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Vinvo monetizes clothes donations with 2nd hand fashion marketplace where people can sell clothes they do not wear anymore and give proceeds to a charity of their choice Read more
LEXYA helps streamline the process of selling and purchasing school books for university and college students. The platform helps students save time and money. Read more is the most visited wedding portal in Poland. Read more
Wuolah is a web platform where university students can share course notes in exchange for a financial reward and prestige. Read more
Discontract is a real-time task exchange platform where its participants buy/sell services conducting local physical short-term tasks. Read more is a free e-commerce platform that offers same-day delivery. Whenever and wherever you are. helps you to find products sold only at your own city or municipality. Read more
Townscript aims to become the community marketplace connecting organisers & attendees. What differentiates Townscript from existing players is it's social network centric approach and focus on mobile, which is a key to build a highly valuable platform. A network centric strategy will allow connections to form between organisers, attendees and interests. This would result in higher order of relevancy and engagement in otherwise a segmented space with lots of noise. Read more
An online service helping users prepare and submit tax declarations and tax return claims. Read more
Gamitee is the developer of a social eCommerce plugin that allows users to experience online shopping collectively. Read more
SOKO is a social enterprise which connects micro-manufacturers and entrepreneurs to access global markets through our proprietary mobile technology. The technology allows vendors to sell their goods directly to global consumers through their personal mobile phones, despite access to a computer, the internet, & a bank account. Our proprietary technology leverages existing telecommunications technology and infrastructure to pioneer a completely new marketplace. This new marketplace revolutionizes the way money and goods are exchanged during international trade into a peer-to-peer exchange, creating economic opportunity and increased profits for vendors and savings for consumers. Read more
Archigate is a social media platform with specific features suited for professional and aspiring architects. Read more
Meda Chat is a categorically disruptive mobile application merging the gap between social media, finance & entertainment creating a multi-purpose messaging and banking application. Read more
waterid is a virtual hub that act as a connector and collaborator for providing clean water in Indonesia toward sustainable collaboration Read more
Food Chain is an e-commerce app which prevents food wastage by allowing users to buy and sell expired or nearly expired food for a fraction of the price. Read more
Real-time customer support. Helps to optimize the costs of support and sales staff and build customer service. Read more
We create chat-commerce for business. Start a conversation with your client. Read more
Buscasa is a social network of the real estate world that allow users to explore, publish, request and close real estate deals. Read more
Telderi is a platform for the safe sale of sites and domains. Transactions are under control, with instructions and guarantees of the system. Convenient and safe. Read more
Break away from the hassle of downloading 100s of retailer apps. TrendBrew has created a unique product & content aggregation platform that allows users to shop 1000s of retailers from 1 app. Along with features likes price comparison and price drop alert on products users have wished for; shoppers earn Universal Rewards & influencers earn influence commission on every purchase. How it works: TrendBrew’s Social Shopping platform is fun and easy to use. It’s a dynamic platform that connects shoppers, influencers and retailers in one eco-system. On TrendBrew, influencers can monetize their videos, blogs and pictures by simply linking them to relevant products and then influencing their purchases (hassle free affiliation!!). Read more
FreelyWheely is a place where you can offer your unwanted belongings, for free, to someone who can make use of them. Read more
Shopinstar of Information Technology, has been established 01 April 2014. Sehlem Akbulut and Sabrican Zaim with a partnership in a Shopinstar Company.; people on instagram with each other in a safe and systematic manner allows e-commerce to do. To be negotiated through the Shelter and Animal Rights Association also those who want to adopt animals and rehoming are Read more
See favorite books and recommendations of noteworthy celebrities! This is your answer for "Which books I should read?" Read more
We are about to revolutionize the way friends split their bills. Everybody knows the problem: You want to spend money together but collecting the money is a pain! The more people that are involved, the bigger the pain... Kvitt will provide a super-comprehensive service allowing a group of people to split a payment between each other easily. Usually, there is one individual in the group who takes responsibility. He/she bears the brunt of the organizational difficulties related to this task – unreliability, nagging, waiting, keeping track and coming up with the liquidity in the process. Kvitt will be a great tool to facilitate this chore. The organizer enters the pertinent settings on an intuitive smartphone app. Participants are being precisely informed about the respective occasion and the requested amount. They only need to give their consent via the app or their computer and their fair share of the group expense is being processed. Simple and swift, the split with Kvitt. Read more
GroupRaise Meals are fundraisers where groups of 20-200+ dinners eat at a local restaurant who is donating a percentage of their meal sales to a charitable cause. These meals are organized, found, and marketed online. The organization process, which could take weeks before or in some cases was not even possible, now takes minutes on was created to help restaurants build enchanting relationships with local customers through meal fundraisers that support causes their communities care about. We focus on enabling our charitable organizers to create meaningful experiences over the dinner table, while driving sales and creating repeat business for our restaurant partners without the pitfalls of other marketing approaches like coupons. Read more
