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Green energy isn't an option, it's the only possible reality. As a result, all the energy that we sell comes from renewable sources: solar, hydraulic, wind, biomass and biogas. 100% energy certified by the CNMC. Read more
Founded in 2010 in Florence, Italy, Treedom helps individuals, companies and events to offset their CO2 emissions by participating in reforestation projects all over the world. Companies and individuals can plant and give trees as gifts, share their actions with clients and friends. The periodic online publication of photos guarantees the trees’ growth and therefore the effective offsetting of CO2 emissions. Because Treedom plants mostly fruit trees, the local communities involved in the projects directly benefit from the products the trees generate, a fair income and labor. In early 2014 Treedom will give the opportunity for everyone to adopt one of the 10k trees of the town of Florence. Treedom has 7 active forestry projects in Cameroon, Haiti, Argentina, Senegal, Malawi, Kenya and Italy. Read more
Arcadia is a nationwide home energy platform providing clean energy and savings. Read more
SolarCity was started by two determined brothers with a better way to deliver clean, more affordable energy. Founded in 2006, SolarCity has since grown to become America’s largest solar provider with more than 10,000 employees. We’re just getting started. Read more
Lucera is a utility company that helps its clients save. Read more
EcoFlow Tech designs, develops and manufactures eco-friendly and affordable portable power stations for personal and professional use. Read more
We're redefining the way people use and save energy at home. Now, for the first time, customers see the energy consumption/spend of each of their appliances in real-time. It's simple, it's easy, it's elegant, it's inevitable (yet extremely difficult to replicate), and it's extremely cost-effective. It's even slightly fun.  Read more
Customer: community power consumers and legacy utility providers Product: distributed clean energy production and storage automation tools for any scale Data Science as a service: visual bigdata ui for renewable energy production insights, storage and optimization by advanced sensory i/o for solar and wind energy generation and storage management. Energy Storage Device Controllers Supporting Modular Computational Infrastructures, IaaS Open Source Energy: Point to Point Power Equity Energy Rights Management Engaged with development of Clark County Kansas Community Microgrid + Cloud Facilitator of 150mhw Wind Project under construction in the Philippines Additional Future Projects already in the pipeline: Tucson, AZ Phoenix, AZ Bibo, NM Chama, NM Plains, KS Gate, OK & Guam Because: wind powers clouds! Read more
GreenWay is a modern company looking to the future and focusing on the area of the economy that is innovative for Poland – electromobility. Read more
EKU Power Drives provides intelligent, gas-electric hybrid solutions to enable oil and gas production with natural gas as the primary fuel. Read more
ReNew Power Ventures Pvt. Ltd. is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) of clean energy with close to 3,000 MW of commissioned and under-construction clean energy assets. Of this, more than 2000 MW assets are already commissioned. Currently, it operates in thirteen states (Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, Punjab, Delhi NCR and Andhra Pradesh) across the country. Additionally, it has a development pipeline of more than 1000 MW solar, wind and solar rooftop projects. Read more
Fritts is een proactieve benchmark monitoring service voor mensen met zonnepanelen. Read more
Power2Switch is an electricity cost reduction and energy use monitoring/management portal for residential and commercial customers. The site is fully operational at Read more
UClean is a tech enabled laundry service provider. Read more
MF Fire is a fire technology company that uses combustion science to engineer superior fire products. Read more
The #1 solar energy crowd - Janaloka is a solar online media for educate and help people in Indonesia to use solar panel system. Our purpose is to provide as much as possible information for Indonesian people, so they will aware about using solar. Janaloka also part of #goingsolar global campaign. Read more
The unique tool that automates 3D terrain based solar engineering, so you not only save time, but also get much better precision Read more
M-kopa is a clean-energy startup that provides low-income homes with affordable asset financing for connected solar technology and other life-changing products and services. Read more
Think about light switches – there’s one in every room. But most homes only have one thermostat. Shouldn’t we have the same control over temperature as we do over lighting? We are developing a wireless system that gives homeowners zoned temperature control for every room. It can be installed in hours by anyone at a fraction of the cost. ecoVent makes wireless vents that open and close automatically to redirect airflow. They are controlled based on inputs from wireless sensors that sense temperature, motion and humidity. With ecoVent, every room in the home becomes comfortable and there’s no need to heat or cool empty rooms. In addition to unparalleled comfort, the system makes your home more efficient, saving you tons on your utility and heating bills, and pays for itself in three years. Read more
Over the years, Isopure Water has become one of the largest online water filtration stores carrying thousands of water filter replacement cartridges and water filter parts at very low competitive prices. Our team is the only team that has Certified Water Specialists certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) that know what they are doing. Read more
The fastest path to clean, limitless fusion energy in time to make a difference. Energy use is a fundamental enabler for improved quality of life worldwide, yet historically it has come at an extreme cost to the environment. Fusion energy can change that. We aim to deploy fusion energy to the world on a timescale that will make a difference. Read more
LLC LED-Effect is a Russian manufacturer of energy-efficient LED lighting. Read more
Milk the Sun is a pan-European online marketplace that allows buyers and sellers in the photovoltaic industry to search, browse and connect with other PV market participants who are looking to buy, sell or develop solar projects. Our online platform allows users to advertise their project offers and requests on a clear and standardised interface, to communicate directly with other users, to find new business partners easily and efficiently, and to avoid the large cost of brokers/intermediaries. Read more
