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We give publishers a new way to promote their content. We give people a new way to discover interesting articles. Our team focuses on machine learning algorithms to surface related content from a private network of approved publishers. Publishers install our widget which promotes content from similar blogs and in return we promote their content on other similar blogs as well as receives over 12 million unique visitors a month and we launched in 2012. Check out for more info and for more traffic data.  Read more
Hubstaff helps remote managers see what their workers are doing and track time to specific projects. Managers can see screenshots and activity levels of employees as well as run detailed reports and pay their employees. Business owners can use our product stand alone or as an add-on to several project tracking suites.  Read more
In 60 mins we will achieve 47 mins in our target heart rate zone using virtualization of a bicycle ride through the mountains. Each custom workout will be developed to client's personal health and performance goals. Read more
Greenlight Guru is the only quality management software platform designed specifically for medical device companies.  Read more
Grouvee is a video game social network where gamers create virtual shelves to keep track of and categorize their video game collections. Users can rate and review games, and have an activity feed with all of their gaming activity. The simple one line description for it is Goodreads for video games. Read more
Bloomerang helps nonprofit organizations to reach, engage and retain the advocates they depend on to achieve their vision for a better world. We have pooled together the latest in best practices for fundraising, loyalty, engagement, and retention to create a simple donor database solution that helps nonprofits decrease donor attrition and increase revenue. Plugging in the latest technologies and delivering them with a clean, modern interface and with the added benefit of donor retention insights, our system is your “go-to” for better fundraising! Read more
VEL TECH group of educational institutions was recognized in 1990 by a well-known industrialist couple devoted to public service. Dr.R.Rangarajan and Dr.R. Sakunthala Rangarajan, who by then had 30 years of skill in developing industries and international trade. What took off as a modest school now stands as a monument of glory for “Chennai city”. A student volume of above 12,000 masses the various educational institutions of VEL TECH group. Read more
Polly Lingual teaches foreign languages by combining data-driven lessons and live video teachers. We currently offer courses in 13 different languages, each with customized learning tools that adapt based on individual student progress. Read more
Powering in-person, virtual, and hybrid event success. Read more
Parker Gwen operates an online retail store that offers home furnishing products. Read more
PactSafe is a contract acceptance platform that prepares and finds contracts and gets acceptance for high-velocity businesses. Read more
BinaryBeast is the largest video game tournament platform in Europe providing it's global user-base with easy tools to create, administrate, participate in and follow gaming tournaments and leagues of all shapes and sizes. We support any game on any platform, be it PC, Console or Gameboy, and our advanced list of features ensures that we are always a step ahead of peoples suggestions and needs. Some of the largest gaming events in the world now trust us with their tournaments with clients spanning the globe From Canada, Peru and the USA to Sweden, Portugal and Russia. Read more
Zylo provides a SaaS management platform designed to optimize cloud-based subscription. Read more
DemandJump is a customer acquisition software that shows marketers new sources of growth online. Read more
The daily news in as few words as possible. Delivered once a day by text. Read more
Case Pacer is a 100% mobile-friendly, cloud-based law firm case management software solution created by attorneys, for attorneys. It was created specifically with the needs of plaintiff attorneys in mind, but can be customized to meet the unique needs of every type of legal case. Read more
PERQ, a marketing technology company, empowers businesses with more visibility into their digital marketing efforts and sales. Read more
Casted is the first B2B content marketing solution built on podcasting. The next generation of marketing is fueled by conversation. Read more
App Press enables marketers and creative professionals to design, build, deploy and monetize beautiful mobile apps without writing a single line of code. We provide customers with a web-based service to create their mobile application. The authoring system uses a robust, native mobile engine that enables apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets. The user experience presents a design-first authoring approach similar to digital tools creative and marketing teams use daily. Because our UX is instantly familiar to users of popular tools like Photoshop/Keynote/Gimp, mobile designs can be quickly begun and completed. Monetization capabilities include analytics, push messaging and the ability to update mobile content anytime. Read more
