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Zubie makes driving safer, easier and less expensive. For families and small businesses. It combines a smart device - the Zubie Key - which uses an onboard GPS, accelerometer and cellular data connection - and track various metrics about your car's performance and your driving habits. A smartphone app (on both iOS and Android) delivers real-time engine health monitoring and phenomenal insight into repair costs, upcoming maintenance costs and car value. It even works when the car is parked and the engine off - for example, to notify you of a battery problem, or if the car was stolen or towed. Consumers can also try out some of the features using the free Zubie App. It uses phone-based location data to support easy location tracking of family members, driver-scoring, location-based alerts and private location-sharing during trips with friends. In addition to consumer solutions, Zubie's market focus includes fleet-managment and Usage-Based-Insurance (UBI).
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