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Lixel Inc. is a groundbreaking technology startup that provides the world natural vision and intuitive interaction experience. Read more
Lixel Inc. is a groundbreaking technology startup that provides the world natural vision and intuitive interaction experience. Read more
FIDUCIAEDGE provide "Confidential Edge Computing Nodes" to produce real-time AI inference results without disclosing the raw data which not only protect the computing process from malicious hackings but also keep data and algorithm owners’ know how privacy from the second party. Read more
Episode is a content generation platform built for vertical writing based languages. Read more
SecuX Technology is a Blockchain Security Company devoted to developing comprehensive solutions to secure people’s valuable digital assets Read more
Eden Biologics is a biopharmaceutical company that develops biosimilars and accelerates the development programs of distinguished clients & partners through the provision of contract development and manufacturing services. We are specialists in manufacturing biologics, from cell line development to commercial manufacturing... Read more
Shark Tank provides the latest and most popular European and American brands and products to all consumers in Taiwan. We are actively partnering with local businesses to introduce consumers to the most innovative services and the most favorable personal experience. Read more
HSIN-FEI INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.I mainly develops Philippine ESL Course and Online English Course. Read more
Based on electrochemical technology, Dingjia Energy has developed a hydrogen purification system, which can separate nitrogen and inert gases that are difficult to separate with existing technologies from hydrogen under normal pressure, so as to purify and recycle hydrogen. Read more
Jasper Display Corp. (JDC) is a fabless semiconductor company based in Santa Clara, California with an office in Taiwan and offers leading Spatial Light Modulators (SLM), LCoS and μLED microdisplays, and digital modulation controller ICs. Read more
The AIdea Artificial Intelligence Collaboration Platform is to provide the industrial topics and data, mediate the analyzing potential of industries and academia, rapidly establish complete solutions for the application, and create the industrial value of AI application Read more
RFD Micro Electricity focuses on solar power station transaction, operation and maintenance, and integrated services of power station design and engineering construction.  Read more
We have the vision to promote genome sequencing from rare to routine and fulfill precision medicine. We have developed the fully integrated and miniaturized sequencing data analysis acceleration solution. Read more
DynaFlex offers a myriad of services that includes contract manufacturing and supply chain management for reputable customers throughout the medical device field.  Read more
We are an e-commerce company specializing in big data driven product sales, assisting multiple domestic and foreign brands in high efficient product sales and brand promotion. Read more
Eleclean's advanced "Electro-Oxidation" technology turns water into ROS - disinfectant that effectively destroy activity of virus and bacteria Read more
Taiwan Biomaterial Co. Ltd is dedicated to develop innovative medical devices. We work together with surgeons closely to explore and identify unmet clinical needs. By integrating domestic and foreign R&D value chains, we strive to jointly develop the world's leading high-end next generation medical devices. Read more
Point Robotics MedTech develops orthopedic and spine robot to optimize clinical outcome for patients and physicians Read more
FREE Bionics is the leading developer of exoskeleton. By supporting or enhancing human strength on medical and industrial fields, we aimed to increase global working population and human potential. Read more
OurCityLove is a social enterprises with the aim to utilize application of ICT and cross-disciplinary service integration to develop various technological and innovative services that improve the quality of life for the elderly, the disabled and the caregivers. We use technology to create a better service experience and participate in society. Read more
eTreego EV Charging Solution Provider Read more
ADVANCED BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGY develops Scaffolds 3D Printed Implants for Research Biodegradable materials Ready for preclinical & clinical research as well as Medical Implant 3D Printing Service Read more
EDT's priority concern has always been providing customer with excellent line quality. Thus our promotion of VPN line lies in high-quality line and the best service to make the most impeccable planning for entrepreneurs in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Read more
JelloX REIMAGING PATHOLOGY - "Next generation imaging can bring in a new life" Read more
Industrial Application Solution for Nano-scale Liquid Sample Inspection Read more
Established in 2015, Singular Wings Medical is a professional cardiovascular wellness solution manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of wearable service. Read more
FocalTech Smart Sensors specializing in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of optical sensing ICs/algorithms/modules, which are used in handheld mobile devices and other consumer electronic products. Optical technology can be used in fingerprint recognition, biomedicine, environmental parameters and other information collection. Read more