Oceanvolt SEA® (Silent Electric Autonomy) is the only system available that combines electric propulsion and energy management. SEA® is an alternative to diesel engines. The system is energy efficient and provides charging methods by propellers, solar or wind. It is silent, secure and maintenance free. For boat yards it is quick, simple, light and clean to install. The SEA® system reduces the overall generator running times by 90%. The system is ideal for sailboats and catamarans where primary means of moving is by wind: a silent propulsion with regeneration function enables keeping the sailing elements in harmony Read more
Saule Technologies is a nanotechnology company that develops innovative solar cells based on perovskite materials. Read more
Born in 2005 as one of the first pure solar PV developers and independent power producers in Spain, Solarpack has always been audacious taking strategic decisions that have allowed the Company to become a pioneer in the markets where it is present. Read more
Agentis is enabling the shift to a low carbon and customer-centric future. Using Big Data To Transform The Energy Landscape Agentis leverages billions of data points from over 2.5M businesses in North America to change the way businesses work with their utility. Read more
An entirely new type and class of motor and generator (both linear and rotary). Utilizing entirely different methods of operation, these machines do not depend on the principles of switched magnetic reluctance, enabling efficiencies far beyond conventional motor/generator technologies. This technology does not require complex electronic controllers or mechanical commutation with virtually silent operation with little heat gain and losses. The first electric motor that accepts any source of electric power, DC, or AC power, single phase or three phase.The highest watt per torque ever established and thrives on low speed-high torque operation without overheating. Extreme reliability as a coil fault or short doesn't stop motor/generator operation, perfect for critical or safe shutdown loads. In regenerative service as in electric vehicles, instantly converts momentum directly into battery charging. Perfect for windpower, wavepower or other high torque-low speed machines. Read more
Team ensures the smooth turn key PV energy project implementation process. Read more
Energy decisions by individuals and businesses have critical financial and environmental consequences, yet information to make sound energy decisions is not readily available to most small end-users. The company was thus born of frustration with the founder's inability to compare retail electricity offers and the difficulty making sound appliance purchasing decisions. ClearlyEnergy, Inc. seeks to fill this informational gap through its energy savvy appliance and retail energy search engines, with the goal of creating an integrated energy marketplace. Read more
Yingli Solar's solar panel manufacturing process is defined by world-class technology and professional workmanship. We utilize the highest-quality materials, sourced through our global supply chains, to ensure that our solar panels will generate value for decades to come. Read more
Angaza offers a complete Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) solution to distributors of “pico-scale” energy products in the off-grid world. Our PAYG technology allows consumers to purchase solar lamps and mobile phone chargers over time, in affordable increments, just like they purchase cellular airtime. By removing the upfront price barrier to solar products, we enable our distribution partners to sell to the entire market of energy consumers in emerging economies, vastly expanding their sales and reach. Our PAYG hardware adds minimal cost to a solar product, making integration an attractive option for solar lantern manufacturers. Read more
Pavegen converts the energy from footsteps into renewable off-grid electricity for storage in on-board batteries or use immediately for diverse applications like lighting, signage, wireless data-collection, or charging docking stations. Its IP-protected low-carbon technology is designed to reduce emissions at any permanent site or event with high footfall, especially where wind and solar are unreliable. Read more
With intelligent technology in focus, SOLYTIC builds high-scalability solutions for the global photovoltaics market. Our business model is built with strong emphasis on IoT and Data Science and with less than a year of operations, our database already exceeds 1TB of data and processes several million data points per day. SOLYTIC serves thousands of daily users and with our cutting-edge technology, customers are able to make smart, data-driven decisions. With a strong product focus and by utilizing latest technology, languages and frameworks, we are determined to continue changing an industry. Read more
RBI Solar, Inc. designs, engineers, manufactures and installs solar mounting systems for large commercial and utility scale projects. As a specialist in ground mount, roof mount, and custom designed specialty solar structures, we focus on providing best-in-class racking systems and project management capabilities to serve owners and integrators. RBI Solar offers a broad range of solar racking systems to support every PV module manufacturer. We provide complete solar mounting solutions to solve virtually any structural mounting challenge in the solar world. Our services include complete design, signed and sealed drawings for all 50 states, high tech manufacturing, nationwide installation and end to end technical support to help you solve the toughest challenges in the industry. All of our solar mounting systems come with a 20 year limited warranty. Read more
Yellow Door Energy is a market-leading provider of solar and energy efficient solutions for commerical and industrial customers in the Middle East and Africa. Customers can reduce energy costs, improve power realiability, and lower carbon emissions. Read more
HURBA® is an Italian Startup that produces and distributes innovative electric scooters. Read more
kWh Analytics makes solar affordable for all by attacking solar's biggest problem: The high cost of capital. Backed by the industry's largest independent aggregation of solar asset data, kWh Analytics enables investors to confidently deploy more capital with lower risk. Read more
renewable energies meets e-commcerce. we are the leading b2b market place for pv products and we would like to grow our market share.  Read more
Efforce allows contributors to benefit from the energy savings generated by energy efficient projects worldwide. It is a platform for tokenized energy savings using blockchain technology. Read more
BrightSource Industries develops solar thermal technology and plant engineering, and designs, engineers, and supplies the solar field for all BrightSource plants. Read more
Carbon Reduction Project in developing countries to generate carbon credits for Regulatory market and voluntary market. Our customers are private companies, investors, funds, foundations, Utilities. We are specialize in : Reforestation, efficient cooking stoves, bio fuel, water purification. All projects are related to the carbon finance and the possibilities to generate certified carbon reduction units.  Read more
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