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Quizizz is an education-based platform that offers engaging gamified quizzes and interactive lessons to any learner. Read more
Khan Academy is a non-profit that provides a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere. We're building a virtual classroom to support millions of learners in assessing knowledge, encouraging cooperative learning, and providing real-time learner data. We're radically rethinking how to leverage technology inside and outside the classroom. Interested in social ROI? Contact donate at  Read more
Toppr is an after-school learning app that provides learning courses and entrance exam tutoring. Read more
itslearning has prepared a Starter Kit to support schools and teachers to transition smoothly to remote learning. Read more
Online learning software in K12 is one of the fastest growing markets on the planet, and Clever is quickly becoming the infrastructure these apps depend on. Today, many of the biggest and most innovative applications in education are already powered by Clever, and our platform is just getting started. Read more
Ruangguru is a tech company it provides educational services. Read more
Perfect open source solution for conducting online evaluation & exams. Read more
StuDocu provides a platform to millions of students around the world to share knowledge, helping them to get smarter faster! Read more
Programiz is a programming tutorials website aimed at beginners which has tutorials on four programming languages: C, C++, Python and R. More than one million users each month rely on this website to learn programming, using its simple and clear resources. Read more is an interactive educational platform for online courses in the curriculum subjects. It helps each student to get basic skills regardless of socio-economic and geographical location. Read more
Learning chess from traditional content such as books and video can be difficult, tedious and is often seen as an insurmountable task. Chessable adapts traditional chess learning content into a unique, interactive, gamified digital format and uses learning-science techniques to optimise the learning process. Chessable makes learning easier and efficient by using insights from neuroscience and educational psychology. It makes learning fun by using gamification. Chessable's ultimate goal is help people achieve expertise quicker than the often mentioned 10,000 hours. Read more
Lumen Learning provides high quality open courseware and support for educational institutions. Read more
Chordify is a music player that extracts chords from musical sources like Soundcloud, Youtube or your own files, and shows you which chord. Read more
In EDpuzzle, you can make any video your lesson. We combine simple video-editing tools with powerful analytics so that a teacher can take a video and make it personal, engaging and effective. Together we are building a pool of the best video lessons for the classroom. We are working towards a day where every teacher and student will be just a click away from an excellent online education.  Read more
Our Mission Increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere Enhance teaching and learning on campus and online Advance teaching and learning through research Our Story Founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, edX is an online learning destination and MOOC provider, offering high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere. With more than 90 global partners, we are proud to count the world’s leading universities, nonprofits, and institutions as our members. EdX university members top the QS World University Rankings® with our founders receiving the top honors, and edX partner institutions ranking highly on the full list. Read more
ClassDojo is a tool that millions of teachers, parents and students love and use to build positive behavior at school every day – that’s just the first step. Research shows that building behaviors like persistence, self-control and curiosity has a huge effect on test scores - and on incomes, health outcomes and dropout rates. So how do we create an education that not only builds academic knowledge, but also the character strengths that make people successful in life? That's what we're doing. Read more
Common Sense Media provides information and education to help kids and families thrive in a world of media and technology. Read more
Preply is a language learning platform that allows for personalized learning driven by data. Read more
Cuemath is an international online learning platform that offers math and coding programs for K-to-10 students. Read more
Skillshare is a global learning community for creators. Anyone can take thousands of online classes or even teach a class themselves. Our mission is to provide access to high-quality learning. We believe that everyone is creative, and that giving people tools to harness their creative power has the potential to change lives for the better. Not creativity defined as an artist but creativity defined as a mindset, as a mental toolkit, as a set of building blocks, as a way of solving problems, and as a means to live a more interesting life. By teaching the skills needed in tomorrow’s world, Skillshare empowers creators to pursue the work they love today. Read more is a cloud based sales & training platform for seminars, training, courses, face-to-face and online classes. Read more
We are building the education the world needs - the first truly net native education. The demand for coding skills is skyrocketing, and not just for developers. Programming is playing a bigger role in every career path. Add the right technical skills to your résumé so you can pursue a more fulfilling career. Read more