Fast and Stable AI Inspection Solution. Fastable goes beyond the limitation of traditional machine vision applied on defect inspection. While improving product quality, Fasatble also lower demand for human capital. Read more
Through integrating biochip design, device miniaturization, and IoT connection, we create better solutions for scientists, supporting you to discover and develop technologies that will improve worldwide healthcare and life quality. Read more
earthbook platform provides not only instant drone’s data but also various functions including browsing, searching, data storage, 2D ortho-mapping, 3D modeling, AI analytics, live-streaming for inspection or rescue.  Read more
We provide convenient and low-threshold scooter-sharing (both motorcycle and scooter) services for users on campus. With a self-built operation platform, Looplus offers users a richer lifestyle and options for motorized transportation. Read more
ARVIN is collaborating with leading clinical research hospitals in Taiwan and developing innovative devices, including a wearable AED with a continuous monitoring system for 5 physiological signals. Striving to improve healthcare with digital technology. Read more
BITO Robotics is an innovation-driven high-tech company specializing in the design and development of intelligent robot solutions.It was established in 2017 and has branches in Pittsburgh,Taiwan and Shanghai,China.The Shanghai company is located in In Minhang Zizhu Science Park,the Taiwan branch is located in Zhubei adjacent to Hsinchu Science Park Read more
Wozhi International specializes in the integration of various databases and application platforms, new factory planning, automation solutions, software and hardware equipment construction, smart factory system integration services, AI intelligent technology. Read more
Taiying Optronics Co.,Ltd was established in 2014. The management team is coming from global elites who specialized in material research,semiconductor design, system verification,product manufacture,quality. Read more
JBAO is rooted in Taiwan and mainland, Throughout the whole PV cell chain we provide our customers delivering all equipment solutions and integrated systems. Major business includes second-hand equipment (ingot, slicing, cleaning, second-hand PECVD, PVD for HIT, sorting, etc.) trading and technology package services. Read more
Chiyu Technology was founded in 2017, focusing on the IoT networking development of smart factories, smart stores, and cold chain management. Read more
Major-Power Technology Co., Ltd. has the professional and unique research and development capabilities for DC/DC Power management / Hall Sensor / MOSFET series products integrated circuit design. also high quality and reliability in production system control. Read more
e-Vehicle is engaged in the automotive electronics industry. We are headquartered in Taiwan and a sale center located in Shanghai, China. Since its founding, e-Vehicle has been committed to working relentlessly to provide more efficient solutions and high-quality products for its customers in the global automotive market. Read more
Our mission is dedicated to developing and manufacturing laparoscopic surgical devices to use in the minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Our products rely on the top-notch quality, efficient manufacturing, and advanced techniques, which can fulfill the needs of both domestic and overseas markets. Read more
Our core technology: intelligent networking solutions, SDN visualized network management, and AIoT integrated application technologies. Our goal is to use AR+AIoT technologies to make work easier and more efficient! Read more
The company has professional R&D elites, and related development and technical personnel have 20 years of experience in this field. Yusun Electronics targets the changing market, whether it is energy-efficient audio power amplifier applications and high-efficiency power buck-boost The management chip can propose solutions that meet customer needs. Read more
Integrate soft hardware R & D design capabilities and have multiple patents.The team can propose the Guest IP of the Near Voltage (NEAR-VT) specification in a minor development time. Read more is the only Taiwanese team dedicated to optimizing the solution of complex problems. With its unique Dr. Opt technology, it has built a Shoku-AI product design automatic adjustment platform, Factory AI automatic analysis and generation. Read more
Provides a location web technology, which is different from ordinary cloud web pages. Read more
Heron Neutron Medical Corp is a provider of targeted- radiotherapy aiming at curing and improving of quality of life of cancer patients. Provider of Total Solution of AB-BNCT. Read more
YLTLink is established as a pure supplier for GaN epi-wafers. We provide GaN epi-layer grown on various substrates include SiC, Si and Sapphire. We have vast experience in producing compound semiconductor materials especially the III-nitrides for high performance electronic applications.  Read more
Maxeda Technology is an EDA (electronic design automation) company providing innovative products and solutions in the physical design process to support engineers to overcome the design challenges when IC complexity is increasing together with macro quantities.  Read more
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