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CoolRF is a innovative open source hardware for DIY-building smarthome. Based by widely available and cheap microcontrollers. Easy installation without interference in electrical wiring of ordinary flats or houses. Ability for programming easy as Arduino. May be purchased in assembled form or as a DIY kit. Development process is widely covered in the popular Russian it-site: and already has a small but friendly army of fans. We are working with engineers from different parts of the former USSR. Today we have working prototype of our first module named DIY-dimmer. It is set in the wall behind the normal wall light switch and cotrols a lamp. Next module will be USB-board to connect RF-module to PC and control home RF-network. This module is almost already for new article. Open hardware is very popular at the moment. Arduino experience shows that it is possible to make good money. So have time to catch our train to not stay away! :)
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