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We take large, bloated animated gifs and compress them to a video format. This allows us to reduces the size 10-20 times smaller (on average). We were the first to bring this to html5, we became a global top 1000 website within 6 months and are growing fast. The customer is anyone on the internet that uses or consumes animated gifs. Our main market right now is reddit and we've become very popular as an alternative to straight gif delivery.  Read more
What our product does: Jobber is the simplest, most efficient way for mobile service businesses to schedule, invoice and manage their mobile team. Read more
Using Showbie, students can share pictures, video, podcasts, presentations and other work from thousands of apps. Teachers and peers can easily review school work and provide rich feedback with document mark up annotations and voicenotes. Showbie unlocks the creative potential of tablets and mobile devices to engage students in learning. Read more
Pinshape is a community marketplace showcasing the very best 3D designs from the world’s most respected 3D designers. Pinterest + Dribbble + Etsy for 3D models. We're focused on experience, and make exploring, sharing, selling, downloading, and ordering 3D prints simple & fun. Quality and relevance are important. Soon, millions of models will be uploaded to the web... users can't page click through millions of disorganized and irrelevant models. Our pinboard platform is community curated and prioritizes models for each individual user based on behaviour, social interaction, relevance, quality and popularity. We're working for designers to protect IP, help them sell digital downloads, maximize sales by funnelling content to the right customers, and providing a tight feedback loop to help create relevant and interesting content for the Pinshape community. demo access code: pinshape3D on Over 300 landing page signups (1 week after launch) Read more
Video Game Publisher / Developer Read more
Granify uses machine learning to decipher actionable patterns from the full firehose of real-time shopper data --- over 400 data points a second! With this information, we're able to determine which shoppers aren't going to buy and take action to change their minds --- before they leave the site. The demand for Granify has been staggering.  Read more
What our product does: Empire Avenue is a stock market simulation social network game that allows users to buy and sell shares of people and websites. Read more
Effectively capturing, organizing and prioritizing ideas across disparate locations is a challenge every growing business faces. Stormboard is a realtime online brainstorming, and collaboration tool using virtual sticky notes. With Stormboard, your team can quickly add, organize, discuss, vote and act on the best ideas. At any time in your brainstorm you can export all your ideas to a detailed report, PDF or a spreadsheet to integrate with your other corporate tools.  Read more
Meal Planner Pro is an end to end health and wellness meal planning site that enables consumers to make informed food product choices from one convenient location. We make healthy meal planning easy and fun. A healthy diet promotes good health for all but is a necessity for those living with health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and heart health. 80% of this population lack the needed support to manage their condition such as consulting with experts in nutrition. We’re here to help navigate through the maze of food products, recipes, nutrition analysis, and conflicting and confusing product labels. You could consider us your own personal nutrition expert. Our deep consumer insight will in turn enable strategic partners to develop healthier foods and more personalized recipe content. It is our mission to create a healthier world by empowering food manufacturers and recipe content providers with better data to create healthier products and content. Read more
What our product does: Digital platform and content for children in emerging markets.Our current traction: Our user base is rapidly expanding in global markets through agreements with telecommunications companies in a number of emerging markets. We expect this to 10X our current subscriber base in 1 - 2 years. Our product is unique and in demand in the market and thus receiving pull from major content aggregation companies and international telcos operating carriers in multiple countries. Point of contact: Michael Milo Read more
We move files online, and we move them very well. Mover is a platform for dealing with files. We solve the complicated process of working with cloud storage providers, such as Box, Dropbox, and Egnyte. Mover does to data portability what Fedex did to the shipping system. We're full service; one point of contact to get your files from A to B; and we've pre-negotiated all the transport. Our customers are paying for technology that enables execution of business requirements with cloud storage. Read more
Big data analytics , Proptech, Real estate tech Read more
Inspire your customers and make more sales. Use CommerceOwl to publish recipes and keep customers coming back. Read more
What our product does: muscle relief Point of contact: Hin Lai Our main market is: Athletes Read more
DiveThru is a company that provides a platform in the form of mobile app for mental health wellbeing consultation. Read more
What our product does: KP Performance Antennas is a manufacturer of broadband antennas and accessories. Read more
Aurinia Pharmaceuticals is developing innovative products for patients living with debilitating diseases. Read more
Professional Real Estate Photography is a national company providing photography services and a Realtor-Branded window link for real estate professionals across Canada. Our web-link can be used in conjunction to a Realtor's standard MLS listing. Our team of photographers and team leaders are committed to providing a consistent product and service to our clients in every market we service. We are the standard for residential real estate photography. Read more
Developing and commercializing active ingredients from natural sources for healthcare and personal care industries. Read more
What our product does: Drivewyze is a technology service provider that delivers savings and safety benefits for all commercial vehicle operators. Read more
DevFacto creates software that humans love to use. We work closely with clients to deliver excellence in business intelligence and analytics, process automation, portals and collaboration, enterprise mobility, custom development and managed application services. Read more
Invisalign Teen is a great option for teens that are self-conscious about braces. Dr. Amer Hussain, a Sherwood orthodontist, understands that life with braces can be hard for adolescents, so he offers the latest technology in invisible braces for them. Large metal braces are not only unsightly but they can be painful, too. Invisalign Teen is comfortable because it is removable and personalized to fit your child’s mouth. The aligners shift teeth gently over the course of 12 months without the bulk of metal. One great feature of Invisalign Teen is that it allows for the growth of permanent teeth- your child can begin treatment even if they are missing a few teeth. In Edmonton, Invisalign has grown to be very popular among teens. Read more
