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Fig helps you through financial emergencies and build credit towards a better future. Read more
SaaS, Telecommunications, SMS, Live Chat, Loyalty, Payments Read more
Leading Expat Mail Forwarding company. Get a US Address, Virtual Mailbox- get your mail/shopping delivered wherever you are. Read more
Digital vehicle inspections, repair orders, inventory, job progress, customer communication, & much more. Read more
Charming Charlie is an operator of a chain of jewelry and accessories retail stores. Read more
Disco lets you search, tag, and produce (tens or hundreds of) millions of documents and email for use in litigation and internal or government investigations. Disco provides 10x faster search, rendering, and tagging through an easy-to-use interface focused on features litigators use most often at 1/10 the price of competitors like Relativity, Clearwell, and Concordance. $10 / GB / month. Use a live demo with the Enron emails at Read more
Sentai Holdings is Houston-based anime firm. Read more
Graylog is a log management software platform for collecting, indexing, and analyzing log messages in one place. Read more
WebsiteAlive is a forward thinking online communications provider dedicated to creating innovative, customizable, and unique experiences for businesses and consumers. Read more
Hello Alice is a free multi-channel platform that guides owners by providing funding, networks, and services. Read more
WizeHire, the most user-friendly, effective hiring solution for small businesses. Read more
Currently, if you’re not a programmer or can’t afford one, it's difficult to effectively accept recurring payments. One of the only options is PayPal. MoonClerk lets anyone immediately and inexpensively set up branded, embeddable, and linkable recurring online payment forms without any technical skills. MoonClerk can be used to accept payments for physical products, digital products, services, and donations. Read more
The world's first digital financial services for migrants Read more
Nesh is a Conversational AI Assistant for Search and Analytics designed to find answers to your technical and business questions. Read more
Digital healthcare technology startup providing disruptive innovation to consumer healthcare via Analyte’s diagnostic triage platform. Read more
Making restaurant fundraising and changing the world less daunting and more deliciously social! Read more offers software that helps businesses simplify their human resources systems. Read more
Integrated Bionics has developed the world's first wearable head impact sensor for girls soccer: the HeadsUp Headband. Girls soccer has the second most numerous concussions in all sports. Today's lack of objective on-field head acceleration measurements results in delays in seeking medical attention. This deficiency leads to elevated risks of multiple impacts, advanced injury severity, increased cost of treatment, protracted return-to-play, and may lead to life-long quality of life degradation for the player. The cost of not protecting our youths' brains is too high. HeadsUp is defining the next generation of soccer technology by empowering parents, coaches, and players to make informed decisions and control head injury risk exposure in a way that's never been possible before. Welcome to the future. Integrated Bionics. Read more
Luminare works to optimize workflow, early detection, realtime quality reporting, and coding with data analytics. Read more
Liongard's changing the way MSPs manage and protect thousands of businesses worldwide. Manage modern IT with confidence. Read more
TAXA Outdoors manufactures mobile human habitats and adventuring equipment. Read more
The Virtuix Omni™ is the first ever virtual reality platform for moving freely and naturally in virtual worlds. Virtuix successfully raised $1.1 million on Kickstarter for the Omni and has sold close to 3,000 units to date. The Omni has been featured in tech and mainstream media including ABC's SharkTank, BBC, FOX, NBC, Discovery Channel, Forbes, and more. The Omni is a patent-pending omni-directional treadmill that solves the 20-year old problem of locomotion: how do you physically walk around in the virtual world while being confined within the limited space of your room? The Omni is the first and only omni-directional treadmill that is affordable, compact, and enables the user to walk, run, and jump naturally in 360 degrees. Moving naturally in virtual reality creates an unprecedented sense of immersion that has applications far beyond gaming, incl. training and simulation, fitness, healthcare, architecture, virtual workplaces, events, tourism, and multi-person adventures.  Read more
Astanza Laser is a fast-growing, profitable, and customer-focused laser manufacturer with one of the best brands in the exploding market for tattoo removal lasers. No other company offers such an attractive pure play for investors interested in taking advantage of the trend to remove unwanted tattoos. Tattoo removal is the key indication for our laser systems, and with 36% of 18-25 years old and 40% of 26-40 years olds now possessing at least one tattoo, the market for the tattoo removal procedure already exists. Greater efficacy, superior reliability, and training and marketing support make our lasers the choice of physicians and business owners. Astanza Laser has a significant share of the market for tattoo removal lasers already, and with prestigious customers that serve as signals to the market of the strength and quality of the company. A growing set of products that serve a range of price points and a growing sales team are key opportunities for growth.  Read more
Goodfair is a unisex online thrift marketplace that recycles pre-loved goods. Read more
Next Level Urgent Care is a healthcare company specializing in medicine, urgent care, and healthcare services. Read more
Lamik Beauty is a makeup line for women of color made with vegan, natural and organic ingredients. Read more
