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Social & Leisure
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The Iceland Startup Ecosystem is a regional Leader in innovation, ranked at number 41 globally, and shows a positive momentum 14 spots since 2021. Iceland also ranks at number 17 for startups in Western Europe.

There are 1 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Iceland and the top ranked city in Iceland is Reykjavik at 209 globally. Reykjavik is followed by undefined at undefined and undefined at undefined.

Iceland is an ideal place to locate for Social & Leisure, Software and Data and Social & Leisure startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 45 Social & Leisure startups in Iceland, 30 Software and Data startups in Iceland and 18 Social & Leisure startups in Iceland, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 167 startups in Iceland, 1 accelerators in Iceland, no coworking spaces in Iceland, no organizations in Iceland and no leaders in Iceland.

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Reykjavik, Iceland

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167 startups in representative sample
Guide to Iceland is the official travel information provider for the City of Reykjavík. Read more
Setting a new standard in biosimilars Read more
Sidekick is a patient-centric digital care platform that is scalable across a wide range of chronic illnesses. Read more
Good Good emphasizes on online sales. Read more
Activity Stream makes your organization better and more efficient by turning underutilized business data into actionable intelligence and insights - in real time. It does so by observing the actions and activity taking place across your organization’s business systems to construct a complete, synthesized, picture of everything happening with business relevance. With this complete view and full context Activity Stream can recognize patterns, opportunities and threats as they present themselves. It then provides right-time Intelligence to appropriate stakeholders so that these observations can be proactively dealt with or taken advantage of. Activity Stream is an Operational Intelligence Layer that can be implemented unobtrusively on top of current IT infrastructure, without having to rip-and-replace any of your existing systems. Read more
Kerecis develops, manufactures, and markets implants and repair materials for the human body from omega3 rich fish skin. Read more
Bókun provides travel businesses with management software to assist with bookings and reselling services. Read more
Dohop offers interline technology solutions for forward-thinking airlines, alliances, and airports all around the globe. Read more
Solid Cloud Games ehf. develops cross-platform gaming solutions. Read more
EpiEndo Pharmaceuticals is a clinical biopharmaceutical company focused on novel solutions for chronic airway diseases. Read more
1939 Games is a indie game development studio that focuses on WWII gaming experiences. Read more
Lucinity helps financial services surveillance teams to shed light on money laundering with a surveillance cloud solution that uses power of Human AI to reduce process waste and improve regulatory compliance. Read more
Nox Medical, a part of Nox Health, is a global sleep health technology company Read more
We help clubs, coaches, parents, and ultimately the players to better harness the life developing in sports. Read more
An award-winning trip planning solution now available for Travel Agencies, OTA’s, Airlines, Travel Services and Bloggers/Indie Media. Read more
Authenteq is a networked automatic identity verification platform. With Authenteq ID marketplaces increase trust and transparency in communications and transactions between users. Authenteq works on just about any type of marketplace, website or online community. Read more
Men&Mice is committed to the goal of making DNS, DHCP, and IP address management simple and easy. Read more
Mussila is a highly interactive and engaging music app. Read more
Kara Connect is a telehealth office platform. Read more
RóRó is a company dedicated to helping babies and their caregivers feel better. Read more
Instantly share your browser tab or screen with no preparation required. Free for individual use (including commercial use) for one-on-one screen sharing 5-second install for the agent/presenter No install for your customer/viewer, even on their mobile Works on practically every browser on every device Preview pane lets you see exactly what they are seeing and when Send your customer a text message (SMS) to let them join by mobile, or ask them to type in an easy URL for your company's reception lobby, e.g. Share just your browser tab for clean web demos, or share the full screen or an application window Mouse pointer highlight when sharing browser tab Co-branding, unlimited multi-participant screensharing and white labelling available on paid plans Read more
IceWind designs and manufactures small vertical axis wind turbines for telecom towers and residential applications. Read more
BIOEFFECT's face moisturizers and other skin care products will reduce signs of aging while increasing your skin's glow. Read more
Carbon Recycling International is a company that produces methanol for use as an alternative fuel source. Read more
Retina Risk is focused on developing innovative IT-solutions for medical healthcare systems worldwide. Read more
ORF Genetics is an innovative company that is committed to economically viable and enabling solutions. Read more
Maximise sales conversion by creating a dynamic customer journey, uncovering previously hidden buyer behaviours Read more
Bungalo is a rental platform for rural properties with an experience twist that helps people create lasting memories. Read more
Aldin creates believable virtual reality experiences and technologies to sustain presence & immersion. Read more
Costner is a start-up company that specialises in software solutions for the education sector. Read more
BioCule aims to develop a DNA sample integrity equipment that analyzes complex nucleic acid samples. Read more
Sæplast designs and manufactures double insulated plastic containers for the global food and recycling industry. Read more
Laki Power is an Icelandic research and development company focused on eco-friendly power solutions. Read more
2Way is a communication solution for the modern union, streamlining interaction with members and thereby increasing union identity. Read more
Mailpile provides online email services and a saving feature in an internet server mailbox with encryption and privacy features. Read more
Myrkur Games is an Icelandic game developer working to create the Darken. Read more
Location-based mobile apps for tourism, cultural, education, retail and event industries. Read more
Zenter is a software company that provides software solutions in direct marketing including telemarketing, sending email, SMS, and more. Read more
Pharmarctica is a pharmaceutical company. Read more
Iceland Dairies is a dairy manufacturer and a cooperative organisation. Read more
Sólfar Studios is a virtual reality studio behind Godling. Read more
Einrúm Yarn is producing luxury yarn and architectural service. Read more
Kaptio provides enterprise cloud solutions for the travel and hospitality industries and is committed to innovating best-in-class solutions built on cloud, mobile and social technology. Kaptio’s first solution, Kaptio IPMS helps travel service providers manage the Proposal-to-Operation lifecycle and relationship management with customers, supplier and agents. Kaptio IPMS is built on the Salesforce Platform. Read more
Karolina Fund is a project management and funding platform to find people to work with and projects to take part in. Read more
NORDIC WASABI is sustainably grown fresh wasabi, using 100% renewable hydroelectric power and fresh Icelandic drinking water. Read more
Expectus consultancy assists companies and organizations to achieve breakthroughs in their field. Read more
As We Grow is a children´s fashion label based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Focused on creating timeless, quality clothing. Read more
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