Sigstr strategically enhances employee email to drive brand awareness, and generate real marketing results every time an email is sent. 1:1 emails are one of the most trusted and direct ways for employees to connect with customers. 112 billion business emails are sent every day, and Sigstr leverages the ubiquity of those email signatures to drive brand impressions and ROI. An average employee sends over 10,000 emails annually. Each of those emails will be viewed, on average, 2.5 times. Those views represent a tremendous opportunity for driving brand awareness and engagements for marketing, sales, HR, and many other departments. Read more
Springbuk lets you visualize the health of your population and gives you the top three suggestions to create real dollar returns. Disparate data, complex algorithms and difficult usability plague the field of population health. We deliver a simple to use SaaS tool that goes beyond querying and delivers results. Our analytics tool is built for the modern-day employer. In working alongside more than 4,000 companies, we asked questions before building a product. We identified the cumbersome processes wellness-minded organizations face and built a platform that is as user-friendly as it is powerful. Read more
BoxFox is an anonymous B2B marketplace for 700,000+ local retailers to appraise and sell their excess merchandise -valued at $8 billion annually- to authorized resellers. BoxFox leverages big data analytics of millions of retail products to evaluate their fair market value. It also integrates with inventory management software, allowing retailers to seamlessly connect with and sell their inventory on the BoxFox marketplace. Read more
MetaCX is pioneering a new outcomes-based approach for managing the entire B2B customer lifecycle. Read more
LifeOmic believes in the power of disruptive healthcare technologies, machine learning and mobile apps to extend human healthspan Read more
Woven is a workplace management platform for franchising. Read more
West Fork Whiskey is a distillery company that offers whiskey manufacturing, retailing, and distribution. Read more
Ateios is enabling a new generation of thin and flexible electronics with our ultra-thin, conformable, and customizable batteries. Read more
Global Water Technologies is developing "smart water" solutions to reduce the amount of drinking water lost by utilities through aging infrastructure, leaking pipes and hundreds of daily water main breaks. This significant problem not only wastes the precious drinking water, but also causes public health and safety issues, disruption of other business activities due to water loss and closed roads and results in poor customer service. Smart water tools include sensors + software that measure water distribution and identify hidden and growing leaks before water mains fail. Smart meter upgrades allow real-time monitoring of usage patterns and our SaaS platform engages customers with better data and provides incentives for greater water efficiency. Increasing water scarcity and higher prices means utilities need to reduce water loss, improve customer service and develop sustainable practices — new water technologies to improve drinking water distribution can help that business case. Read more
India’s no. 1 Electric Mobility as a Service company deploying clean mobility solutions for cleaner cities. Read more
Elate is an operations platform designed to reach business outcomes by unifying internal technologies and disparate data. Read more
Sky Outfitters is a provider of very best to meet the needs of our partnered shelter of the month. Read more
FNEX is “The Alternative Investment Marketplace” connecting accredited and institutional investors to investment opportunities in private companies, hedge funds, and managed futures accounts.  Read more
ChopSaver is an all-natural lip balm originally created for the unique lip care needs of musicians by Indianapolis-based professional trumpet player Dan Gosling. ChopSaver is a successful product in the music industry. Known for its smooth feel and long lasting formula, ChopSaver was recently discovered by dermatologists as a superior lip care alternative. ChopSaver is now poised for success in mass retail including drug and grocery stores across the US. Read more
Frap is the all-in-one app for Greek life! Innovative event management, custom apparel, messaging, resources and more. Read more
Relay is a community safety platform, focused on providing help to those who need it, anywhere in the U.S. Read more
Sun FundED is an education services company on a mission to positively impact schools through solar opportunities. Read more
UnderDog Apparel LLC designs and manufactures customized apparel for clients. Read more
FuseMe builds custom software for Human Resources. Read more
Scioto is a developer of Activated Bacterial Therapeutics (ABT) platform intended to deliver live bacteria to the gut. Read more
SaaS platform for companies to create, maintain and track their social impact in new innovate ways. Read more
Decision-making cloud software using the science of human behavior to optimize revenue and reduce costs in post-acute organizations. Read more
Staffing-as-a-Service software and mobile app for the food service & food manufacturing industries. We help fill shifts fast. Read more
WorkHere is the leader in hyperlocal, geofenced recruitment marketing. Read more
WarmUp is a developer and operator of customer advocacy platform designed to turn customers into spokespeople for brands. Read more
Curio Search is a blog based website that helps people with design. Read more
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