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Order online from Chicago delivery and pickup restaurants. Whatever you're thinkin' Chicago, we got you. Read more
2016 marks our 17th year in business, yet we feel like we’re just getting started. For our first 15 years we were called 37signals. We changed our name to Basecamp in 2014 to reflect our focus on our most popular product (coincidently named Basecamp). Over the years we’ve been fortunate to earn the repeat business of thousands of customers including some of the world’s largest - and smallest - companies. It’s rare that a business tool is equally popular with the big guys and the small guys, but Basecamp is that kind of tool. Freelancers, small shops, mid-sized companies, and multinationals all rely on Basecamp. Read more
QuillBot is a startup developing an AI writing tool that reconstructs its user's writing to be more clear and concise. Read more
Founded in 2010, Sprout Social is built on the idea that the world is better when businesses and customers communicate freely. We exist to help streamline and enhance those conversations—with customers, prospects and enthusiasts. Our platform is packed with handy features but stays out of the way to let brands easily engage with people and build lasting relationships. Sprout is a private company backed by the venture funds of NEA and Lightbank. In four years, we’ve earned the trust of more than 15,000 amazing customers and our team has grown into the hundreds. We stay active in the industry and love to share our insights and cultivate conversations with other social business enthusiasts. Read more is an online marketplace for in-person and online tutoring. Parents and students can research and review tutor bios, credentials, customer reviews, background checks and more to ensure they find the perfect tutor for their individual needs. WyzAnt also offers visitors access to thousands of free educational resources including a question and answer forum, how-to videos, lesson plans, and a directory of study guides and tutorials. We believe that all students learn differently and that the most effective and enjoyable way to learn is through customized, one-on-one instruction. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for students of all ages to find the help they need Read more
YCharts is a financial software company that was founded in 2009 and is backed by Morningstar. YCharts provides the analytic power of a financial terminal (such as Bloomberg, FactSet, CapIQ), but with the ease of use and accessibility of a modern website. Investment professionals across the financial services spectrum have found the product to be a valuable complement to their existing investment tools, or as a lower cost replacement.  Read more
M1 Finance specializes in financial technology, investing, investments, fintech, automation. Read more
Screencastify is used to create instructional videos, record presentations, give better feedback, and much more. We’ve set out to transform video in the classroom and make it not just a tool for remote learning, but an integral part of every student’s education. Read more
BigMarker enables people from around the world to meet face-to-face with others who share their passions and interests. Communities can host online events such as webinars, panel and roundtable discussions using BigMarker's video conferencing system, allowing hundreds of people to communicate via audio and video, share and present files, and chat. Participants can then join a community to attend future events and keep the conversation going over time. Read more
ShowMojo empowers property owners and agents with innovative and disruptive tools, including: online scheduling, automated confirmation (email or SMS), and tenant notification. Read more
At Inventables we believe the world is at the beginning of a new renaissance. We see power in product development shifting from major corporations to individual designers and entrepreneurs. The availability of low cost manufacturing tools and low cost distribution on internet sites are leveling the playing field. Small teams can now make unique high value products that major corporations can’t justify because they aren't for the masses. Read more
ShipBob is a technology company that fulfills e-commerce orders for direct-to-consumer brands. Read more
ClubExpress provides clubs and associations with their complete front-office and back-office, securely built into their website. No programming or HTML experience is required; everything is controlled by menus and dialog boxes, and all changes are immediately live. We use state-of-the-art security, there's no advertising and associations own their data at all times.  Read more
Avail is a platform that simplifies the rental experience for 600,000 DIY landlords and tenants. These individuals use Avail to navigate all aspects of the rental process — everything from listings, rental applications, leases, monthly rent payments, and maintenance tickets. Read more
We’re changing the way consumers shop for high-design, well-crafted furniture. We’ve built a unique supply chain that eliminates middlemen and unnecessary markups. It enables us to sell high-quality furniture (at times off the same manufacturing lines) for less, and to maintain healthy margins. Our factory relationships also enable unique personalization at prices the mass market can finally afford. Through the innovative use of e-commerce and small footprint retail outlets we have a significant cost advantage over traditional furniture retailers. Think Room & Board design and quality at West Elm (or lower) prices. Read more
