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What is ZenithVault? ZenithVault is a maximum security database which divides the sensitive information and then distributes it to be stored inside of multiple, geographically diverse, embedded machines. This makes it 0 day attack and brute force proof as well as physically secure. Every secret has a unique token and a user-set password associated to it so that not even the sysadmin can reach it. Advanced Secret Sharing Techniques The information or data which you want to remain secret will be divided and separated onto at least 3 storage nodes. Each node will be running on a different operating system to avoid 0 day attacks and ZenithVault will run in at least 2 different environments (JVM and C#) for the same reason. Attackers would have to breach at least 3 geographically distant servers, running different operating systems, with different application environments to be able to "see" the entire secret.
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