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Mobile marketing just got smart We are an intelligent mobile analytics company, built from the ground up to enable publishers, developers and app marketers understand and optimize effective campaigns in real time. The analyzer goes beyond tracking clicks and downloads. Identify your most valuable advertising sources and access data rich post-install KPIs (ARPU, retention, OTU, DAU or LTV) to help you understand your users to optimize your campaign and increase revenue.  Read more
ChowNow is an online ordering, marketing, and customer management platform for restaurants. As the pioneer of Facebook ordering, ChowNow develops branded mobile apps and integrates online ordering onto each client’s website. Helping to strengthen restaurant’s relationship with regulars and attract new customers, ChowNow acts as the control center for restaurant’s marketing efforts. With ChowNow, restaurants can extend their sales reach across multiple platforms, strengthening their brand and gaining an edge over competitors.  Read more
carVertical is a blockchain-based solution that gathers as much information as possible about cars’ history from different sources. Read more
* Gametime lets fans use their phones to buy tickets and enter live entertainment venues. It algorithmically selects great values. Purchasing takes 35 seconds. Early users absolutely love it. * We built Gametime to connect the mobile world with offline experiences. Tickets are perhaps the most social product in the world - they represent shared memories. * The advantages of mobile digital tickets are massive. They're unforgettable, transferable, dynamic and the gateway to a larger in-stadium experience. Read more
VNPAY provides its services to more than 40 banks in Vietnam, 5 Telcos & over 200 e-commerce enterprises, offering various simple and convenient payment solutions. Read more
orderbird POS is a complete POS solution that is ideal for bars, restaurants and cafes. It will send waiter’s orders wireless to the kitchen and will provide customized and detailed reports. The system operates via WiFi with pre-configured printers that are availible in the orderbird store. orderbird POS is the perfect combination of low costs and high performance. "orderbird EAT" is orderbirds latest product innovation, enabling guest to pre order and pay with their mobile phones. Read more
FieldPulse is an all-in-one application to run your mobile service business - available on iOS, Android, and computer WebApp. Read more
Mobestream Media is the maker of Key Ring Reward Cards (Key Ring), a very popular smartphone application available for all iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry devices. Key Ring has millions of consumers that use the app to scan and store existing loyalty cards, join new programs and receive mobile coupons via their smartphones. Key Ring was acquired by Gannett Inc in September 2012 and operates as a standalone business unit within the Gannett Digital Marketing organization.  Read more
Button will invent a revolutionary new way for mobile developers to acquire and retain users through the application of loyalty dynamics and virtual currencies. Button's platform, a robust suite of the most advanced mobile and personalization technology that exists, will empower mobile publishers to acquire high value consumers more affordably than any other channels available. This same platform will improve retention and engagement through the deployment of loyalty and psychodynamic features that foster greater activity and enjoyment. Read more
Project A Ventures is a company builder focusing on transactional and innovative business models in the Internet space as well as on Adtech. With a 80 million Euros fund and the sound operational know-how of our 100 experts, we help start-ups to build up competences in key areas such as IT, Performance Marketing, Business Intelligence and Organization Building, and thus contribute to their sustainable success. Our experts, based in Berlin and São Paulo, are among the best in their field and have been involved in building more than 50 market leading companies worldwide within the last 15 years. Read more
m-ize connects smarter consumers with products, advice, community and support, while enabling brands to engage with consumers at the moment of intent. m-ize harnesses social, mobile and cloud technologies in innovative ways for consumers and brands to interact. The m-ize brand portal, platform services, and consumer apps provide a unique and comprehensive solution for today’s consumer-centric marketplace. m-ize software enables enterprises to drive revenue growth and customer loyalty. Read more
