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Enpal is a solar energy company. Read more
We help our customers to get the best energy (power and gas) for their home, orientating them through the technical, administrative and commercial jungle to the offer that best fits them. Read more helps customers save money on their household bills like energy, fixed internet, digitale TV, insurances, financial products and more. We provide consumers free and easy to use online comparing services to find the product that beste suits their situation, wishes and budget. We offer consumers market-leading deals, including some they can't even get direct from providers. Read more
ZOLAR is an online provider of solar systems enables the entry into the private energy supply for private households. Read more
Choose Energy provides a platform that enables residential and commercial consumers to comparison shop for energy plans and providers in deregulated markets. Consumers in deregulated markets are overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of plans and pricing options (over 200 in some areas of Texas). We bring simplicity and transparency to the process of shopping and enrolling with an energy supplier. Our roadmap features consumer facing tools for energy efficiency and management, as well as innovations in the commercial marketplace. Read more
With a photovoltaic system , electricity storage and cloud from SENEC, you can supply yourself with clean solar power and make yourself independent of rising electricity prices. Read more
Igloo is an energy retailer. They use smart technology to help customers keep track of their energy usage. Through smart meter data and connected home technology, Igloo helps ensure that running a home is easier for customers by giving them the information, control and support they need through their smartphones. Read more
Electrification and renewable energy storage are the keys to a carbon neutral society. Batteries will enable the transition. The auto industry alone will need batteries in huge numbers to replace fossil fuels with electricity. The ability to store energy is also crucial to free the world’s energy generation and distribution from coal, oil and natural gas. Northvolt accelerates this transition by building Europe’s largest battery factory. Read more
Voltus provides cash-generating energy products to commercial, institutional, and industrial customers. Read more
Energy.Bot is a simple and transparent energy marketplace that enables businesses to shop for an energy plan for their business. Read more
Energomap lets you navigate through the catalogues of all kinds of manufacturers' equipment as well as create and expose your company's profile, and make professional connections with other companies' personnel. The paid product comes as a pack of analytics that helps companies achieve their marketing goals. Right now only one market is targeted - energy construction in Russia. We would like to build it up to international and multi-market level.  Read more
Dragos is an industrial cybersecurity company on a mission to safeguard civilization by protecting the world’s critical infrastructure. Read more
Form Energy is developing a class of ultra-low-cost, long-duration energy storage systems. Read more
Coversant’s proprietary software (an IoT Service Bus) connects disparate systems and devices, across platforms, in real-time, enabling the marriage of the Internet of Things and Big Data. Built on event-driven architecture, our SoapBox product line offers an advanced presence engine and higher levels of security via application centric networking. In its 8th generation, SoapBox is mature, stable & patented. The architecture is powered by a multi-threaded 64-bit engine that enables more than 240,000 concurrent connections and more than 60,000 messages a second on a single server.  Read more
North American based MicroGrid project developer Read more
LightnTec GmbH, a Karlsruhe, Germany-based developer and manufacturer of digital light Read more
Switchd is an automate the process of energy switching. Read more
Wattwatchers specialises in monitoring and controlling electricity at circuit-level in real-time through the cloud. Our hardware, firmware and software cross over for utility, commercial and industrial and residential use cases, and 'work with' an expanding range of third-party partner applications, dashboards and portals. Read more
PVComplete is a developer and provider of a residential, commercial and utility solar design platform. Read more
Remote monitoring for the next generation of energy companies Read more
GHGSat provides hyperspectral satellite imagery of individual industrial facilities; these images are measurements of greenhouse gas (GHG) and air quality gas (AQG) emissions from these facilities. Customers can use this imagery to detect leaks of products (e.g. natural gas from pipelines), to measure GHG or AQG facility emissions (which have a financial cost in certain jurisdictions), and to measure industrial activity (e.g. carbon dioxide emissions from power plants). Customers include government, industry, and financial market players. Read more
