Global Map > Startups > North America > United States > Charleston > icon takes your food order over SMS and prints it inside the restaurant. Electronic ordering has always been about filling out forms for food. takes a different approach; using a conversational, rather than transactional approach. Customers use an app that is already installed on their phone: SMS. They converse with our smart software and place their order in a few steps. Our software remembers the customer name, order history and delivery addresses. Finished orders are sent to purpose-built, cellular printers which we place inside restaurants. In 2013, $70 billion was spent at independently-owned restaurants on pickup and delivery but only 3% of that was electronic. Restaurants struggle to manage and profit from online ordering while customers are stuck filling out forms on their devices. We have patented a method of food ordering that is 50% cheaper for restaurants on a medium universally popular with consumers: SMS.
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