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90West Data provides a software platform designed for the tagging, cleansing, and contextualization of large data sets. Read more
PastryNow provides affordable logistics, supply chain and software solutions to local food entrepreneurs & establishments. Read more prevents sales tax overpayments from happening in the first place, making reverse audits redundant. Read more
Play One Up is a e-sports mobile app that connects video gamers who want to compete in their favorite video games for real cash prizes. Read more
Online car titling. Enhanced security. Efficiency to owners, state governments, and law enforcement. Read more
Axuall is an identity network that helps people collect and manage their verified credentials from authorized issuers. Read more
Mobile Virtual Reality company offering AAA console visual quality for Real Estate  Read more
Adminix is an advanced software deployment and management solution created to facilitate an administration of the IT infrastructure. Read more
Proformex is an inforce management platform for life insurance and annuities. Read more
XaTek is an Ohio-based biomedical company with disruptive innovations. Read more
Slack JIRA integration bot providing real time ticket information from JIRA to Slack. Coming soon to MS Teams and other platforms Read more
MedaSync is analyzes clinical, financial and contract information in real-time to predict cost, identify excess and pinpoint opportunities. Read more
CMMS Software hosted in the Cloud a work order management, add IoT Sensors which allows predictive maintenance of plant and facilities Read more
Farm Fare is a food supply-chain technology company. Read more
Creating to edutain, inspire, and mobilize toward durable social impact. Read more
Allinaire Therapeutics aims to develop novel therapeutics for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and other pulmonary diseases. Read more
Wisr is higher education’s leading knowledge sharing platform. Read more
Sujana Biotech develops novel therapeutics for inflammatory and vascular disorders. Read more
EntoBio is developing Liquid Termite™ to naturally dissolve tree stumps. Read more
TPA Stream delivers cloud-based software to eliminate manual claims submission for HRA, HSA and FSA plans. Read more
Brilliency provides a modern, flexible technology platform that streamlines and deepens the relationship between people and utilities. Read more
Creating seamless experiences for the event industry using facial recognition and augmented reality Read more
Votem® is a blockchain-based mobile voting platform enabling citizens around the world to easily vote online. Read more
EmployStream is a hiring workflow automation software platform for staffing companies and other high-volume employers. Read more
Using iBeacon technology and our intuitive content management system, we help businesses communicate the right message in the right moment. Read more
Online Syndicated Real Estate Investment & Financing Read more
Heureka provides organizations with tools to help them solve challenges related to managing unstructured data. Read more
SellHack is an online platform that enables users to find emails and numbers hidden in social profiles. Read more
Go Baller is an online platform that enables clients monetize social media on their own platform. Read more
Rapid, low-cost, blood testing with just a single drop Read more
Cleveland Kraut operates as a producer of crafted fermentation. Read more
Flashstarts is an expert and intern-powered startup accelerator and venture fund for early-stage software startups. Read more
Enabling couples to make a difference with their wedding through donation-based wedding registries, favors and vendors. Read more
Easy to use, flexible platform that helps consumers budget, plan and pay for vacation. Read more
Unravel is a mobile app that helps flat-rolled steel buyers calculate steel weight, cost and yield to illuminate the total cost of steel ownership. Unravel makes it easy to verify steel coil and sheet specs. Calculate the weight of a steel coil without a scale, convert gauges to decimals instantly, and find the number of sheets in a bundle. Convert easily between imperial and metric units for both coil and sheet measurements. Make complex steel calculations with this essential iPad and iPhone application . Read more
Splash Financial is a financial education and student loan refinancing company that gives young professionals more financial freedom. Read more
The easiest way for healthcare providers to notify, connect and resolve balances with patients. Read more
AirCFO is a cloud-based accounting solution that partners with small businesses & startups. Read more
The only money app that puts your privacy first. Give & Get Money, don’t share your personal information. It’s the Experience of Cash. Read more
Nextup JIRA provides a bot that connects Slack with Atlassian JIRA. The bot listens to channels where it has been invited and automatically provides information from JIRA to supplement your Slack conversations. When tickets are mentioned the bot automatically calls JIRA and returns the ticket id, name, description, assignee, estimated time remaining and other key information. In addition, buttons are presented allowing users in the Slack channel to take action in JIRA directly from Slack. The bot is being used by thousands of teams globally across a variety of industries to improve communication and reduce lost time due to context switching. The interconnected environment created with the bot allows resources to focus on the task at hand and provides managers the information they need to keep track of the agile process. Read more