True Angle Medical Technologies is a company founded on sensor technologies that can be integrated into mobile platforms for monitoring human health Read more
We are an online Marketplace of electro-mechanical products, our drop ship model can pull from any one of 30 warehouses Read more
We build transformational software applications for business, powered by machine learning. Read more
What our product does: ScopeAR is an augmented reality training solutions provider. Read more
Tadum helps teams get organized and stay accountable through our online shared meeting agenda. Read more
Swirltex builds custom water treatment systems for a wide range of applications. Read more
Never write down or remember a password again. Stash does it all for you, simply tap & sign-in to any account. Password management has never been this easy. Read more
instaMek sends fully certified and insured mechanics to the customers location. Wherever they are Read more
We're eLearining Experts. We transform legacy training materials into mobile responsive game-powered onboarding and training solutions. Our customers include ATB Financial, ATCO, College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta, Lehigh Hanson, Building Trades of Alberta, NAIT, University of Alberta, etc. Read more
Collect and share the articles you love on Greybox. Share great articles from around the web or write your own. Sit back and enjoy browsing and reading through the stream of articles posted by the rest of the Greybox community. Favorite, comment, and reshare. Read more
What our product does: Financial forecasting software for small business Our current traction: 80% of customers in last 12 months since relaunch, revenue growth of 10x in that timeframe with very little marketing. Seeking funds for marketing and sales initiatives. Point of contact: Blaine Bertsch Read more
GozAround allows individuals and organizations in need of assistance to post requests for free and expose them to a pool of community-minded users. By completing requests users receive confirmation of their contributions and earn GozAround points in the process. GozAround points serve multiple purposes. First, they act as a sort of "virtual karma". As you do more good, you earn more points which can be "paid forward" when you receive help yourself or redeemed for a variety of rewards. At the same time, the GozAround point system serves as a low-cost reward program for non-profits replacing costly alternatives. Read more
Tools to improve brain function Through collaboration, we can create a future with no mental health impairments. Read more
coParenter is a coParenting management and mediation platform offering on-demand access to dedicated, qualified coParenting and family law professionals who help them resolve conflict, save money and mediate child-centric agreements that will keep them out of court Read more
G2V Optics is an agritech venture that maximizes commercial crop value by controlling plant yield and chemical content. Its products are based on a proprietary variable spectra and environmental sensor technology that is developing into a fully responsive and automated cultivation system. By matching specific plant type and environment, the business increases revenue per area for indoor and vertical horticulture producers. Read more
We create virtual reality experiences that have a strong social element and allow people to experience VR in as similar a way to real life as possible. Read more
Online homework and practice platform. Built for STEM Education. Made for Teachers. Read more
What our product does: AQM designs and manufactures silicon nanomaterials for semiconductor processing and silicon quantum dots for displays, solar windows, sensors and medical imaging reagents. Our current traction: AQM has established itself as a world leader in silicon nanomaterials and is the only company selling silicon quantum dots worldwide. This has attracted the attention of 8 multinational corporations who are exploring applications with us. Point of contact: Dr. David Antoniuk, COO Our main market is: University nanofabrication facilities, nanotechnology companies, government crown corporations, multinational corporations. Read more
Dot Dating is a mobile app that help people find a dating partner by matching the profiles based on geographical location & interests. Read more
We are looking for funding for UPSOS project. Local searching products & services. Connect buyer to seller in the shortest & quickest way. - Our services: - Network Installation & Repair, Network Management, Maintenance, Security & Virtualization, IT Reengineering & Network Outsourcing Services - Computer Repair & Upgrade, Computer Virus and Spyware Removal, Windows and Software Repair, Windows Upgrade, Data Backup, Migration & Recovery... - Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Search Engine Analytics and Website Code Optimization, SEO Website Content and SEO Keywords, Pay Per Click Management - Web Design and Development, Website Maintenance and Management, Website Domain and Hosting, Website Logo and Slogan, Content Management System - Custom Application Development Read more
Protocol Rescue helps oil and gas producers meet their occupational health and safety requirements to provide safe, timely, effective response to emergencies occurring on their site by providing rescue standby teams and all required rescue equipment for construction / maintenance projects. We develop, manage and lead an emergency response program that ensures individuals have training and experience in the emergency medical, fire/rescue, and rope access industries.  Read more
Frettable brings advanced artificial intelligence out of the lab and onto your device to empower you with quality transcriptions and song writing tools anytime, anywhere, on your instrument. Read more
What our product does: Pacylex is developing 11) a predictive diagnostic test that identifies cancer patient candidates for 2) a rationally designed first-in-kind small molecule inhibitor with high activity in vitro and in vivo, and low apparent toxicity Our current traction: Our technology is based on the loss of a biomarker that confers sensitivity to our lead candidate drug. The sensitivity biomarker is lost in 19 cancer types at prevalence ranging from 5-82% Lead indications: DLBCL, AML, Small Cell Lung Cancer We have a lead drug that is water soluble and orally bioavailable (93%) We have proof-of-efficacy in 4 of 4 hematological cancer mouse xenografts including one PDX. Project state Completed: Animal efficacy, PK/PD, Biomarker monoclonal antibody created Next steps: Animal biosafety studies, Regulatory filings, Phase I/IIa study Point of contact. Read more
AI Enabled Collaboration and Communication Platform Read more
What our product does: Scanimetrics manufactures a wireless system for measuring fatigue, strain, cracks, bolt tension, shock, and vibration on heavy equipments. Read more
What our product does: Optimal Intelligent Planning and Scheduling Solutions for Manufacturing Read more
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