MightyNest's affinity platform channels a parent's passion for their family and healthy living into a profitable ecommerce business while building an engaged community that gives back to their local school. Our platform has 3 key components: - Content filled with insights and inspiration for mighty living - Community built virally and organized around local schools - Products handpicked for a healthy, mindful life. Every order donates 15% of order amount to their school. It's working. See data in traction below.  Read more
Printavo is the simplest way screen-printing, embroider & sign manufacturing shops can manage their scheduling, invoices and books. It is a web-based, mobile compatible solution that helps shops all over the world keep track of their key business information so they can continue running their shop.  Read more
Learnmetrics is a platform that helps schools seamlessly extract insights from the data they are already collecting, then magnifies the effectiveness of those insights by making them measurable, trackable, and communicable. With Learnmetrics, our users can • Get a 360° view of data to help inform decisions and set goals • Decrease focus on administrative tasks while increasing the range of teachable moments • Move from insight to action faster than ever before. • Power personalized learning in a scalable way. Currently in closed beta!  Read more
Faspark is a street parking application which helps drivers find parking faster than ever before. The technology is predictive and uses big data, advanced analytics and machine learning to help drivers find parking. Faspark's solution is available for Android and iOS devices and provides the driver with an optimized search route along which they find available parking. The result is less driving, less pollution and less time spent searching for parking in the streets. Drivers using Faspark spend 50% less time on average looking for street parking. Faspark was founded 2011 and already has over 20,000 users. Faspark is already available in Chicago, IL and also in Munich, Germany.  Read more
Figo Pet Insurance develops a cloud-based pet insurance platform designed to provide pet healthcare services. Read more
Soundslice sells animated sheet music and associated software. Amateur guitarists rely on a notation called guitar tablature ("tabs") to learn new songs. But this format is horrible to learn from on its own; you end up having to listen to the song just to get a sense of how to play it. Soundslice solves that pain point by marrying tabs with a real recording. On, you can create and view these animated tabs for any YouTube video. We also sell high-quality tabs for indie artists, and we license our technology to music-education companies.  Read more
Lightstream is a powerful & intuitive live streaming studio in your browser. No Downloads. No technical wizardry. Read more
CoPilot is an assisted commerce platform that provides expert partner services for car purchases. Read more
Leading companies use dscout to engage users in improving their existing experiences and inventing new ones. Our platform connects organizations with early adopters who work with companies to gather insights, develop ideas and ultimately launch new stuff. This unprecedented access to users comes at a fraction of the cost and time of more traditional approaches. dscout’s roster of blue chip customers in technology, consumer packaged goods and retail, points to the enormous scale of tapping into consumer-facing innovation budgets: ~$100B in the US alone.  Read more
Review Trackers is an online review monitoring and management tool for businesses with one or more physical locations. Using proprietary Web crawling and data collection technology, it tracks, aggregates, and analyzes reviews on all major online review sites. Features include new review notifications (via E-mail), advanced data analytics, customizable reports and data visualizations, multiple user collaboration, and a review request service. Read more
DIYSEO makes the complex world of search engine optimization (SEO) simpler and more attainable than ever for small businesses. The web-based solution helps small business marketers break down a previously complex undertaking into easy, bite-sized tasks, while step-by-step tutorials and expert guidance help turn novices into SEO experts. Read more
Tovala is a smart oven that sits on your countertop and is paired with a companion meal delivery service.  Read more
StockUnlimited is the world's first and best source for unlimited creative content. With StockUnlimited, it's easy to find the right content for every project – whether it's vectors, clipart or illustrations, we've got it all! We add thousands of new and fresh files every day to ensure we always meet your needs for the most up–to–date content. What really sets StockUnlimited apart from other content providers is our super simple license model. For one low monthly fee, you can download and use as much content as you wish in any projects. No complicated licenses. No daily limits. No credits. No additional fees. Ever. As long as you have an active StockUnlimited subscription, you’ll be able to use all your downloaded content on new projects. Read more
jsDelivr is a public, open-source CDN (Content Delivery Network) developed by ProspectOne, focused on performance, reliability, and security. It is free to use for everyone, with no bandwidth limits. It provides mirrors for npm, GitHub, WordPress plugins, and custom endpoints for several other projects with special requirements. If our regular endpoints don't work for your use case, let us know and we'll figure something out! Read more
