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Bloomscape is an online plant shopping platform that offers home ready plants and tools for plant care. Read more
Deadline Detroit is an edgy, online news website for Metro Detroit. We aggregate content about Detroit from local TV, radio and newspapers and national and international publications as well. We also create original content. The co-founders are Allan Lengel and Bill McGraw. Lengel worked for the Detroit News and Washington Post. McGraw worked for the Detroit Free Press for 32 years. Since launching 21 months ago, we've attracted more than 300,000 unique visitors a month and nearly 800,000 pageviews. We have 25,000-plus Facebook followers. Our ad revenue is increasing. We've also created D2 Digital Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deadline Detroit, that provides marketing and social media strategy for small and midsize companies. Our plan is to expand into other cities while centralizing key services in Detroit. Our initial funding came from Compuware, one of Michigan's largest companies, Compuware. Compuware's head attorney Dan Follis sits on the board of Deadline Detroit.  Read more
LaunchGood is a niche crowdfunding platform for the Muslim community worldwide, with a focus on creative & entrepreneurial Muslims. By building a strong niche community, we are able to increase the crowdfunding potential of projects by nearly 50%. We also developed community pages, to encourage repeat customers and collaboration between groups. More than anything, our brand distinguishes us from our competitors because we are both cool, modern, and authentically Muslim. Being grounded in the West also creates a sense of admiration in Muslim countries, as proven through our strong international following. Read more
Social referral platform for any business. Easily, track & manage referral / partner / affiliate programs that seamlessly integrate into your website or app. Enables any website to build a Dropbox or Fab style referral program to reward their customers for promoting their products online.  Read more
Banza is a food manufacturer that focuses on producing pasta products. Read more
Passage powers ticketing and payments both online and at-the-door for specialty events. Read more
We expanded from monthly art openings at our gallery to create that same excitement online with limited edition, time-released works of art. 1xRUN is working with leading established and emerging artists providing weekly limited edition, signed, authentic and exclusive print runs. These print releases, or RUNS, are open for one week only and have a global following. With over 140 releases in our first year, we are excited for many interesting growth opportunities for our company in 2012.  Read more
Grand Circus is a training institute in the heart of downtown Detroit on a mission to elevate the tech community. When it comes to training, we dismiss that true skill comes with a certificate. We focus instead on outcomes that matter. With project based instruction our training delivers real world expertise. We call it training with a purpose. Our curriculum is based on the latest in technology, business, and design and we have partnered with the best and brightest. Our instructors are real world practitioners who are at the top of their field and committed to the success of their students. More than 30 different classes this fall - including Build an iPhone App, The Design Process, and Digital Marketing.  Read more
Sift is the employee experience platform that brings transparency and connection to people-first organizations.  Read more
Autobooks is simple banking that works for small businesses. Autobooks works with financial institutions to deliver what small businesses need: cash flow management, payment services, and financial reporting integrated directly into current banking channels. Read more
ToDoolie is a social platform that allows users to hire local students to help with simple outdoor tasks. Read more
MakerOS is an all-in-one collaboration platform for 3D printing businesses to improve workflows with their clients and get projects done. Read more
Life goes beyond meetings and appointments, your calendar should too. UpTo gives you a more complete view of everything coming up that matters to you - without the clutter. It’s your calendar, but better. The UpTo calendar has two layers. The front layer is your existing calendar. The back layer includes calendars you follow based on your likes and interests. Expand your calendar to reveal the back layer of events with just a pinch or tap. From your favorite sports teams and TV shows to upcoming concerts and even the people in your life. Discover thousands of calendars and follow the ones you care about. UpTo works with Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook, Facebook Events and any other calendar that syncs with your phone. Add an event in UpTo and it automatically appears on your web or desktop calendar. Groups and organizations can use UpTo’s platform to publish and manage their own calendar content for others to follow, and simultaneously embed their UpTo calendar into any website. Read more