EnergyPal is a multinational provider of high quality Solar & Battery energy solutions. Read more
Curb’s vision is to fundamentally re-shape how individuals interact with energy. We have developed a suite of tools to engage and empower individuals about their energy decisions – putting the power in your hands. The Curb platform is best defined by the following characteristics: Empowering: Providing relevant information is essential • Real-time feedback: See your impact on the energy bill • Second-by-second detail: Engaging: The right data leads to action • Granular: Energy consumption by location and load • Metrics: Comparisons enable smarter decisions • Gameification: Explore, Learn & Win! Enduring: Sustained impact by moving beyond a dashboard • Alerts: Information when its most valuable to you • Social Tools: Compare and rank your energy usage to your friends Curb currently solidifying channel partnerships in both the commercial and residential markets, but also provides direct sales to commercial opportunities.  Read more
Enapter makes highly efficient hydrogen generators with patented Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) technology and Energy Management Software. Read more
Omnidian is a provider of comprehensive protection plans for investments in residential solar energy systems. Read more
Research institution: laser physics and optics; quantum electronics; integrated optics; technology of new materials; condensed matter physics; surface physics; micro and nanoelectronics; plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear fusion Read more
LevelTen is a safe and cost-effective way for C&I customers to purchase renewable energy. Read more
Link. Innovate. Linknovate helps companies reduce their time-to-market cycles and boost their R&D capabilities. We are building an ecosystem for science and engineering, with an innovative search engine that makes it easy to identify relevant documents and broaden your network of contacts. Our missions is to bridge the gap between science in academia and its practical application in the world. Try our search engine at Read more
Project Canary offers the first continuous, real-time, cost-effective monitoring of fugitive gas emissions. Read more
OneMeter is a system consisting of a beacon fixed on power meters and IT tools which enable real-time power parameters analysis Read more
Cloud software for energy companies Cloud Software für Energieversorgungsunternehmen Read more
Nanotech Energy is a supplier of graphene, graphene oxide, and graphene supper batteries. Read more
Freyr Energy is a company that provides full service solar provider based in Hyderabad, India. Read more
Red Rock Biofuels (RRB) will produce high value, ultra-low carbon renewable jet & diesel fuels from low cost forest residues. Major airlines, logistics firms and the U.S. Military want low carbon, renewable fuels to solve their climate change, price volatility and energy security problems. Also, by using forest residues RRB will help reduce the risk of destructive wildfires in the Western U.S. We started RRB to supply renewable fuels into the $250 billion U.S. market for jet and diesel fuels. The U.S. Dept. of Defense (DOD), Oregon Dept. of Energy, and major fuel customers have all recognized our winning team and business. The DOD is investing $4.1M in the current round. A major U.S. airline and a major U.S. logistics firm will buy all of RRB’s jet fuel. Our experienced management team has built over $650 million of renewable fuels production facilities. RRB’s parent, IR1 Group, runs a successful renewable fuels advisory business and has invested $2.5 million in RRB. Read more
Intuitive Machines offers engineering solutions at the unimagined intersections between energy, medicine, and aerospace. Read more
Nemo Power Tools designs and manufactures underwater cordless power tools and accessories. Read more
Kraftblock is the energy storage, based on a bottom-up materials-development. Read more can help you find cheap gas prices and gas stations in your city. allows our friends to share information about cheaply priced gas and fuel with others as well as targeting the lowest priced stations to save money when filling up at the gas station pumps! Read more
Independent energy manager changing the way consumers buy energy Read more
Operator company that provides a comprehensive technical platform and related services to its customers for offering EV charging services further to end customers, EV drivers. Charging sites in Finland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway and UK. Read more
Helion develops a fusion engine intended for a low cost solution for clean and safe energy. Read more
Clarke Energia is a digital energy manager that reduces your electricity bill Read more
Alectra provides safe, reliable, and innovative energy solutions. Read more
Квантовые коммуникации Детектор одиночных фотонов Твердотельный фотоумножитель Фемтосекундный лазер с диодной накачкой Read more
Fervo Energy is a next-generation geothermal developer generating clean power in new places. Read more
Atom Power integrates hardware and software into end-to-end power distribution products. Read more
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