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This plan is backed by numerous surveys, 3rd party Valuation and Financials, and will be operated by a proven company that has scaled from $100,000 to $10,000,000 in 2.5 years. This model will disrupt the Used Goods Marketplace by simplifying and creating a novel approach to the buying and selling of Used Goods in both the residential and commercial sectors by shifting away from Consumer-to-Consumer Interaction (CTCI) and creating a Massive Sku eCommerce Marketplace akin to Amazon. By removing upfront costs, time and effort of sellers, and eliminating CTCI currently found within the Used Goods Marketplace, this all digital platform will become the go-to marketplace for All Things Used. While eCommerce on the frontend, the foundation of this business will be in a system of nationally linked warehouses connected via a novel inventory and content management system. There are no direct competitors to this business, barriers to entry will be created and exit strategies are clear.
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