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Abodda is an online property marketplace and guide based in the UK, primarily focusing on the advertisement of properties worldwide. Read more
Biomage specializes in single-cell analysis transforming the life sciences. Read more
The Movement Athlete is a skill-based fitness training application. Read more
Voomfit is a new digital platform for health, fitness and wellbeing needs. Read more
ClinSpec Diagnostics has developed a new test that incorporates machine learning to detect brain cancer in just ten minutes. Read more
CellAge is a disruptive startup aiming to increase human healthspan Read more
Triyit has discovering new favourite products should be fun. Read more
MindMate is an application that helps people living with cognitive decline. Read more
WheelAIR is a product design company providing a temperature control system designed specifically for, and to fit all wheelchairs. Read more
Candidate.ID is a Talent Pipeline Software for the employers and agencies. Read more
Uparenting provides mobile platform connecting parents and professional parenting practitioners. Read more
A bio pharmaceutical spin out emerging. Read more
Design for manufacturing, Make new products Read more
Relitect is developing a novel assay platform for the label free electrochemical detection of binding events. Read more
Sunglasses that make life look happier. Read more
Earn using a smartphone easy and fast! Read more
Connecting sports people & games in local areas. Read more
Connect is a Company Overview Innovatively Scottish technology-driven product development. Read more
Clear Surgical is an innovative product that is set to transform surgical theatres. Read more
Keppek creates and distributes influencer-driven marketing campaigns for brands and applications. Read more
Leverage electronic word of mouth through our smart consumer review system. Read more
Wealth Management, Finance, Investment Read more
A leasing comparison start-up base in the UK. Read more
Soar is a Glasgow-based fintech focused on building a better financial society. Read more
#1 IT OUTSTAFFING SERVICE Get highly qualified IT Talent in 24 hrs for your IT Project Get IT Talent in 24 hours The AOG database currently includes 9000+ highly experienced developers ready to join your project already today Request remote IT Team AOG cooperates with more than 600 IT Companies and offers remote team of developers allocated for the customer’s project only Build your own dedicated team AOG sets up your own Dedicated Team complying with your administrative needs, including office unit and required software Read more
VeryConnect makes member management hassle free. We pride ourselves on how our leading technology helps our clients with member recruitment, engagement, and retention. Read more
We make bespoke spirits, small batch, artisinal and craft for boutiques, trade and entrepreneurs Read more
Clyde Electronics is a social enterprise whose purpose is to train the next generation of engineers.Whilst also promoting STEM to those in primary and secondary education. Read more
SendBeatsTo is a music startup that helps music producers get placements with major and independent artists. Artists also use the platform to review each beat submission they receive and can connect directly with the music producer. Read more
IC Mobile Labs first product PrintAR lets advertisers turn flat display ads into interactive 3D experiences with an easy to use web tool, no bespoke apps and no need for full 3D asset production. Our Viewer App lets consumers scan enabled display ads and visualise 3D experiences from "life sized" product visualizations to entertainment and mini-games that encourage further interaction with brands and can be used for data acquisition or demographics. PrintAR is tackling the major problems with AR adoption, lack of 3D content and App user acquisition. We are developing products and expertise to capitalise on the emerging Mobile Augmented Reality market set to worth >$1 billion dollars by 2015. One of the markets major drivers now is Advertising however the core technology we have developed is applicable across multiple categories in the AR space some of which we have identified future products for.  Read more
First there was SOS…then there was SMS and now there is SAS (snap & solve). Meet wooju, a simple way to snap & solve indecisive moments with your friends. Snap a picture, ask a yes or no question and send to your friends to let them help you make a decision! No longer will you deliberate over whether or not to buy that pair of jeans…or if you should drink the slightly off milk in your fridge to fulfil your desire for a bowl of honey-nut loops…or if you should buy the very attractive person at the bar a drink (subject to beer goggles)…you can now use wooju for ANYTHING! So, there is only one question we need to ask you…wooju download the app? Read more