We are creating an Uber-like experience for your entire travel journey, from the moment you leave your home until you arrive at your destination. We use mobile to help travelers bypass long lines and access special, premium services. Currently, we operate mobile ordering/payment for airport dining, including delivery to the gate! We're live with 20 restaurants at 5 major airports and have contractual agreements to expand dramatically in 2014. Airport dining is a $4 billion market in the US and over $12 billion globally. Coming this spring, we will be launching our new "customs" app that lets travelers complete their customs declaration form on their phone and skip the long lines at US Customs (up to 4.5 hours at JFK). This product is authorized by the US Customs & Border Protection and actively supported by the Airports Council International-North America. 325 million people enter the US every year, and our app will make that process vastly faster and more convenient.  Read more
ShopSavvy is a mobile shopping app launched in 2008 and downloaded more than 20,000,000 times. Consumers scan barcodes to find the best deals from local and online retailers. ShopSavvy generates revenue from advertising. The company also licenses its scanning and product data to various companies including CNET, PriceGrabber, Consumer Reports, Walmart and more than 200 other licensees.  Read more
Once App is a computer software company. Read more
iPhone & Android apps that present all of your social networks in one fully-interactive news feed and help you promote your brand's social footprint to attract more fans and followers. Read more
OhoShop is a solution for local retail businesses. We simplify the gap between retailers and consumers. You can also sell your products and services like any eCommerce store in a smart way using a mobile app. Creating and selling things on your own branded mobile app is quite easy and you need not to have a website. Allow your potential customers to order via the mobile app at their fingertips and receive the order at a convenient time. We’ve monthly pricing plans that definitely suit your budget. Contact us for a free demo today. Read more provides a self service fast on boarding iOS, Android native app and HTML5 mobile web cloud service. Kancart is a total solution for mobile commerce. Not only help you publish, but also promotion, operation, analysis, optimization. Average 300 merchants grow each month. Now we have 4000 merchants, 10% are paid merchants. Thanks for your interesting! Read more
Rooam allows guests to open, view, and pay for their bar tabs or restaurant bill from their phone. Rooam prevents walkouts, manages chargebacks, and provides stronger fraud protection for establishments. Read more
Tienda de tablet chinas,moviles chinos baratos,envios desde españa y desde fabrica,informatica, con grandes descuentos y ofertas Read more
YoloBook is a photo-printing app, creating stunning timeless products to keep your memories safe. All you need to do is select photos from your phone or social media and we will get it printed and shipped to you. Read more
Totspot is a mobile app for parents to easily shop and sell high quality new and used kid items and save money. List and Sell: Busy parents can keep their kid's playroom and wardrobe organized and get cash back from outgrown items, With a UX tailored towards kid categories and an instagram like simplicity, it takes less than 30 seconds to list an item. Discover and Shop: Parents can save upto 70-90% while buying kid items. Parents can search items by distance, follow specific parents' stores or even follow items by age-groups and size. Through a rich image based browsing experience, shopping is serendipitous and discovery driven. Transactions: Buying and selling is cashless and transactions are processed in-app. We make it 'Uber' simple to pay for items. Our vision: is to enable every parent to manage their personal kids consignment store on our platform easily and securely. Status: Laser focus on mobile experience. Currently in private beta distribution in SF Bay Area.  Read more
Afrimalin is the site of free classified ads in French-speaking Africa Read more
PayApp is a Cloud Commerce Platform that establishes deeper and in the moments relationship among consumers, merchants, issuers, retailers, brand marketers, and developers for commerce and payment transactions. PayApp offers multiple channels for consumers and merchants, retailers, developer to do commerce and payment transactions ranging from mobile, online/web, SmartTV, In-App purchases, In-Game purchases on game consoles, and In-Car purchases. By offering Cloud Commerce Platform that provides merchants, retailers, game and app developers, and consumers to securely establish deeper relationship for commerce and payment transactions. The PayApp platform supports both open and close loop systems for merchants and retailers in addition to various currencies including but not limited to digital currencies, and digital discount offers. Peer-to-Peer 'funds request' and 'funds send', and supporting reloadable prepaid cards are additional features of the PayApp Cloud Platform. Read more
iBuyWeSell is a mobile social classifieds marketplace which enables consumers and businesses to trade via social networks or location based. Placing Ad is FREE and simple and only take seconds, We find new homes for your unwanted things Read more
