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Budget Dumpster delivers affordable dumpster rentals to effectively remove unwanted materials from almost any location in the United States. The customer-oriented approach has allowed Budget Dumpster to become a leader in the waste removal industry. Read more
An SaaS intelligent profile system for waste facilities, service providers, and generators that reduces the pain of the waste profile process. Traditional methods of profile management in the waste industry consists of .pdf files, fax machines, and filing cabinets. This entire process can take weeks. Wastebits = Paper not required.  Read more
Too Good To Go develops an app for fighting food waste and saving delicious food. Read more
The FoodCycler is a food-waste management system that recycles your food into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. Read more
CleanRiver manufactures innovative recycling containers which are also made from recycled material, stations and other products. Read more
Cambridge Mask is a respirators that use military grade filtration technology to filter out nearly 100% of particulate pollution. Read more
Cambridge Mask Co makes a leading range of consumer pollution masks that use filter technology developed by the British military Read more
Europe’s largest platform for industrial waste and green sourcing Read more
Green worms is a waste management company. Read more
Algenesis is a material science and technology company that helps the planet recover from the pollution by-products made from fossil fuels. Read more
The BullBag is a reusable dumpster bag for both home and job-site cleanup - contractor tough, holds up to 10-cubic yards and 4,500lbs! Read more
Toraphene is a biodegradable, compostable, and commercially-viable plastic packaging substitute and make plastic packaging obsolete. Read more
The leading business intelligence & trading platform for the global trade of scrap & recyclable commodities. Read more
Russian trading and manufacturing enterprise, an expert in the design and manufacture of treatment facilities for domestic, surface and industrial wastewater, as well as products for external engineering networks. Read more
CogZum Bulgaria Ltd. builds a smart kitchen management system for households. We develop next-gen mobile, web and IoT technology to cut food waste. Read more
Moulinot Compost & Biogaz is provides waste sorting, collection, and recycling services for Parisian restaurants. Read more
Allonnia is a bioremediation company focused on waste management. Read more
EFFICIENT WASTE MANAGEMENT Waste removal and disposal in Moscow and Moscow region Read more
Carbon 8 Systems provides solutions for the treatment of industrial waste. Read more
SOIL transforms waste into resources through the use of ecological sanitation Read more
Trash Backwards is a mashup of Freecycle + Pinterest. We are working on the problem of excess waste in our society with a smart phone app that helps citizens and local businesses rethink and reuse what we’re sending daily to the landfill. Type in what you want to go “away” and discover a myriad of alternatives to throwing the item away in a landfill trashcan, from repairing the item, to gifting it, to repurposing it into something still useful. App walkthrough: Read more
Tais is a Puerto Rican company that empowers your environmental action through the recycling of organics and the support of a local, circular and regenerative agriculture. Read more
Saahas Zero Waste is a social enterprise that provides end-to-end waste management services. Read more
The center was created to solve the problems of waste management and improve the quality of the environment by involving small and medium-sized businesses in environmental entrepreneurship Read more
Develops and produces smart chemical materials. Read more
Waste management infrastructure that utilises modular systems to deliver food waste management as a fee for service. Read more
EDI Inc continues to explore new and more efficient ways to reduce electronic waste and to maximize recovery of valuable and useful materials for future generations. 98% of all material recycled by our facilities is diverted from landfill.  Read more
Zerowaste Asia (ZA) is an environmental solutions firm. Read more
Metalmark creates nanostructured materials that destroy airborne pollutants and toxins to support healthy indoor air quality. Read more
BioIonix manufactures clean technology disinfection systems for industrial water applications. Read more
AQUA-Zyme Disposal Systems is one of the leading suppliers of Dewatering Equipment & Accessories including waste disposal and recycling solutions. Call us today at 979.245.5656 to find out how we can serve your waste disposal needs. Upon request, our dewatering facility in Van Vleck, Texas is open to visitors who want to view ADS equipment in operation. Let our team help provide a waste disposal solution for you. Read more
Comprehensive customer service in the field of virtual and augmented reality * Industry XR - a complete VR/AR platform for industry with implementations. * Trash Rage - ecological project that allows education on ecology using VR and AR * Training in Japanese culture in VR Read more
StockBase collects unneeded goods and sends them to those who want them. Read more
Khaalisisi connects waste-entrepreneurs (khaalisisi friends) with waste-sellers (households & businesses) through their platform for efficient mobilization of recyclable trash. Read more
Grenof is an Australian-owned solutions based company focused on providing innovative and proven technologies and solutions to the water, wastewater and renewables sectors. Read more
The company develops, builds, installs and operates its own highly contaminated water treatment technology that helps streamline the management of wastewater while revaluing the contaminants. Read more
WASTE ROBOTICS designs, develops and manufactures smart robot systems for sorting and recycling waste materials. Read more
WASCO LAB combines unique ultrasonic smart sensors that monitor waste in real-time using IoT or GSM with sophisticated software (Route Planning, Management system, and Heat map) providing cities and businesses with data-driven decision making. Read more
Our common goal is technology innovation. We invest in people to create a proprietary technology backed by engineering excellence, systems thinking, human-centered design and care for the environment. Read more
Our job is to reduce social and enviromental impact caused by organic trash in landfills. We work collecting in order to compost it. And the subproduct from the composting is use to make organic fertilizer for new plants.  Read more
Symbiobe develops and promotes a resource-recycling material production platform that effectively utilizes natural biomass resources and photosynthetic organisms, which have not been fully exploited in the past, and to update manufacturing around the world to a form that can be passed on to the next generation, thereby making sustainable society... Read more
Hydroclave technology provides numerous benefits and advantages compared with other treatment and disposal methods for clinical waste.  Read more
Long Plan initially established its foundation with ITO recycling related processes and waste liquid recycling technology, and then expanded into business related to precious metal and rare metal waste recycling and trading. Read more
HOLD ENERGY provide good energy-saving planning and energy services, is a leader in energy-saving technology. The company's energy-saving equipment system can not only effectively improve the average energy-saving rate and prolong the life of energy-consuming equipment; Read more
e6s develop, manufacture, and sell a sustainable flush toilet system that reclaims toilet flushing water and at the same time reduces the volume of waste for hygienic and safe recovery. Read more
Loop is a circular shopping platform that transforms the packaging of your everyday essentials from single-use disposable to durable, feature-packed designs. Read more
Unilite provides a superior solution to the disposal of textile sludge, water treatment sludge, waste incineration fly ash and pulp sludge. Their patented technologies to recycle various waste streams into inert construction products, with zero waste produced in the process. Read more
Did you know that worldwide, each year, 2.12 billion tonnes of waste gets dumped into landfills? We offer solutions that help businesses reduce their waste, create clean energy, and improve the planet. Read more
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