As more and more travellers organise their own holidays via the web and budget airlines, the need for convenient, low-cost car hire has boomed. And, as every family that has ever tried to travel with small children knows, so have the charges for ‘extras’ such as child seats. With the cost of a single car seat hire often amounting to 15% of the cost of the hire fee, this is an ‘extra’ that can really bump up the cost of a family holiday. Add to that the fact that, in some parts of the world, the seats aren’t the newest and often fail to offer comfort to parents and one has a situation where many consumers are paying far too much, frequently and repeatedly. The solution is the CarGo seat. Masquerading as a carry-on size child travel suitcase, arriving at the hire car retractable arms rise from the body of the case which is transformed into a secure booster seat. We will offer a booster seat that goes beyond the normal limitations, is transportable and has additional uses.  Read more
Intellectlife is a social media platform that aims to guide youth into a much more suitable work-line that suits their vocational abilities and interests. The aim of the platform also is to encourage people to live a more meaningful and purposeful lives by enabling them to create their own work opportunities plus also to create and publish their own intellectual work which will enable them to achieve their meaningful aim. Read more
Our vision is to become a world leading digital music and media company specialising in the globalisation of music markets. AV9 aspires to take digital music beyond the playlist, it is working actively with major and independent record labels, leading edge digital technology developers, and other music businesses to create a fresh approach to online music marketing and distribution.  Read more
We help companies make smarter decisions. Communication affects every company. It is a huge challenge to include everyone and get the right answers & decisions. We include your employees, customers, suppliers & partners. You know that I wish I’d spoken to you earlier? Our software Speak-Up does that. We making sure everyone is involved, their voice is heard and notified of what is happening. Get instant feedback, answers and decisions Read more
olus Scientific Solutions Ltd specialises in the rapid detection of food borne pathogens and associated antigens using innovative assays and diagnostic instrumentation. The Company's patented intellectual property is based on a combination of chemistry, immunology and microbiology as well as novel bacteria detection methods. Read more
Shareflow is like Dropbox for project communication. Create secure workspaces in the cloud, invite your team and your customers to share files and participate in discussions, and ensure everyone is always on the same page. Shareflow will initially target small teams in creative industries, including architects and designers, who currently waste up to a day every week by relying on email for project collaboration.  Read more
INAA aka (I need an appointment) lets you book hair and beauty appointments on-line for free. For salons we provide a low cost marketing programme linked to our cloud hosted electronic diary & salon management system. Today people want to book their beauty appointments on line, at the best possible price and at a time to suit their schedules. INAA enables Salons to offer this facility. Accessible from any web enabled devise the system is easy to use and makes appointment management more efficient by reducing reception time; preventing no shows via a deposit system and automatically confirms bookings via SMS & email. INAA earns its income from annual fees and takes a percentage of the booking cost. Read more
We are bringing to market a Shop for PocketQube satellite components. More info Read more
The EU Agricultural output is ~150million EUR/year and increasing year-on-year. Farming in the UK accounts for about 5% of the GDP. Agriculture also has a large problem: Agricultural output will have to at least double in order to meet demand in just a few years time. What if we could optimise what farmers already have, with minimum investment from them? What if we could make a farmer's life easier and improve communication at the same time? Agricountant is FarmGeek's flagship product. It's an android app that tracks animals, builds reports on the farm and develops forecasts to help the farmer determine the best time to sell. We also aim to integrate with banks to help banks build a case to facilitate credit with ease. We aim to reach these farmers through their trusted large organisations and public bodies. Organisations that match our description must be trusted brands within the agricultural sector, who have a national or multinational reach. Read more is a student recruitment website aimed at helping engineering students discover internships and placements opportunities with companies throughout the UK. The website has over 4,000 unique visitors a month and growing. We have recently expanded our services and launched a sister website,, to help business and finance students. Read more
Myvyoo is a social blogging platform similar to Tumblr which allows users to easily set up a simple, personal blog and share their thoughts, ideas, interests and opinions. However, Myvyoo treats posts like YouTube treats video uploads, helping site visitors to browse and discover great content. Myvyoo uses intelligent tagging and categorising to cluster related content from across different users. It also allows groups and organisations to set up 'channel' blogs with multiple contributors. Read more
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