Clinpays is an app that allows businessess to manage their relationships with customers, facilitating orders, reservations, payments, opinions and other aspects of the business Read more
Connecting all the dots- Market place,on demand services & products, clean tech & emerging technologies Read more
Phoodie is a simple photo feed where you follow other phoodies (think Instagram). There are food friendly features to add and search for recipes (think Pinterest). You swipe to save anything you want to try (think Tinder). There's also the ability to find restaurants (think Yelp). Every time you upload a photo, it gets tagged as either kitchen for food, or bar for drink. So if you see something you like, you swipe right, and it gets saved to your kitchen or bar! Read more
Shopie is an app that lets you swipe through items It learns what you like to show you better stuff each time. Just swipe right for likes, left for nopes. You can also enter search terms for more specific browsing. Read more
Trove is a local, mobile, second hand marketplace that makes it easier than ever to buy, sell, and discover preowned, restored, and vintage home items in your community. Use Trove to see for-sale items from your neighbors, boutique stores, antique shops, and local artists. Read more
Taggr is a Shopping Social Network with a 360 Degree retargeting platform that links cross device and browser activity with real World retail interactions using GPS and it's own iBeacon platform. For consumers it delivers an intuitive mobile App that allows users to curate and share content from almost any website then get notified of price changes. For Brands & Retailers, Taggr provides a suite of marketing tools backed with it's own iBeacon technology platform that creates compelling real world interactions include a revolutionary way to deliver 'Click & collect'. Read more
After building the product (an app called Stor) on iOS for 8 months, the team has decided to shutdown further development of Stor and is now working on Onetact ( Read more
Popfor is a way for friends to give and receive gifts purchased from local merchants. With Popfor, local merchants that would otherwise never be able to sell online (e.g. coffee shops, bars, restaurants, - virtually any local business) can now receive revenue from online buying. Popfor makes online buying a social experience (and more personal than sending money), while supporting local economies. Merchants can extend their product offering outside of their brick-and-mortar business and let their loyal customers become evangelists. And no coupons or discounts — they get full price (or more, it's completely under the merchants control). Popfor was built for web first, as the cost of acquisition of users is lower. Each merchant gets their own Popfor page, wtih highly relevant SEO content and the ability for users to purchase from the merchant's page. Connections to social apps now becomes even more relevant (use Pinterest to power a bridal registry that promotes local busineses, etc.). Read more
MaPetiteVille is a SAAS application service that allows small businesses to harvest the marketing and customer relationship potential of mobile applications. Send notifications, use iBeacons, communicate locally to new customers... with MaPetiteVille even the smallest business now has the same mobile app marketing tools as large businesses who can afford their own app. Read more, Inc. (“”) provides an “all in one” mobile money product, alternative payment network and real-time multi-currency exchange built to reach the masses (see beta We deliver a product ideally suited for small businesses, online merchants, and individuals underserved by traditional payment mechanisms, a global market worth USD $1.7 trillion. Our platform solves key technical complexities to unlock mass adoption and supports the economics required to deliver a global service. Not to be confused with mobile wallets and smartphone banking applications, our proprietary technology serves as a common; “brand neutral” hub with open API’s for 3rd party integration and real-time currency conversion for electronic payments of all types. In addition, we offer a universal protocol enabling secure, cross-border mobile-to-mobile micro-transfers and mobile-to-merchant payments in any currency without the requirement of a traditional banking relationship.  Read more
Forkize is all-in-one Mobile Experience Management platform for games and app publishers. It enables businesses to experiment any aspect of their game or app (app or game dynamics, artworks, economies, etc...) through real-time A/B testing, analyze user behavior and deliver personalized content without any coding or re-submitting their apps to app stores. Forkize clients can benefit from the A/B testing and data personalization and do it without any heavy resource consumption and focus their resources on their main strategic initiatives.  Read more
