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What our product does: Pacylex is developing 11) a predictive diagnostic test that identifies cancer patient candidates for 2) a rationally designed first-in-kind small molecule inhibitor with high activity in vitro and in vivo, and low apparent toxicity Our current traction: Our technology is based on the loss of a biomarker that confers sensitivity to our lead candidate drug. The sensitivity biomarker is lost in 19 cancer types at prevalence ranging from 5-82% Lead indications: DLBCL, AML, Small Cell Lung Cancer We have a lead drug that is water soluble and orally bioavailable (93%) We have proof-of-efficacy in 4 of 4 hematological cancer mouse xenografts including one PDX. Project state Completed: Animal efficacy, PK/PD, Biomarker monoclonal antibody created Next steps: Animal biosafety studies, Regulatory filings, Phase I/IIa study Point of contact.
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