The first professional Markdown writing environment built for teams. Read more
Coin Miner™ is a professional multi-coin mine focused on mining both scrypt-based and SHA-256 based cryptocurrencies. Revenue streams come from coins we mine, rig sales and Hash power rental.  Read more
To combat the consumer credit crisis (limited credit availability) many merchants seek to offer their consumers buy-here-pay-here payment plans. These plans are often financed by the merchant and may not require a consumer credit check. InStore Finance provides merchants with a fully automated merchant-financed payment software platform that leverages Web technologies to virtually eliminate lost sales and greatly increase up-sell opportunities. Our system is turnkey, easy to use, and highly effective -- with merchants averaging $10,000 to $80,000 in additional sales per month. Read more
VIPerks delivers a subscription-based employee benefits program that offers substantial discounts on top consumer brand products. The offers are exclusively available to participating employees from their employer. All sales are conducted via a private, secure and company branded web portal. VIPerks handles all the transactions and works with our partnered employers on everything from implementation, on-boarding of employees, communications, reporting and web portal management. This program is turn-key and allows companies to offer best-in-class employee benefits without incurring significant costs or taxing existing HR staff. This in-turn provides consumer product manufacturers a quick, discrete and a truly private channel to move incremental and unproductive inventory without tarnishing their brand or causing harmful channel conflict.  Read more
The product is a flexible cloud based electronic medical record/service tracking system designed so that it is usable by people who are blind or have low vision. There is a need, but this is a limited market. There are many slick, fully functional EMR systems, none of which have proven to be accessible even using screen readers such as jaws or voiceover. Read more
The product is "My Boy Jamal", a rapper, singer, producer, and musician. This artist has been recently been receiving great buzz online for his new single "Make It Happen". We as the label need $6,000 to start up our company successfully and all the money will be paid back within a year with interest. The money will go towards marketing, recording, touring, video and more. This artist has recently been to Atlanta to meet with Atlantic Records A&R "Success" and was invited to this opportunity by the well known Lisa Davis, CEO of Lisa Davis Music Management. The A&R reviewed this artist as "catchy and an amazing live performer". The customers are music fans. Within five months "My Boy Jamal" has built an online image and gained a larger fan base with a $400 budget. He is now featured on well known blogs, coast to coast mix tapes and more. contact: Read more
At Crowdentials, we believe that compliance burdens produced by the JOBS Act are mitigating its ability to increase capital formation. One of these compliance burdens is the need for issuers to verify the accreditation status of their investors. Our Investor Verification tool streamlines and automates this process using the principles-based methodology outlined by the SEC and promoted by the Angel Capital Association. We know privacy is paramount to investor and have built our software around this simple fact. As the JOBS Act becomes finalized and implemented, investor verification will not be the only compliance headache issuers and investors will face. Crowdentials will alleviate these roadblocks as they come with our suite of compliance software which include bad actor checks, automatic Form D filings. Read more
Renter's BOOM specializes in designing, building and running social media campaigns for property management companies. We do this in order to make the leasing process easier and cheaper by collecting quality reviews and referrals from current renters as well as accurate data from prospects. We were founded in the administrative offices of a property management company as a result of realizing a fundamental disconnect in the relationship between renters and property managers. Coupled with an understanding of the magnitude of social media’s influence and a solid understanding of how the property management process works,we combined the two in order to create a more effective solution for locating qualified prospects while building stronger relationships with current residents. We've been incubated and accelerated at Bizdom Cleveland and we nurtured through our pilot at The Beta Space with MAGNET, and received funding from Bad Girl Ventures and Lorain County Innovation Fund. Read more
Our final goal is to spark a renaissance. To accomplish this, we're building a school which, for the first time, *trains* interdisciplinary "Renaissance" thinkers on a large scale. The curriculum is project-oriented, tailored to each student's goals, and will incorporate leadership and collaboration on worldchanging projects into the program itself. The school will also function as an incubator, supporting students' desires to build businesses on their projects in exchange for a bit of equity. Read more
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