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Teespring allows you to crowdfund custom apparel with no upfront costs, no risks, and no hassle. Design the perfect tee, choose a goal (tipping point) and set a sale price to launch a campaign (e.g., or Once you reach your goal we handle the printing & shipping and you get a check for the profit. Read more
Born in Switzerland, named one of the country’s top start-ups, On has come a long way in a short time. Available today in over 50 countries and cited as “the fastest growing sports company in the world”, it’s success comes down to two reasons: incredible products - and incredible people. Read more
Dr. Squatch Soap Co. manufactures and commercializes handmade, natural soap for men. Read more
Lolabox is a marketing & research tool for cosmetics companies and a beauty platform for consumers. We help consumers to find the right beauty products - and help brands to find the right consumers through data that is based on demographics, preferences and beauty attributes.  Read more
Harry is a developer of an online platform used to sell shaving equipment and accessories for men. Read more
(2010-2012) American MoJo's intent was to show that social impact could be created in a for-profit vehicle. Shuttered in 2012 because funding ran out, American MoJo created living wage apparel manufacturing jobs in the US, but provided far more than this. Offering childcare free of charge, the goal was to empower women (specifically low-income single mothers) to return to the workforce, build a career path for themselves, and support their families sustainably. The intent was not to create long-term stitchers, but to offer a stepping stone on to family-sustaining careers in a multitude of employment areas by offering education opportunities, free financial management classes, and career counseling opportunities.  Read more
Kendra Scott offers jewelry, home decor, gifts and beauty. From decorative trays to nail polish, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more, shop Read more
Away is a modern travel and lifestyle brand designed with thoughtful features that solve real travel problems Read more is the Online Product Guide, which provides you free information to millions of products available. The principle is simple: Scan the barcode of any product via webcam or smart phone or manually search for the product of your choice to get the second product information on ingredients or nutrients, producers, labels, and more later. We want to help critical consumers in their purchasing decision and deliver you to not only manufacturer but expert assessments of, for example Ökotest and Stiftung Warentest, technical information on individual ingredients and assessments by the code check-Community. Based on the detailed product information and recommendations you can compare individual products and choose the best according to health and environmental point of product. Read more
Paper Mart was established in the year 1921 and is a family owned and operated business. They are currently in the 93rd year of their business & 16th year on the internet which defines their 4th generation in the business. Their forte is their packaging material which they provide to their clients at a discount rate. The company has been the pioneer of providing packaging material since their inception and has been providing various packaging materials such as container, cardboard boxes, gift wrapping material, food packaging bags, party supplies, craft supplies, fabric bags and much more. Paper Mart provides has the specialty of providing Retail, food and industrial packaging supplies. The company has teams of trained and experienced who have been working with them for more than 2o years and are fully aware about the needs and requirements of the client. The company understands the importance of every order and completes the given order well in time.  Read more
GAIA is the leading furniture ecommerce player in Mexico Read more
A fashion trend portal where you can both share your outfits and earn money as you discover, buy, save and combine all the most closely related looks to your style Read more
NO HOLES. NO FLAP. NO BULK. The Grip6 Belt is a minimalist belt with a clean, symmetric design. It has no holes and no belt flap. The buckle is extremely flat and low profile. It’s made from a solid piece of aluminum and ultra durable military webbing. The rugged belt strap is made from two layers of military webbing and boasts a breaking strength of 3600 pounds. The high performance material comes in a tight, supple weave giving it a high-quality look and feel, making it perfect for business casual to outdoor adventure. It’s exceptionally comfortable, and easily interchangeable. Read more
NomNomNow crafts and delivers fresh, human-grade, personalized meals for dogs and cats that help them live happier and healthier lives. Read more
Signature Market is a direct to consumer natural & organic brand delivered direct to door. Signature Market is operating in South East Asia. Read more
Nadine West is a fashion subscription box without commitment. Customers receive an outfit each month and are allowed a short time-frame during which they can send unwanted items back. After the time-frame runs out, they are automatically charged for any items kept. Data of price/items is fed into an analytics algorithm to predict their (as well as future signups) style month-to-month. The core of the business model is analytical measurement as opposed to "trends" and the Free-signup, which plays into having a low customer-acquisition cost. The future involves gamification of the product allowing friends to connect and style each other's surprise outfits.  Read more
PrettyLitter’s lightweight litter monitors feline health by changing colors when it detects potential issues through your cat's urine. Read more
We are the original manufacturer bomb proof gears. Our aim is to create and provide our customers with practical, functional and high quality bombproof bags. We started building our bags in a garaged with salvaged materials like seatbelt webbing and seatbelt buckles and now more than half of our bag lines are manufactured on our main warehouse at Chico, California USA. Our bags are built with industrial materials which include tarpaulin, Cordura and steel so it will last for life. Chromes trendy messenger bag lines are Mini-Metro, Citizen and Metropolis. It is recognized by their signature seatbelt buckle release that doubles as a bottle opener. Cobra merino wool hoodie, and a shoe line including their best selling low-profile design Kursk street shoe with built-in cycling functionalities such as reflective hits, shoelace garage, skid resistant soles and polyurethane contoured crash pad insole are Chrome’s best seller bags. Read more
