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Dreaminizer™ can help you organize your dreams: any wish, great or small, Dreaminizer™ will help you get there. It’s more than a vision board, task manager, financial goals tracker or shopping list. It’s a real working methodology that helps people find motivation and create a strategy to quickly and effectively reach any dream. — Have you got a new house? Add required household appliances to Dreaminizer™. — Would you like teach your kids to use money properly? Start together. Show kids how money can transform into a new bike, toys or pets. Rather than looking at money as the meaning of life, Dreaminizer™ teaches people to use money as a tool for making dreams come true. — Do you dream about a big house or a car? Add it to your Dreaminizer™ and you could see yourself achieving progress. Motivate yourself for Big Goals. — What about Feeding Pigeons in Milan?
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