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Buyzooka, your nomad shopping bag that connects to 1.5 million independent online stores all at one time! Read more
Catsy is a pioneer in product content management, syndication, and content analytics technology that makes it easy for brands to drive growth with ecommerce. Read more
Tradeswell is the operating system for real-time commerce. We’re on a mission to empower growth by making ecommerce actions more informed, more coordinated, faster, and more profitable — for everyone. Read more
Outgo gives you access to exclusive offers and experiences that support Quebec local retailers. Read more
fesh. is a comprehensive eCommerce platform designed to power online sales and enable users to set up a professional eCommerce environment without having to write code. The user-friendly platform offers a range of options for beginners and seasoned retail proprietors alike. Read more
Amazon services agency, Amazon consulting firm, Amazon accounts management, amazon software developer Read more
ShopBack is a digital loyalty and discovery platform e-commerce company offering a smarter way to shop. Read more
The platform allows renting apartments remotely. Read more
Plucky Insurance is an end to end digital marketplace for bite-sized insurance (serves as a tech-enabler for insurance companies). Read more helps student entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses by making it easy to sell their goods or services around campus and providing all-round support to enable them thrive while also providing solutions to make students' lives easier on campus which includes giving them easy and instant access to trusted vendors around their campus for goods or services needed. Read more
Textile technology made with sustainability Read more
Accelerating the world's transition to premium quality pet goods! Read more
We’re bringing the sharing economy to the apparel industry by creating a clothing rental subscription service for women who want a convenient, easy, and affordable way to experience fashion. Read more
Bookselling platform that connects Puerto Rican authors with the U.S. Hispanic Market. Read more
My Healthy WOE is an e-commerce that offers low-carb, and sugar-free comestibles. Focused on giving an upgrade to your nutrition. Read more
Founded in 2005, Feelunique is Europe’s leading online premium beauty retailer. From must-have palettes to game-changing skincare, there’s over 30,000 products at your fingertips. Read more
TADAH is a life experience gift platform that provides the next level online, indoor, and outdoor experiences as unforgettable gifts. Read more
We're an eCommerce digital agency, specialists in Magento. We deliver sites for our B2B and B2C clients that reflect and propel the ever-progressing, exciting era of technology we're in. Read more
With Good On You, you can discover the best sustainable fashion from around the world and learn all you need to know about ethical and sustainable fashion. Read more
Roundforest, we’re passionate about making online shopping even better. We give shoppers the tools they need to make the right purchases quickly & with confidence. Read more
CDI Systems develops and markets solutions for the ePublishing market. Read more
Kasha is a mobile store built specifically for women in Africa, offering health and personal care products such as facial creams, sanitary pads and contraceptives. Read more
A new trend in the event industry. Virtual meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions. Read more
Service for buying air and railway tickets Read more
Automation of digital product development processes (DevOps), technical systems, support of high-load systems (HighLoad) Read more
Electronic procurement system for organizations Read more
OVIXIA is a visual marketing company. With its new development, a simple eCommerce product can potentially navigate from a web page to a virtual showcase, to a post on social media or to an email, in real time. Read more
Optistics is a predictive analytics platform helping provide an optimal post-purchase customer experience. Read more
DetailGurus provides super-fast transparent car detailing bookings, more offerings, and a direct network effect enabling businesses to offer their services on an all-in-one platform to power detailing operations. Read more
Helps businesses send packages at a low cost Read more
A streaming platform for making purchases online. Users can pick a streamer who will select and demonstrate interesting products and best offers live. Read more
With BOOMMIO digital customer engagement & acquisition platform you can easily: Increase product sales,Build brand awareness,Attract new customers. Read more
Riqra is a sales platform for manufacturers and distributors allowing them to launch and manage a B2B or D2C eCommerce, an eCommerce app, and a Whatsapp sales bot.Includes productivity apps for pre-sales reps and last-mile delivery, payment gateways, route optimization solutions. Read more
360 Imprimir is a one-stop online shop for small business marketing products, offering a convenient, fast and affordable service Read more
Quality and freshness delivered to your door! Read more
Automate Your Company's Communications with AI Chatbots and Email bots Read more
100% online consumer dispute resolution platform. Read more
Collaborative sales platform that connects suppliers with resellers on commission, outsourcing the sales area. Read more
We compare prices among thousands of products from the best online stores. We show all the stores that sell the same product, and it price. So that you can buy transparently and with all the information available, without having to go through the entire universe of online stores. Read more
Digital platform for easy and simple e-commerce shop creation. Read more
Online sales channel associated with veterinarians and petshop that allows them to boost their sales from our platform. With Spluty they can contribute with a triple impact purpose, reusing balancing bags and donating food to animals in street situation. Read more
About simple selling technologies to micro and small businesses. Unifies the consultations received at Whatsapp and schedule the follow-up of each consultation, reviving conversations. Read more
Web associative platform dedicated to setting up networks or pool of purchases of retailers (Family SME companies) and collaboration communities (digital cooperativism). Read more
Omnichannel customer experience suite. Read more
Digital platform that links patients directly with the product at a low cost and with financing. Read more
Healthy food e-commerce. Web platform, fast and simple to use, so that with simple steps, you can manage a purchase and receive it in your home. Read more
Our website seeks to facilitate the autonomy and economic solvency of people with disabilities in society, providing individuals and companies the possibility of generating inclusion actions through the purchase of services or products offered in IncluMarket. Read more
Real estate agency with electronic platform. Read more
To solve the challenges between rural small businesses and wholesalers with faster payments, financing and efficient logistic services through information technology. Read more
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