Aggregate Intelligence develops a data processing technology platform intended to process and deliver real-time data. Read more
Birdhouse provides web- and mobile-based tools to transform the overwhelming, costly, confusing, and isolating experience of raising a child with Autism into one that's manageable, affordable, enlightening, and liberating. Use Birdhouse to keep a record of medications, supplements, therapies and therapists, and track daily behaviors in a searchable activity timeline. Coordinate care amongst your child's resource team and view patterns and trends in your child's progress to determine what's working and what needs to be changed. Read more
Sentinl enhances responsible firearm ownership by providing instant access through technology. Read more
We sell branded performance wear, custom sublimated team apparel, and some hard goods (lacrosse shafts, hockey sticks) Read more
SEE OUR INVESTOR DECK HERE: is a website that hosts live video rap competitions, where users from all over the world can rap, watch, and vote for who they like best. Rapping on the site is like video-chatting on Skype, but with a beat playing in the background and an audience watching in real time. We've had artists get discovered by labels such as Tommy Boy, and win contests to open for artists such as Royce Da 5'9 and Bone Thugs n Harmony. Our ambitiions are broader disruption in the music industry . Macklemore in 15 yrs is going to be the rule, not the exception. Music industry business model hasn't changed that much pre-internet. The moneyball movement has not yet happened in music -- this is all going to change, and we're going to make it happen. We have 50 K registered users and 5K MAU.  Read more
Plain Sight connects you with the type of people you’re looking for, both online and at physical spaces on the app. Read more
Andonix provides connected worker technology to upskill labor-intensive companies like manufacturers and automakers. Read more
AaDya is a cyber security company servicing small and medium businesses. Read more
Reel Deal is a community building entertainment platform for universities and their students. Students have the ability to stream up to 1,000 classic Hollywood movies, communicate with one another via our Reddit style message board and stay up to date with their campus for information. Additionally, Reel Deal's unique split advertisement model allows universities to benefit from the service by having an extra revenue source from businesses surrounding their campus. Read more
CryptocurrencyNerds is one of the best-known sources of financial information on the internet. Read more
Chainterra is a cutting-edge data science company focused on solutions for blockchain network validation and digital currency mining. Read more
Fafnir works to bring the benefits of financial services innovation to consumers everywhere. Read more
re:purpose is a purpose-driven recruiting marketplace. We match highly curated job-seekers with the top startups in Michigan. Read more
Non-contact biometric sensor data & analytics  Read more
Alerje's increasing the overall quality of life of those affected by food allergies by combining the IoMT with a digital health approach. Read more
Bocandy is a subscription box for international candy and snacks. Read more
Brāv provides products products focused on conflict management strategy. Read more
Katoi didn’t start as a restaurant, but a food truck Read more
BoostUp is a social saving platform that enables consumers to save up and get monetary "boosts" toward life's big purchases. Read more
Estoreify is a simplified, embeddable e-commerce web platform that enables users to create their own online store. Read more
York Project is a Social Streetwear company from Metro-Detroit founded in 2012. Read more
Creating the "Lean Money Supply" with a free budgeting tool, designed to show if your ahead of, or behind, your purchasing plan at a glance. Read more
ABARIS has developed an Artificial Neural Network based Portfolio Management system. Read more
Slope is a cloud-based platform for marketing and creative teams to store, organize, and collaborate on video and other media projects. In an effort to help grow their business, companies are producing more videos, graphics, and images than ever before. Currently, marketing and creative teams are using external hard drives, cloud storage, endless email exchanges, and a dozen other tools to hack together a process for creating content. This is inefficient, complicated, and expensive. Slope makes it simple and efficient to manage content by facilitating collaboration, integrating with existing workflows, and supporting media files. It is our mission to make media accessible and collaborative, so that businesses of all sizes can produce amazing content. Read more
