, applying a unique NMR tech for fully distant exploration of natural resources and materials without access to sites Read more
Superforest is a market-ready mobile conservation platform. Read more
Pathzero is a simple carbon footprint measurement, offset, and reporting tool for business. Read more
Klima is a provider of CO2 offsetting services used to reverse the effects of climate change. Read more
MGA Thermal is a deep tech startup that provides an advanced thermal storage. Read more
Aquasafi is a startup company that monitors water quality. Read more
CorNatural develops bio-based sustainable products to offer a range of natural products. Read more
High Five Innovation Labs is developed an Internet of Things based solution to convert each electricity meter to a pre-paid smart meter. Read more
Inhabit is a web platform helping people reduce their environmental impact. Read more
Soltell introduces Industrial IoT-powered automation to enable cost-efficient management of distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) facilities Read more
autonomous drones, marine waste removal, water quality Read more
Flash Forest that uses aerial mapping software, drone technology, pneumatics, automation, ecological science. Read more
Pioneer in the solar lease business. Giving Indonesian businesses a chance to contribute to the solution climate change while saving money Read more
Muuse aims to eliminate single-use plastics by introducing a deposit system to its products supported by a tech enabled system. Read more
Gaia Membranes manufactures amphoteric ion exchange membranes. Read more
Fresh Bowl is a food processing company that specializes in providing vegetables and fish can goods. Read more
BioEconomy Solutions develop eco-friendly agricultural crops for feed, food, consumer products & biofuels. Read more
Aqua Innovations is an environmental engineering firm pioneering wastewater solutions for the agriculture industry. Read more
Darcy Solutions is a sustainable heating and cooling company that improves the health of environment. Read more
Evercloak is a cleantech startup that specializes in manufacturing ultra-thin graphene and other 2D nanomaterial films. Read more
Feedvax seeks to provide customers with an affordable and efficient oral vaccine to protect farmed fish. Read more
Zeno Power Systems is developing a next-generation radioisotope power system. Read more
Wave9 is a remote monitoring platform for environmental contamination and monitor equipment maintenance. Read more
Integrated waste and resource management platform copmany Read more
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