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Innopage is the creator of “Worthy”, a new social app designed for iOS 7, gamifies the way people meet new friends who share the same interests and values. Worthy has a radically new approach to meeting people online. Worthy asks users to set 3 questions of their own, representing what he or she thinks or like. Anyone wants to connect with you will have to correctly answer these questions, making sure you will only be contacted by others who share the same answers with you. Innopage also created “Carrot”, a mobile app that helps you to track and reward yourself for achieving life’s to-dos, goals, and endeavors, in the most intuitive way. Carrot is a reward-base system, which is fundamentally different from existing To-Do list or habit tracking app in the market. With a simplistic view of your goals and rewards, Carrot allows you to explore creative and attractive rewards that you want to attach to your goals.
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