TernPro is a better way for businesses to capture and create video content. TernPro allows organizations to produce affordable, high quality videos by enabling employees and participants to capture awesome footage, and then utilizes a network of professional video editors to create a finished video. Here is the process: 1. TernPro provides storyboarding assistance and filming best practices to a business to capture footage 2. Organizations upload or send captured footage to TernPro to be edited by the TernPro freelance editor network 3. Organizations receive finished, professionally edited customized video content.  Read more
IDENTILOCK™ by Sentinl represents a new and safe way to secure your weapon. Using fingerprint technology, it allows for split-second access to a loaded gun when you need it while keeping it safe from other hands when you don’t.  Read more
Detroit Cider Company will be a 100% Michigan based Hard Cider company. The products will be crafted with and for the people of Detroit. I want to establish the DCC in the heart of the city and capture the idea of resurgence. Product labels will give respect to the history of Detroit. One major idea is a product line representing the history of Detroit Fire. For example a label could be called Engine 49, to represent the disbanded Engine in the budget cuts of 2012. These would be small batch productions, with an always changing label line to honor those companies who were disbanded. A portion of those sales would be donated to Detroit Fire to purchase new equipment and gear. Detroit Cider Company is Detroit. It's heart and sole is the city.  Read more
GoGarden is a new and innovative social relationship manager (SRM) that gives users the power build and cultivate better relationships. Established in January of 2014, GoGarden is in the development stages of an intuitive application to be launched into private Beta in June of 2014.  Read more
Social networking platform that allows professionals to connect like-minded persons around health and wellness. Networkingout allows users to connect with the people they need to live healthier, more active lifestyles. Busy professionals have a difficult time balancing the demands of career with maintaing their health. The Networkingout (NWO) concept and platform emphasizes the importance of balance so that busy professionals live longer, healthier lives. Customer discovery revealed that people have a difficult time finding the resources and people to support healthy living and moreover, usually do so with people who are part of their personal/professional network. The platform will also include a corporate wellness platform where firms can manage their corporate wellness program. Firms will set up profiles on NWO to manage, track and engage employees. NWO will launch its corporate wellness platform in a later release.  Read more
Dog Day Digital is all about immersive and memorable character driven experiences and stories in a unique 3D styled popup book platform blending the engagement of tablets with the character presentation of Disney or Pixar. Our goal is to craft both characters and stories that have lasting appeal and add interactive elements connecting our audience with our heroes. Shoot the arrow, slay the dragon, save the princess, and be the hero. Combined with character customizations, custom voiceovers, and rewards on each page the user engagement will be unique and lasting.  Read more
Our mission is to simplify the process for homeowners to go solar. The residential solar market is fragmented by over 600 installers, many of which don’t have the tools to effectively market solar. Solar is only 1% of the market and with over 750,000 HVAC, roof, and electrical contractors as potential installers, they will require solar specific tools to grow their businesses. Our first product, Gridpar.js, is a solar calculator ( to give homeowners a quick snapshot on the benefits of going solar. The calculator can be easily embedded into any website allowing solar installers to more effectively educate their customers and improve their sales pipeline. We are building a lead marketplace and an affiliate network to more effectively spread the solar message and expand a solar installers customer base. Read more
We're disrupting the $500BB Advertising Industry as a hybrid agency blurring the lines between content and advertising, delivering exceptional value to FORTUNE 100 clients with $10MM annual projects. Founded by critically-acclaimed bestselling business author Kim Lavine, MM MEDIA is an integrated multimedia marketing company bringing together world-class award-winning creative talent with cutting-edge engagement and distribution strategies to create ground-breaking formats around historic events. Using the compelling storytelling of Branded Entertainment, we create meaningful conversations with history's most powerful consumers, integrating ground-breaking technical platforms and social media expertise to deliver bottom-line results to our clients with direct-to-consumer proof of concept, data, reporting and scalable mobile, network and enterprise solutions--at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and entertainment formats. Read more
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