Diengg connects brands and customers by enabling consumers to get targeted offers on their mobile devices and use them to get discounts while accumulating rewards while allowing brands and retailers to get in depth 1:1 understanding of their customers and their behavior.  Read more
Earmarc is providing an exciting experience for users to discover deals from their inbox with an option to share them with friends and family in a flash. We help you to clean your inbox by catching and reducing daily email newsletters, meanwhile provide trending deals based on your style, taste and interests. You can also set up alerts to be the first to know when your favorite brands or stores are having an amazing deal. Be here early and sign up for our beta at Discover + Share + Never miss a deal Read more
ekoom is a Web and mobile platform to find talents and jobs near you,... wherever you are. You can find talents, create requests to get things done, donate, get paid for your talents and follow friends and people nearby. We all have friends or maybe someone in our area that can help us to get things done. With ekoom you also know when your friends of people around you need your talents. ekoom is Bringing Talents Forward It's the new «Instagram for talents with geolocation» Read more
bepleez is the solution that consumers have been waiting for to take charge of their shopping. An innovative and unprecedented concept, with, the consumer posts on-line his intended purchase as well as the price he expects to pay for it. Brand partners are informed of his intent. This allows the brand to directly reply to the demand, in accordance to its current incentive and marketing programs, with a personalized customer offer that may include price, additional gifts, delivery cost reductions, etc. A collaborative platform, consumers can help each other select the best offer by means of a "like", a comment, a suggestion; opinions that count. Based upon Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the consumer's intention is interpreted with precision. Thanks to its social graph, bepleez makes understanding customer desires and allows the consumer to play and active role in collaborative commerce. the scalable architecture manage more than 20 million personalized offers a day. Read more
MoWaiter is a Restaurant's POI™ system (Point-Of-Interaction). MoWaiter provides restaurant operators and wait staff, cloud based restaurant communication and food ordering services to allow customers the ability to directly communicate to a restaurant’s wait staff on the go or at the table with or without their mobile phone, Read more
Tabandgo is mobile payments made easy. For consumers, simply sign in to Tabandgo, find the business you're at and log in! The business will then be able to find your name and create a tab which is interactive and easy to track. When you're finished, just press 'pay tab' and choose a stored credit card or PayPal and you're on your way. For businesses Tabandgo is a powerful POS tool that is intuitive, intelligent and seamless. Track customers order history, create offers and deliver rewards from anywhere. Tabandgo is a powerful cloud based POS that can handle and track your orders and allow you to view data from anywhere. There's no need for a separate POS as Tabandgo additionally offers user creation for cash and non mobile users. Read more
Using Limelight, individuals have the ability to directly communicate with their favorite brands through a simple interface that is intuitive & easy to navigate. Users can utilize this platform for the purposes of establishing brand loyalty and directly monitoring the relationship he/she has with a given business. On the other hand, businesses are empowered with a suite of different tools that help target and convert customers into ambassadors. Read more
We all have multiple IDs online and in real life. Social ID is the merge of Digital IDs and Physical IDs and who or what can vouch for these. Linquid has developed a service around an “identity wallet” by creating a QuID score based on 5 levels: – Level 1: Basic information – provided at enrollment – Level 2: At least one link to another source of data – Level 3: Multiple links to other sources – Level 4: At least one link to a property requiring KYC – Level 5: At least one government issued reference provided From a user point of view, I just want to authorize access to one of my Linquid level, create a list of merchants I have authorized or blocked and get rewarded for sharing my information (beside the vanity effect). From a merchant point of view, I want to know more about my customers especially new or non-­‐registered users based on trust established by a Quid score or a vouching by another Linquid user or accessing a Linquid cluster. Read more
Snowledge is a mobile and web-based navigation and performance tracking platform for skiing and snowboarding, with 13 partner mountain resorts (representing over 4 Million unique skiers) around the United States, creating a unified community that delivers a more engaging and meaningful mountain experience.  Read more
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