An online design aggregator of your favorite home goods stores. Users have the ability to search and save home decor items from across the web, create inspiration boards, and hire interior design professionals. Read more
Fundraisers are scratching their heads trying to understand how to successfully target the next generation of givers. A common answer is to invest in building social media assets -- however conversion rates are low to nonexistent. Good World activates social media for viral giving campaigns. It makes donating as easy as writing a comment or post on Facebook or sending a Twitter Tweet. This removes the barriers to donating, enabling impulse giving, and makes sharing effortless as donations travel virally through social networks. With 1.6 million nonprofits participating, users never need to leave social media to donate again. Read more
Russian startup that will be helping to buy and sell used kids stuff. Read more
Lifeistry--the registry of life--is a user-curated social gift registry where members can register for any product, from any website, for any occasion. Combining the gift registry with the power of social networking, users can collaborate with friends and family to curate lists of their favorite products, categorize them by occasion, and share their wishlists with friends and family. Friends and family are empowered to easily purchase the perfect gift for anyone for any occasion. Birthday, holidays, graduations, thank you gift, wedding gift, baby gifts, business partners family event, or for any reason - all from our e-luxurious locale. Lifeistry takes the guesswork out of gift giving.  Read more
① Make a list Intelligent bookmarks make lists for any type of rental or purchase fast and easy to create. Jibebuy works for homes, vehicles, vacations, colleges and more. ② Get organized Organize with Hashtags, Tables, Maps, Custom Fields and Photos. ③ Share Share on your favorite social networks or via Email or Text Message. Vote, comment and contribute. Without Jibebuy, buying with friends and colleagues is a mess of emails, text messages and social network posts - sharing pictures and getting feedback is a chore. Jibebuy makes it easy to organize and communicate so collaborating with your friends becomes fun! Read more
Imagine you will never ever forget the birthday of your relatives and friends anymore. Imagine you only have to register and the app will select no more than three exiting gift ideas. Imagine you only have to click the link and the product is bought and send to you or your friend. Imagine you can get ideas what to exiting things you can do with your beloved friends in a certain location. You think this is not possible? It is - try LOCADEO! You only register once over your social network and LOCADEO uses the given information over an innovative and high performance algorithm to select preferences of your friends and benchmark them with other thousands of profiles and interest. Thus the best fit of gifts or leisure activities will be selected. The era of making poor gifts or unexcited leisure activities has become an end thanks to Locadeo. Read more
The idea of ​​creating a compact device /and application for smartphones for instant translation from one language to another by voice. This would exclude any linguistic frames and borders in the world, remove Tower of Babel effect. People would be able to use this product in 2 different ways: 1) as an app on their smartphones (iphones and others devices that supports voice recognition and play) 2) and as independent device (similar to nowadays iPad's or iPhones, but a little bit smaller). It could become must-have item for every human in the nearest future. Especially, for tourists, military units and business partners from different parts of the world. Imagine, no more translation difficulties in the future. I have drawings and sketches how this device may look like. All needed technologies are available nowadays to produce such device. If properly made & designed it can make a big step forward in the world of linguistics and communication. Speak the same language. Read more
SplitVR is the easiest way to find, split and book vacation rentals with friends and family. Powered by our proprietary group payment platform, Human Gravity, our users can pool money together and book the perfect vacation rental. No one person has to front the money and no one is charged unless the group meets their goals. Vacation rentals is just the first market we're applying our group payment platform Human Gravity too. Read more
Splitzee is a social purchasing platform transforming the way people pool money. We want to make social purchasing (any transaction paid for by a group of people by pooling resources) pleasant, universal, and commonplace. Splitzee solves the age-old social problem of collecting funds to buy things as a group: gifts, meals, travel, and countless other things we do all the time. Its versatile platform is designed to provide web and mobile experiences as well as widgets, plugins and APIs designed for partners - all with an eye to becoming your trusted, long-term solution. Whenever and wherever you buy with a group, we want to be there. Read more
A dating website for people who don't have time! Read more Gifter is a present suggestion app that based on a person’s interests. It will work two different ways. First is that you give access to your and your friends likes and interests on Facebook. That way we can get a view of your or your selected friend’s interests and we can give you offers to buy a present. The second way is like a barkochba algorithm. We asks some basic questions and with every question we will ask more detailed ones. In that way about after 20 questions we will have an image of your friend’s taste (at least, what you know about him). In the start we won’t actually sell products, because it’s easier if it will based on affiliate marketing.  Read more