Russia's largest online furniture store, one of the largest Russian online stores. Read more
Organic Basics is a sustainable DNVB that makes everyday essentials in organic cotton and recycled materials Read more
Roposo is a fashion-focused social-network for women to discover & shop products and trends that are liked, curated, updated real-time from across the web Read more
The Moms Co. creates a safe and natural formulated products for babies that are certified toxin-free. Read more
Olook is a women´s fashion e-commerce destination featuring its private label line of women´s clothing, shoes, handbags and acsessories as well as other third party brands that we believe deliver exceptional value to our customers. At olook, we also believe that shopping online should be just as enjoyable as shopping offline and, as a result, are focused on delivering a best-in-class experience to our fast growing base of loyal customers. Read more
Polene is a French brand of high leather goods, based in Paris. Read more
We have created a specialty store for heating & cooling products...but this is just the tip of the iceberg :-) Read more
Gjirafa is a video content and e-commerce platform for the Balkans. Read more
Dunzo is a hyper-local delivery app that fetches and delivers anything and everything within a city. Read more
The First Hands-Free, Strap-Free, Non-Intrusive Couples Vibrator. Read more
Headphones & Bluetooth headsets, docking stations, speakerphone, desktop audio for Porsche Design brand worldwide as their exclusive electronics supplier. Attachment sales to their premium version of Blackberry headsets, and Apple retail is interested as well. Customer is wealthy and fashion conscious. This is NOT the "small profit" consumer electronics market exemplified by Best Buy, but a more profitable one. Tremendous advantage of using Porsche Design brand and their retail channel to start, thus saving time and money to develop new brand. We can have our own brand within this ("Porsche Design by XXX"). Read more
Started in 2013, Redcliffe Hygiene Private Limited is India's fastest growing hygiene company. Read more
Dude Wipes If you're still wiping with just toilet paper you're a chump and your ass hates you for it. Any red-blooded American knows Dude Wipes® are something you never leave the crib without. *Also sweet for your face, hands, pits and dude regions We Don't Make Butt Wipes, We Make Dude Wipes® Huge 44 Square Inch Size Vitamin E & Soothing Aloe Alcohol Free & Quick Drying Tested by Scientist & Doctor Dudes Flushable Moist Wipes (Sewer/Septic) Neutral Scent Read more
SquadLocker customizes team gear and apparel, on time and to the highest quality standard. Read more
Bartesian offers a capsule-based machine that enables individuals to make homemade cocktails. Read more
Floom is a tech-enabled marketplace for florists to sell their creations direct to customers. Read more
kencko is a smart food company reinventing organic fruit and vegetable products. Read more
GrowlerWerks makes pressurized growlers for craft beer. Read more
AliveShoes is a technology that gives anyone the power to design and sell shoes. We give our users design tools, e-commerce tools and we provide them with a production/shipping facility based in the italian "shoe valley". It take 4 weeks to get from idea to shoes on the feet of your customers.  Read more
Pigeonly aggregates information on the nation's incarcerated, transforming it into organized and usable data that benefits both inmates and society. There are over 3000 prison institutions (County, State and Federal) spread across the US that are home to about 2.3 million inmates. Although information about these inmates are public record it’s not easily accessible to most people. Pigeonly indexes all the prison and inmate related information we can find, then algorithmically find connections between various public records to create a knowledge graph of the prison population. This provides us with the only direct access point into this market, giving us the ability to directly tap into the $2 billion spent on inmate related services each year. Fotopigeon is the first product to launch on the platform, It allows users to send printed photos to their incarcerated loved one directly from their cell phone, tablet or computer.  Read more
True Botanicals is a provider of luxury natural skincare products intended to transform the result for every skin type. Read more
Pupford provides pup owners with training and products to overcome their dog’s problem behaviors and raise a healthy and well-behaved pup. Read more
Sewport is a British online platform where established Brands and fashion enthusiasts can bring their ideas to life. This platform represents a modern solution to the garment production process and the fashion industry as a whole by revolutionising communication between Brands and service providers. Sewport guides emerging designers and start-ups through the whole process of garment production. The system provides intelligent online tools that help to jumpstart the path from a sketch to a product. In addition, Sewport consolidates service providers Worldwide in one place so Brands no longer have to scroll through countless poorly-organised registries and make tens of enquiry calls. Both experienced fashion Brands and newcomers without any links to the apparel industry benefit from the platform's enquiry process as intelligent algorithms categorise their projects and determine the best manufacturers for the job - bringing Brands one step closer to manufacturing their product. Read more
Evermos is a social commerce startup that connects resellers-to-brands to consumers via platform to sell everyday Muslim products. Read more
Caraway is on a mission to craft well-designed, non-toxic ceramic cookware. Read more
The elliptical trainer from the gym has been given wheels and gears so that you can exercise outdoors whilst ensuring a high caloric burn rate and low joint impact. Just dock it to the trainer stand to convert it into a stationary elliptical trainer when you want to stay indoors. Read more
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