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Yawatt makes electric vehicles charging a win-win situation for drivers and businesses. Read more
Sustainable and Smart Dust Control & Soil Stabilization Solutions Read more
The company develops, builds, installs and operates its own highly contaminated water treatment technology that helps streamline the management of wastewater while revaluing the contaminants. Read more
BEAP is a cleantech company that develops connected products designed to lower the environmental footprint and improve corporate performance. Read more
Energy efficiency technology for power generators and wind turbines. Read more
Agentis is enabling the shift to a low carbon and customer-centric future. Using Big Data To Transform The Energy Landscape Agentis leverages billions of data points from over 2.5M businesses in North America to change the way businesses work with their utility. Read more
BiogasWorld generates business opportunities and acts as a catalyst for the global biogas and biomethane industry through our platform, network and services. Read more
Metalla was built to generate leveraged precious metal exposure by acquiring royalties and streams for our shareholders. Our goal is to increase share value by accumulating a diversified portfolio of royalties and streams with attractive returns. Read more
Global Energy Metals offers investment exposure to the growing rechargeable battery and electric vehicle market by building a diversified global portfolio of exploration and growth-stage battery mineral assets. Read more
Tekizo Africa Limited manufactures and distribute solar powered chillers (Kuza Freezer) to small scale fishermen, offering them with sustainable cooling services during and after fishing hence reducing post-harvest fish losses and improving food security. Read more
We are passionate about innovation and improving business practices in the mining industry, with a focus on data integration and geometallurgy: using geoscience to optimise processes throughout the life of a project, from exploration to production and reclamation. Read more
WASTE ROBOTICS designs, develops and manufactures smart robot systems for sorting and recycling waste materials. Read more
Crusoe provides oil and gas companies with a fast, low cost and simple solution to natural gas flaring. As the energy industry works to address infrastructure constraints and increasing environmental standards around flaring and emissions, Crusoe is here to help. Read more
PEG is an asset financing company, provides solar energy products to off-grid customers in Ghana. Read more
We empower your devices in a seamless, natural, and sustainable way by ambient light Read more
eTreego EV Charging Solution Provider Read more
APh ePower is the first start-up company to commercialize aluminum-ion batteries with investment in materials preparation, production, and research and development, and we have established world-leading technical capabilities. Read more
Experts in energy efficiency – Building science Read more
Storage of snow for the skiing industry (to start the season on a set date). Valorization of the cold energy from snow dump sites. Read more
HV Power Concepts are founded with strong technical background on hardware and monitoring software of leading UPS brands, reinforced with constant research and update on the latest technologies. Read more
Bractlet is an energy solutions company. We provide electricity monitoring and analytics for efficient energy management through an integrated hardware/software platform. We offer data acquisition, analytics, and software tools to assist energy service providers with sales, reporting, portfolio management, and measurement and verification. Read more
There is a huge knowledge gap affecting the Oil and Gas industry. Projects are getting more and more challenging while more and more experts are retiring! The phenomenon is called "the big crew change". Petrolessons is the first peer-to-peer knowledge marketplace for the Oil and Gas industry. Any O&G professional can easily create, publish and sell their knowledge! Students rate classes, network and share their accomplishments. Professionals share their knowledge, make money and show their expertise. All done in an intuitive, modern, mobile friendly platform that allows for just-in-time learning! Keywords: oil and gas, mooc, education, energy, peer-to-peer Read more
ecoworks uses industrial pre-fabrication, digital processes, and highly efficient energy systems. Read more
FlexSol Solutions is a leading innovator in smart solar lighting products. Read more
Nowi is developing a Power Module (energy harvesting PMIC) that enables IoT sensors to live forever Read more
Ener-t International is technology expert, EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) contractor and project developer of concentrated solar thermal power plants (CSP). Ener-t offers complete EPC services, including the supply of the solar field, using its patented high-efficiency, proven and bankable technology. Read more
Argaman Technologies develops, designs, and manufactures multiperformance textiles for a wide range of applications. The company focuses on developing permanently self-sterilizing, flame-proof, multifunctional yarns and fabrics. Read more
Accuvio has developed software that enables large organisations to respond to requests from investors, customers and governments for information about their impact on climate change and the environment Read more
ResourceKraft's Advisor Energy Monitoring Software empowers management & operation teams with the information they need to make financial and process decisions to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Read more
SmarterMeter believes that real energy efficiency comes from a community of informed smarter consumers. Read more
Wayste is a mobile application for an on-demand waste hauling and garbage collection services for homes and businesses. Read more
Tais is a Puerto Rican company that empowers your environmental action through the recycling of organics and the support of a local, circular and regenerative agriculture. Read more
Sunne Labs is the developer of the Sunne Heater - a solar-powered water heater. Read more
Next gen virtual Utility for energy microgrids and consumers to buy clean electricity from distributed sources at market competitive prices. Read more
The Memory Tree urn is more than your average burial urn – it helps keep memories alive by entangling them in nature and reincarnating them into a different life form. Read more
Arvada Corporation repurposes containers into living and commercial units. Read more
An intelligent engineering integrity and information management system assuring your design and operations are verified faster, safer and more accurately. Read more
EkkoSense is a global leader in the provision of software driven thermal optimization for critical live environments Read more
We design and sell solar power plants, but we are developing software inside the company that will make solar energy easier and ultimately cheaper. Read more
CW&P seeks to assist the technopreneurs, cooperatives, LGU, and the government to accomplish sustainability by introducing a very innovative and cost-effective means to improve Energy and Internet Infrastructure as a Service. Read more
Greenergy Solar is the first commercial solar service provider based in the Philippines' southern island of Mindanao. Read more
In order to maximize our contribution to prevent creating new packaging waste, we directed our work towards research and development of biodegradable materials based on biopolymers and we participated in research projects within the EU programs (FP7, Horizon2020, Life+ and ESIF). Read more
We are focused on supplying solutions for heat and energy generation which increase fuel efficiency and reduces emissions on conventional liquid fuels helping pave the way towards decarbonization. Read more
Plateforme d'évaluation des performances RSE et achats responsables. Licorne. Unicorn ? Read more
Your entire customer lifecycle on one cloud native platform The platform behind leading energy suppliers. Quote, sign-up, bill, collect and service in real time. Read more
Development of environmentally friendly technologies in the field of oil treatment and filtration based on alkylation technology (SALT). Read more
The developer of fiber-optic systems for warning, control and monitoring of the state of structures for the oil and gas industry, railway facilities, space and aviation technology. Read more
A company specializing in the collection, transportation and disposal of waste. Read more
The company manufactures waste disposal and treatment plants with a deep flue gas cleaning unit (99.9% purification) and industrial emissions treatment plants for metallurgical, steel and oil refineries. Read more
Developer of a digital platform for intelligent environmental monitoring and management of emissions and discharges for industrial enterprises and settlements. Read more
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