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MyMama is an online platform that provides support to parents and expectant couples. A team of hand-picked experts provide online consultations and online courses related to pregnancy and parenting, with the focus being on giving personalised advice and education. Read more
Strategyworks’s Digital Marketing training is known for its 100% practical oriented training program. Our flagship program ” Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing” is the most preferred program among job seekers, professionals, and small business owners. Read more
Boomrank offers instructors a specialized platform to promote their services. It also offers businesses a solution to help them decide which options are the best suited to their training needs. Read more
The platform focuses on online education. Read more
The aim of the project is to study English online. Read more
Poklet is an efficient and handy app to support parents educating their children about money management – setting them up for a good financial start in life. Read more
It is online learning platform, sharing your knowledge and skills with others, and influencing the success of thousands of young people. We offer a comprehensive online training program that empowers your team and gives you the opportunity to lead the industry. Read more
There are thousands of small businesses that build and service products for customers at the customers' locations. There are millions of field workers doing this. Our product is a mobile platform that helps a manager in the office engage, train and monitor the daily work of this field workforce. It helps retain the workforce better by bringing better and more timely supervision and training. It complements personal supervision and training with thoughtfully designed digital ones. All of this ties with specific quality control measures in the field that managers often struggle to enforce. Our first niche market is the solar industry in India. Read more
The school that specializes in IT development. Read more
Educational centers aimed to teach IT technologies and computer design. Read more
ML&Big Data-enabled marketplace, which helps entrepreneurs to receive specific business advice from international niche experts. Read more is an e-Learning for Agriculture and Fisheries portal in the Philippines. Read more
Sociov is an on-demand professional coaching app. Read more
Chalkboard is an online marketplace for education that connects students to teachers. We aim to be the preferred venue for Filipino K-12 learners and college students in their quest for learning. Read more
The all-in-one tool for monitored questioning, education, (self)exercising and live guidance. Read more
IT academy is innovative information technology training and consulting company. Read more
Fligno seeks to help people see their full potential and utilizing their skills to make Northern Mindanao progressive. Part of this empowerment is making learners realize that when the region grows, they grow with it because they contributed to its growth. Read more
Neupusti is a platform, which collects information on grants, scholarships, volunteer programs, internships, forums, hackathons and other activities for youth. Read more
An educational platform for women on the most relevant lifestyle topics such as nutrition, cosmetology, style, makeup, psychology, etc. The startup uses quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze user behavior, on the basis of which personalized content is offered. Read more
An intelligent full-cycle recruitment system. Based on the ideal candidate's profile, the system automatically searches for suitable specialists on job sites and social networks and evaluates candidates according to specified criteria. Read more
A full-cycle online education provider offering services under several brands: Netology – online/offline classes in digital professions; Foxford - online education for teachers and children; EdMarket - training for online education specialists; Wordika – online English classes. Read more
By developing a strong partnership based on trust I can help you to develop your potential through coaching and building your emotional intelligence. I offer one to one coaching and personalized leadership development programmes. Read more
Peshawar, a non-profit startup, works as a digital notice board so students can never miss out on important information like entrance tests or scholarships. The Peshawar also provides free access to books, notes, as well as guidelines to ace exams on its website. Read more
We believe access to education should be at the tip of the finger. We designed a platform to help parents find information about school admission dates, application forms, entry requirements, facilities, subjects, fees, contact information, reviews and physical locations. Read more
Talently offers an intensive program that helps software developers get a better job in the technology industry, anywhere in the world Read more
spotivity is a dynamic marketplace platform and personal utility app. Using our native app and SaaS web platform, spotivity A) maximizes afterschool time for the targeted 13-17 user and B) helps Providers increase both participant growth and retention rates. Read more
Parker Dewey helps address the challenges associated with college-to-career transitions. Specifically, Parker Dewey provides Career Launchers (college / grad students and recent graduates) the opportunity to work on Micro-Internships--paid, short-term assignments with firms. Read more
Jones Software Corp., is a Cloud-Based, SaaS, Full-Turnkey, Education Technology Platform, for Primary, Secondary, and Higher Education - Adult Learners, designed to close the Learning Gap. Read more
Hughes Who Technologies Studio-NFP is committed to raising the percentage of the under-served in the diversity-lacking gaming and interactive industries. We accomplish this through our youth STEAM workshops and young adult apprenticeship program. Read more
We promote the development of Smart cities through Research and development of solutions, Incubation of ideas and events Read more
Creative Practice is an educational online ecosystem for the creative industries. It includes a technical platform, interfaces for training, job testing, employment and own training content. Read more
As the only online chess collective in the world for girls, we are tackling the gender gap in chess head-on by inspiring our students to discover and develop their inherent strengths. Read more
Whata Kids is a content platform on personal development for children from 5 to 10 years old. We produce and disseminate content to inspire and support transformations that guarantee equity and quality in education. Read more
Company focused on creating programs that are fully tailored to the needs and interests of the companies and to customizable curricular plans so that its employes learn languages quickly, practically and with results. Read more
Trellus Health is a resilience-driven connected health solution for complex chronic conditions, starting with IBD. Read more
Foundley is a professional network platform that is enabling students to access work experience and companies to identify best talent. Read more
Beereaders redefines what's possible for Spanish speakers by advancing their reading comprehension Read more
Internship Abroad , Internsflyabrod.govt internship , Paid internship Abroad , internsflyabroadgovt .com Read more
Woho is a technology company that enables a new way to conceived and build spaces. Read more
Tangobuilder platform gives engineers, architects, and contractors the accurate and customized design information they need. Read more
Blair finances students through Income-Share Agreements. Read more
Fast Science helps researchers unlock the true value of their findings. Read more
Online academy for personalized research mentorship ( Read more
Edly is an online marketplace connecting schools and accredited investors to fund income share agreements. Read more
Training and certification in product innovation, Design Thinking, and DevOps Read more
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