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Goodwall is a place where students build social resumes (Good CVs) by doing good to differentiate themselves to get into university or get their first job. Students showcase on-the-ground volunteer work and projects, ranging from running a marathon for cancer research to volunteering for an orphanage or recycling regularly. These experiences are then verified by the organisations involved or the student's school. The Good CV acts as a Pre-LinkedIn. By completing it, students distinguish themselves when applying to university (both undergraduate and graduate) or for a job. This gives students an incentive to do good systematically while maintaining relationships with the people and organisations they have been working with. Goodwall aims to become an integral part of a student's education and to be a pillar of a young person's lifestyle. Goodwall is based in Geneva, Switzerland while maintaining a presence in San Francisco, USA. Goodwall has already raised $1.2 M.
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