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Luxiot is a start-up focusing on delivering smart lighting solutions oriented towards urban environment to offer municipalities the opportunity to generate new services for their citizens. These solutions integrate a cloud-platform, energy management and a wide range of sensors for information collection and data analytics. At Luxiot we believe that street lighting, despite it is need for efficient lighting and energy saving, it also by means of its density is the key for the leverage of the smart cities and the IOT, we provide a solution for grid lighting based in an optimized cost communicator with 2G/2G, LORA, PLC , WIFI and 802.15.4 radio, with built in sensors such accelerometer, temperature, humidity, doppler radar and noise. We also provide a high density net for sensing and locating beacons within the city area. Another issue we face is the problem of copper wire robbery, in order to address this need the PLC solution can detect and inform in real time of cupper robbery.
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