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Last year Marketers spent $44B on content marketing to drive website traffic and to convert visitors from an anonymous-visitor to an ID'd-prospect. Yet a staggering 96-98% of web site visitors never complete a web form and therefore remain anonymous and unapproachable by sales. For every 1,000 people a vendor drive to a web-form, only 40 will be complete it with valid contact info. This anonymity-tug-of-war is what experts refer to as the hidden sales cycle and it causes Vendors to produce more and more content in the hopes of enticing more buyers to identify themselves. Conversion rates, however, remain the same. They need a new approach. The Hushly anonymous buyer engagement platform empowers B2B marketers to deliver content and interact with buyers during the anonymous, due diligence stage. Hushly acts as the 3rd party identity broker.We ensure that the buyer is a legitimate, non-competing company and provide the platform for a 2-way exchange of information. . .
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