Kanthaka is an app that connects people with on-demand personal trainers. Read more
Independent energy manager changing the way consumers buy energy Read more
Cheers is a startup promoting fun, responsible, & health-conscious alcohol consumption through its nutraceutical & OTC drug products. Read more
Kare is a platform that empowers post-acute caregivers to earn extra income and manage their own flexible schedules. Read more
ChartSpan manages a permission based and anonymous, de-identified data platform, generated by patients through our healthcare consumer app. ChartSpan partners with hospitals, clinics, pharma, medical device, public health agencies, researchers and big data companies to aggregate critical healthcare data that contributes to improved patient outcomes, reduced mortality rates and improved drug efficacy. ChartSpan has invented mobile technology that collects and centralizes the management of electronic, patient healthcare data for patients.Through innovative data conversion technology, ChartSpan turns paper healthcare records into electronic records, generating structured data and eliminating the need for manual entry of personal healthcare records. Patients use ChartSpan to combine their electronic health records with biomedical data from wearable devices along with physiological data and human genome results to manage their overall wellness. Read more
Vivante Health is an innovative digital health company that is filling the unmet need in digestive health and disease. Read more
Wemap is the Real-World Browser. Give a super-power to your audience with Wemap’s revolutionary AR-Ready technology. Read more
SalesScripter is a web-based application that helps users to develop their sales pitch. The software extracts all of the key pieces of information from the user and then plugs those into a library of scripts, templates, and sales tools. The library includes call scripts, meeting scripts, email templates, voicemail scripts, lists of questions to ask, objection responses, marketing documents, and more. The user can also connect with other users to share scripts and information, enabling piers on the same team to get on the same page with messaging. We offer a free product to allow users to test it out. This will provide a few scripts and templates. To access the full library, the user will need to upgrade to our Pro product which has a monthly subscription fee. We plan to interface with CRM applications enabling users to be able to access their scripts and email templates in the same application that they are using while contacting prospects. Read more
Sibme is a private video collaboration platform to improve teaching and learning. Video is a powerful tool for developing teachers in schools, institutions and education-related organizations. Sibme makes the painful process of recording and uploading easier by allowing teachers to easily record themselves teaching with a smartphone and upload their videos to a safe and secure platform where they can review and reflect on their teaching practices with trusted colleagues.  Read more
Mainline helps companies, brands, universities, and organizations to manage, monetize, and market their esports programs and events Read more
MacroFab is a marketplace for electronics manufacturing from prototype to high scale production. Read more
Helping Investors Grow through Digital Distribution, Discovery & Data Read more
BrainCheck is a mobile interactive test for cognitive health, allowing users to track their brain health to share results with clinicians. Read more
OpsDog is business knowledge management platform that allows for do-it-yourself business improvement. How well are you doing your job? How do you measure your performance? How do you measure the performance of your employees? In today’s business world, you would have to hire an expensive, invasive consulting team to even begin answering these questions. OpsDog is attempting to remove the “middle man,” and deliver the information that you need to improve your career and your business. Read more
Dominion Aesthetic Technologies is a laser platform medical device company. Read more
Grammaropolis offers classroom-proven grammar instruction for web and mobile. Our innovative approach personifies the parts of speech as characters starring in books, songs, videos, and games. Though our primary target is the 20MM children aged 7-12 in the United States, 25% of our users are adult ESL learners worldwide.  Read more
TripleTPlus, a roadside assistance franchise services transportation logistics, freight shipping, and travel industries. Read more
We've taken 17 years of our expertise boiled it down and created SkillGigs for you, where you can create your personal brand in order to package and sell yourself better. SkillGigs empowers you to position yourself in front of the right employers who compete to hire you increasing the odds of your success. Don’t take our word for it. Take SkillGigs for a test drive, and see for yourself how it can help change your life.  Read more
2nd.MD connects people directly & easily with the nation’s leading medical specialists for advice & second opinions. The Goal: Become the world's most valuable medical resource- bring the best doctors into peoples homes regardless of location or language. 2nd.MD has nationally recognized doctors in 240 sub-specialties from 12 of the top 17 US institutions. 2nd.MD is pioneering technologies that make it simple to: consult via webcam/phone deal with medical files schedule & pay comply legally Read more
Invoice Quickly is an online invoicing platform which helps small businesses and self employed people to invoice their customer with ease and get paid faster.Users can easily create,print and send invoices to their customers and receive online payments on their invoices with Stripe and Paypal. Read more
MALK Organics produces clean, innovative, and delicious organic nut milk with minimal ingredients. Read more
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