Looking for a pragmatic, digitally fluent team of marketers to execute your big ideas and demonstrate real results so you can get back to running your business? You’re in the right place. Find out how lonelybrand leverages the six tenets of digital communications to quickly create success and growth for companies of all sizes for less than hiring and managing full time digital staff. Read more
Dude Wipes If you're still wiping with just toilet paper you're a chump and your ass hates you for it. Any red-blooded American knows Dude Wipes® are something you never leave the crib without. *Also sweet for your face, hands, pits and dude regions We Don't Make Butt Wipes, We Make Dude Wipes® Huge 44 Square Inch Size Vitamin E & Soothing Aloe Alcohol Free & Quick Drying Tested by Scientist & Doctor Dudes Flushable Moist Wipes (Sewer/Septic) Neutral Scent Read more
R1 RCM is a top provider of revenue cycle management and physician advisory services to healthcare institutions. They help shape the commercial infrastructure of organizations throughout the country. Read more
CharacTour helps you find your next favorite movie, TV show, book, or video game based on what matters most: characters. Through our “Get Matched” personality quiz and recommendations based on similar characters – both utilizing our patent-pending matching algorithm – and other tools, we suggest characters we think you’ll love. And then you can get to know those characters via detailed profiles to decide for yourself who you want to watch or read about. Read more
Bartesian offers a capsule-based machine that enables individuals to make homemade cocktails. Read more
With Occasion, businesses can easily integrate online booking and payment for their services into their own website. Occasion's one-step booking process is designed to increase conversion of visitors into actual bookings for the business.  Read more
The Mom Project is a digital talent marketplace that helps women remain active in the workforce. Read more
Winner of the Most Innovative Company Award in long term care! Caremerge is a healthcare coordination and transition platform. Our mobile/web apps allow senior living communities simplify their care coordination efforts with various onsite and offsite stakeholders (facility staff, physicians, hospitals, families, etc.), all providing care for residents. Caremerge is at the center of five influential trends of our time: Boomers, Healthcare IT, Cloud/Mobile, Social/Collaboration, Big Data.  Read more
Mystery Tackle Box's mission is to take the excitement of being on the water and bring that to each moment of an angler's every-day life. There's nothing like the the suspense of waiting for that slight tug on your line that alerts you to set the hook hard and fast -- the suspense keens your senses; slows the pace of nature to subtle stir. It's quite like being afraid. Maybe because both fear and fishing share a common element: the unknown. Until now, a feeling like this could only be naturally experienced while on the water. But we bring the excitement of fishing to the mundane drag of every-day life by helping anglers discover products they love throughout the month with our through our monthly Mystery Tackle Boxes, our website, newsletter and social media channels. Read more is an online animated gif maker. Allows registered members to upload videos and create animated gifs. Members can also extract individual frames from the uploaded video and save them to their gallery. Various image effects can be applied to saved images. All images in the members gallery can be shared via custom URL. Content can be shared directly to Facebook or Twitter. GifRun is a robust and very scalable engine for creating and sharing animated gifs. Read more
Talkroute turns any existing phone(s) and phone service provider(s) into a professional phone system with our virtual call management solution. Our service provides our customers with the freedom to go anywhere and stay connected to their business phone system, while maintaining a professional image. Our cloud hosted control panel allows customers to access, customize, and modify their phone system from anywhere. Customers can customize everything from their very own call menu (press #1 for... press #2 for..), forward callers to any number of devices, establish hours of operation, upload audio messages, and much more. Talkroute can be setup in minutes. Our target market is small businesses with less than 5 employees, entrepreneurs, and business professionals. There are currently 27,281,452 registered businesses in the United States. Of these 27,281,452 businesses, there are currently 24,969,084 registered businesses with 0 to 4 employees. Read more
PechaKucha is a social tech platform where people share stories and engage in meaningful conversations. We uniquely use 'time' as our mechanism to keep things concise, authentic, and human. Think TED Talks, but democratized and social. Read more
2ndKitchen empowers businesses (bars, hotels, residential buildings) to offer/serve food using virtual kitchens powered by nearby restaurants. Read more
Train Heroic empowers coaches with proven strength and conditioning programming. Reducing administrative time by 50%, coaching effectiveness improves with a streamlined workout creation interface that provides for easier distribution and eliminates the admin hassle of logging the results of dozens of athletes...which returns time for higher impact coaching activity. Athletes log their own results and compete with themselves, teammates and rivals on the daily workout. Read more
Nurture Life is a food company that offers organic and ready-to-eat meals for babies, toddlers, and kids. Read more
Kin Insurance is an insure-tech startup that specializes in fixing home insurance. Read more
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