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ONE SHOP is a marketplace of shops and markets. Its allow seller to create and manage his own shops inside the plataform and meet buyers whom can use online payments tools to buy goods, clothes, services, property (houses and flats), etc. Read more connects tech companies with the best software developer students at colleges across North America like Waterloo, Harvard, Berkeley and more. Read more
Omsatva is a Global Discoverability and Service Booking Platform for Spirituality & Holistic Wellness. You can connect with expert service providers for virtual or in-person sessions in an instant. Read more is the fastest online recruitment platform for temporary workers in the province of Quebec. Thousands of registered candidates, prequalified through a three-step process, and ready to accept jobs in several fields. Read more
OMDEX is an internet company that offers a software platform for wholesale trade serving buyers and suppliers. Read more
A B2B platform that connects buyers and sellers of industrial machinery, tools and supplies Read more
Adeva is an exclusive developers community. We partner with companies to scale engineering teams on-demand and on budget. Our vision is to bring equal opportunities to all developers around the world, no matter their location, gender or race. Read more
Apply to fast-moving hourly jobs with Kader. Discover opportunities in the hospitality, retail & service sectors that matches your skills and experience. Get paid and repeat. Read more
Moly is an Online digital shopping mall, which lets store owners, create an online store, and sell their goods to their relevant customers in a local community. Read more
A web app where users can find in real time the parts, accessories and service they need for their vehicles in all local auto parts Read more
Veryable is the marketplace for on-demand labor for manufacturing, warehouse and distribution work. Read more
JOBMA streamlines the hiring by eliminating guess work. It creates an efficient process by “meeting” the candidates before the interview and making the best hires. JOBMA provides multimedia marketplace of talent where hiring managers are not bogged down by stacks of identical paper resumes. You save time, money and connect with talent that offers the best fit. JOBMA Shows off who you are as a professional. Share your JOBMA profile by email or through other boards or social media sites. Read more
Providing on-demand matching service between construction jobs and workers. Read more
Hire the world’s best freelance marketers in two days or less Read more
Beleco is a marketplace where members share designer furniture Read more
Skipper is a meeting place for boats and boaters. Read more
At Eezee, we aim to streamline the lengthy and tedious procurement process with the use of technology. Read more
Zag City is a PropTech platform that offers innovative rental solutions in residential real estate. Read more
Ucastme is a berlin based startup. their self programmed software enables us to place students in jobs (e.g. hosts, models, etc.). Read more
HYRE enables top talents and firms to work together flexibly and on-demand through technology and powerful matching algorithms Read more
Electry is a digital talent service company that helps electronics engineers and plant mechanics to find a tailored and suitable job. Read more
If SMEs can convey their value, they should be able to expand their business with countries around the world. ToPoLo is a BtoB matching platform that connects SMEs around the world with empathy. SMEs can expand their business around the world if they can convey their value. Read more
A Traditional or Individual Marketplace that helps your business keep selling! Read more
On-demand service providers in a peer-to-peer marketplace. Read more
Hyperlokal is a peer-to-peer marketplace that focuses on enabling micro- commerce within communities and between households. Read more is a recruitment intelligence portal built for Philippine outsourcing companies (powered by recommendation engines for faster, more personalized talent matching) Read more
It's easy. Simply post a job you need completed and receive competitive bids from freelancers within minutes. Read more
Get real-time updates about local jobs for home improvement professionals. Discover how Networx can help your business grow, as it has for many successful local contractors. Read more
First platform that puts photographers in touch with their clients in a simple, intuitive, fast and direct way. Read more
We're connecting our local community to match service providers (the Doers) with the people who need them. WeShare wants to connect the islands workforce, allowing those with specialist skills to be able to easily offer those to neighbouring islands or simply to manage workflow. Read more
IKÉ offers services related to the construction sector through suppliers and independent professionals registered on its virtual platform. Read more
The marketplace of legal services for people to find a lawyer in 3 clicks. Read more
AgWe connects farmers to their customers. We help farmers build their individual brand around their sustainable farming practices. Farmers can help all of us by improving their farming practices and by putting carbon back into their soil! Read more
WeeBID is a fan-initiated crowdfunding marketplace, where fans create ideas for artists, bid to crowdfund the ideas, and only pay when an artist does the thing the crowd is asking of them. Read more
Rheaply is rebuilding its resource management technology for universities, state and federal government agencies, and enterprise organizations, to increase the visibility and transfer of affordable personal protective equipment (PPE) and other needed supplies. Read more
PromoShare is a closed marketplace and rewards platform that makes it easy to launch scalable word of mouth campaigns by leveraging existing hyper-local diverse fan communities, providing precise attribution through out the entire life-cycle from engagement through conversion. Read more
We enable local governments to source, validate, and procure technology. Read more
LotNova is a new construction sales platform that helps buyers choose their dream home and build it in the perfect location. We're the world's first matching engine between home plans and active real estate listings. Read more
Our mission is to spread love by inspiring people to do good. Choobs is an online marketplace for shopping socially conscious brands. We make it easy for conscious consumers to discover and shop conscious brands. Read more
A unique marketplace to invest in mortgage loans to help businesses in farming, forestry and infrastructure. Read more
SaaS based marketplace and business management system provides an opportunity to purchase used car parts Read more
Rental Properties Investment Platform Read more
A PaaS, develops marketplaces & operates next-gen online malls focused on opening brand stores and connecting them with consumers Read more
Agro-Hub is an agricultural production and marketing agency, which provides opportunities for smallholder farmers to create significant additional income through the production, transformation, and marketing of their farm produce Read more
Remote job marketplace connecting over 2 million professionals with awesome companies Read more
PeoplePerHour is a community of talent available to work for you remotely, online, at the click of a button. Post a Job - let people find you! Tell us what you need done Relevant freelancers are notified to submit a proposal Review proposals and select your expert Pay a downpayment to start the job. Released on completion Read more
Fusion$360 Marketplace is an omnichannel e-commerce platform based on local innovation, public welfare, social responsibility and sustainable development. Read more
Skillus is a real-time mobile marketplace connecting freelance specialists with local demand fast and hassle-free. Find local help for any task instantly: tutors, beauty experts, photographers, installation & repair specialists, movers, builders and much more. Read more
Oico develops an online marketplace designed for small retailers and buyers of building materials. Read more
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