Codecademy provides an online learning platform that teaches employable digital skills. Read more
With Real Python and Real Python for the Web you will learn Python programming through hands-on, interesting examples that are useful and fun! With each course you get: -Over 200 entertaining and informative pages, including plenty of exercises with provided solutions. -Access to samples files, webpages, and videos that will give you real hands-on practice manipulating files, interacting with the web, developing web applications creating your own GUI applications, and much more. -Access to the member forum, where you can ask questions and get any extra help you need while working through the course. -Free updates for life when even more material is added to the course. Read more
Ornikar is an online driving school that offers radically cheaper, uncomplicated and faster offer to obtain a driving license. Read more
Educative provides interactive and adaptive courses for software developers with pre-configured developer environments in the cloud. Read more
At italki, you can get 1-on-1 language lessons from a teacher in China, Egypt, Japan, South America -- anywhere. Teachers tutor you through VOIP for as low as $4 USD / hour. italki's platform works like an ebay for language teaching services, with teachers setting their own prices and building reputations. italki also provides a social learning experience: find language partners for practice, ask questions, and get your foreign language essays corrected by a friendly community. Read more
Lingoda offers online, live language classes in English, Business English, German, Spanish, French with qualified, native-speaking teachers. Read more
Abwaab connects teachers to students for classes Read more
Lessons with a teacher at Skyeng Online School in Moscow. Read more
E-learning platform that empowers anyone to teach and learn any knowledge online. Read more
Pear Deck helps teachers engage every student in the class through interactive presentations and formative assessments. Developed to integrate seamlessly with Chromebooks and Google Drive, teachers can launch presentations on student screens with a single click, watch student answers come in, and make sure every student is on track. Initial Pear Deck customers are Chromebook 1:1 K-12 schools in the U.S. Chromebooks accounted for 20% of the K-12 Device market in the 4th quarter of 2013 and is expected to capture north of 40% in 2014.  Read more
Intelligent Courseware: our courses empower educators and students by enabling dynamic, flexible and responsive instruction.  Read more
Babbel gives you everything you need to speak, write, and understand a new language. Set your own pace – learn what you want, when you want. Take Babbel with you. It saves your completed lessons in the cloud so you can pick up right where you left off – on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Simply choose the course you’re interested in and start building your vocabulary. Learn grammar intuitively as you go. Start speaking right from the first lesson. Babbel’s integrated speech recognition helps improve your pronunciation. Read more
Piazza is an online platform where students and instructors come together to learn and teach. It offers a refined Q&A environment along with key features for effective course collaboration. We built Piazza to model the face-to-face discussion among students and instructors. To do this effectively, Piazza displays updates as soon as they happen so you see changes in real time. Piazza uses the power of community to increase collaboration through wiki-style editing, endorsed posts, student-to-student learning, and instructor feedback. Learn more at Announcing Piazza Careers. Piazza Careers is a new recruiting platform that leverages the student base and engagement of Piazza’s Q&A platform. We’re connecting students and companies in new and meaningful ways. This is the natural next step to helping students succeed in their classes. We are now helping them succeed in their careers. Learn more at Read more
A site where language teachers share their home-made teaching materials. You can download any doc or powerpoint file free of charge. You can play or create interactive web-based quizzes for Youtube and Vimeo videos: Read more
Open English is an educational technology company focused on English language learning for the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets. Read more lets you practice permit tests from the comfort of your home. For free. Read more
Passei Direto has a mission of connecting students and their knowledge. Our system is 100% free and collaborative. Read more
OpenClassrooms is a European online education platform with more than 2 million members and fully online degrees. Read more
Hack The Box is an online training platform allowing users to practice and level up their cybersecurity skills through a hands-on, self-paced, and gamified learning experience. Read more
Platzi offers professional courses with live streaming classes and expert teachers on Programming, Marketing, Design and Business. Read more
Skillbox is an online university of high demand professions. A person at home, can master 180+ educational programs, learn from 200+ teachers Read more
Udacity is building a product to innovate education. Read more
Strive teaches K12 math through code via live 1-1 online classes. Read more
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