Knotis (pronounced "no-tiss") is a Seattle-based technology company focused on creating greater visibility for local merchants. We will be launching our new software soon.  Read more is an awesome new service that, quite simply, lets you get hold of anything from anywhere. We connect you with a network of international personal shoppers who go out and shop for you. was founded by Julie, Jess, Patrick and Maike who got tired of asking friends to bring stuff back from holiday and seeing things online they couldn't have.  Read more
Giftmeo is a shared-gifting platform that allows multiple people to pitch in toward a gift for a common friend or loved one. Giftmeo's platform combines and consolidates transactions of all sizes (even as little as $1) in the form of a gift card. Through Giftmeo’s web application, this technology allows multiple users to combine individual gifts to create a single, larger gift for a common friend.  Read more
Wanderable believes in the power of technology to make gift-giving meaningful and memorable. We are a software company that has built our entire system in-house from the ground up, including design, the iPhone app, and our suggestion and fraud-prevention algorithms. We’re transforming online honeymoon registries from a list of items and cash to a gift of an incredible adventure.  Read more
- Group buying site for mums. Savvy Mummys’ first deal went live in August. The model has to date been tested successfully in South West London and we are ready to roll out. - 65,000 email subscribers, 5,400 Facebook Likes and growing. - “Saving Mummys Money “ is what we do. As well as daily discounted deals, there is also a discount coupon section, money saving tips and an active social community. - Future strategy goes beyond pure transactional model of other sites and is a social network.  Read more
The product of New Incentives is conditional cash transfers. We give cash to poor pregnant mothers in Nigeria who are HIV-positive using electronic code-based payments after verifying that they satisfied a predefined health goal, which we verify using health records. Our system does not rely on mobile phones, which we learned is essential for successfully reaching our target population during pilots we completed in 2012 and 2013. Moreover, we use voice recognition technology to verify identities in an accountable manner that does rely on government identification, which a majority of our beneficiaries do not have. Giving cash directly to people in need creates efficiency by avoiding intermediaries. Giving cash based on goals creates accountability. By giving people who earn less than $1/day cash incentives, we encourage choices that help their family move out of poverty quickly and effectively.  Read more
Jombid provides a social shopping platform for purchase groups, based on consumer’s collective power. It enables any individual to initiate a purchase group on any product, control the time frame, invite their friends to join and invite vendors to engage, compete and make offers. Jombid’s arena manages the whole experience automatically to engage a consumer’s social contacts and add their friends to the purchase, while at the same time negotiating with different vendors for the best deals.  Read more
Work-Friends turns office complexes into communities. Mobile and web app meant for the working crowd: i.e. anyone who works in an office complex and wants to have a fun lunch! Work-Friends uses novel innovation to combine existing technologies into a fun way to make new friends based on WHERE you WORK! Ever see other folks having fun at lunch, but don't know how to meet them? Now you can meet up with them on your own terms and have more fun! Because your 40 hour-week should be FUN! Ages 20-65! Read more
Softmedia is the leading software provider for entertainment auctions (penny auction, unique price auction, etc) and popular casino games, that can be offered as a supplement to auction. In this case the games are not a gambling, as the prizes are only bids (points), not money. Softmedia business model is revenue sharing with licensees. Please check our website, ask for PPT presentation. Our idea is to provide investors with a 20% stake. Contact: Read more
Snyer BestPrice is a social crowdsourcing platform for sharing information about cheapest prices, discounts and latest sales for FOOD. Helps users to save time and money on everyday purchasing. ¤ Sharing information about promotions and store's discounts. ¤ Savings on purchases is 30-50%. ¤ Reserch and compare Information about products, household chemicals and cosmetics allows us to be more necessary than Groupon&yelp&nextag. Read more
Flyers, posters, radio and print media: outdated, unmeasurable forms of event advertising that result in significant wastage of marketing spend. There’s another way! The Ticket Fairy is a B2B2C SaaS platform for venues and event promoters that helps events to sell more tickets, lower marketing costs, reduce ticket resale fraud, automate manual administration tasks and gain insights into their customer demographics via social profile analytics, allowing planning of future events through data-driven decision making.  Read more
Table & Friends allows users and companies to easily book public and private dinner-events. We deliver an easy peer-to-peer solution that connects restaurant's availability with group book dinner's demand, enabling anyone to find the right restaurant from small to large dinners. Read more
Picklify makes it faster and easier than ever to post something for sale, chat with other members, add them as your friends, send messages, and shop for things you want to buy. This makes for an interactive and personalized experience that you won't find on websites like eBay and Craigslist. All of these features are fully integrated with other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, thus making sharing a breeze using our more streamlined interface.  Read more
Bownty helps you find the best 50% off deals in your city.  Read more
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