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Wine Awesomeness is a thoroughly modern and rebellious, vertically integrated wine business that imports, distributes, and sells wine via the web, restaurants, and brick & mortar retailers. WA is the simplest way for entry level wine drinkers to sip, enjoy, and learn about wine. - Work with producers to source the best wine for the price point and create wines that fit the Wine Awesomeness brand. - Import wines directly to WA warehouse and associated distributors. - Distribute wines via WA owned South Carolina based distribution company. - Sell wines via associated distribution companies nationally and internationally. - Sell wines via WA eCommerce platform to consumers across the United States.  Read more
PhishLabs provides cybercrime prevention and mitigation services that significantly reduce fraud losses, protect online channels, and lower the cost of managing customer cyber security incidents. Services are provided for a fixed subscription fee - aligning client objectives - reduce cybercrime incidents. Read more
Praxis is a startup apprenticeship program. It pairs a 6-month remote professional bootcamp with 6-month paid apprenticeships at startups. Read more
Bublish is an integrated creation, discovery & social commerce platform for indie authors & publishers. We're revolutionizing how authors share their stories & readers find books they'll love. In seconds, authors create & share book bubbles across multiple social platforms, drawing readers toward their work w/ excerpts & the story behind their story. Readers interact & share bubbles they like, giving Bublish powerful, social recommendation data for contextual serendipity  Read more
A modern, digital-savvy hot sauce & hot honey brand. Its sauces are cold-pressed, fermented and crafted for foodies by a hard-working chef. Read more
Zebedee develops software and infrastructure to introduce Bitcoin and Lightning support into digital experiences and environments. Read more
Crash is a career launch platform that helps young professionals to showcase their talent. Read more
Preclose is a modern closing experience for everyone - real estate agents, consumers and service professionals. Read more
This plan is backed by numerous surveys, 3rd party Valuation and Financials, and will be operated by a proven company that has scaled from $100,000 to $10,000,000 in 2.5 years. This model will disrupt the Used Goods Marketplace by simplifying and creating a novel approach to the buying and selling of Used Goods in both the residential and commercial sectors by shifting away from Consumer-to-Consumer Interaction (CTCI) and creating a Massive Sku eCommerce Marketplace akin to Amazon. By removing upfront costs, time and effort of sellers, and eliminating CTCI currently found within the Used Goods Marketplace, this all digital platform will become the go-to marketplace for All Things Used. While eCommerce on the frontend, the foundation of this business will be in a system of nationally linked warehouses connected via a novel inventory and content management system. There are no direct competitors to this business, barriers to entry will be created and exit strategies are clear. Read more
Charles Towne Holdings provides globally focused capital markets, investment banking, and financial advisory services. Read more
a security, compliance and cost optimization tool for AWS Read more
Questis is a financial wellness delivery platform for the enterprise. Read more
TechFaster is platform built to give startups an avenue to promote and highlight their services/products. By creating a TechFaster profile, startups are able to see where they stand in relation to their competition. Our interactive Top Tech Lists rank these elements based on an algorithmic score and a popular vote. The TF Rank is comprised of various elements: social media signals, website site traffic, prominence within startup news outlets, blogs, and other elements.  Read more
PharmRight specializes in providing products and services that maximize medication adherence at home. Read more
A Molecular Diagnostic and Laboratory Service company. Read more
AmplifiedAg aims to provide global access to safe food. Read more
Vaetas is a patented cloud-based video business development tool. Read more
in/PACT's cloud-based platform offers integrated charitable giving solutions for digital banking and loyalty providers. Read more
RhinoSEO is a complete Online Marketing toolset. It provides website visitor analytics, keyword analytics, lead tracking, social automation, and email marketing. RhinoSEO is also a service-based company, and we live by the statement- "Putting the Service Back into SaaS". It is this hands-on approach to our clients' campaigns that distinguishes us from our competition. We understand that time is of the essence to business owners and marketers, and our services reflect that.  Read more
SaaS, Mobile & Web App, Student Engagement, Volunteer and Social Impact Management, Philanthropy/Giving, Data Reporting Read more
Bpr360 develops software that helps teams better visualize their company metrics to quickly understand the health of their business. Read more
Optima Process Systems provides energy solutions for the renewable and fossil fuel industry. Read more
Hah Parking is a mobile app that connects drivers in search of parking to private owners with space to share. Read more
The world's first hiring platform for software engineers. Read more
Regeneratively Farmed®, Biodynamic® , Organics Elevated® Read more
Rediscovery Life Sciences is a biopharma company that develops medicines with less risk through drug repurposing. Read more
The most amazing service for those people who are moving what's important or shipping something special. Read more
Citibot is the tool for citizens and their governments to use for communication and civic change. Read more
CareTeam is a healthcare company that delivers comprehensive primary care services for employees of companies. Read more
Building a career matchmaking app and platform to reinvent the $7B+ recruitment marketing sector. Read more
Stream is a company behind Stream, a live first OVP that powers video for publishers, professional sports, and top brands. Read more
Echovate™ is a people analytics platform for higher education that aligns students to successful outcomes. Read more
Enterprise System Development Company specializing in Mobile and Wearable Tech. Read more
Aqua safe suits is a leader in high pressure water blasting safety suits. Protective clothing for high pressure water blasting. For added safety and personal protection when water blasting cesco recommends the aqua safe suit series of water blasting safety suit products. Rated for 40,000 psi fire resistant full coverage styles custom colors & logo comfort & mobility. Read more
Rethink, a U.S.-based company, develops a user facing portal enabling its clients and their financial advisors to plan online and more. Read more
SurfersList is a peer-to-peer marketplace for surf, windsurf, kitesurf, and SUP equipment. Listings may be posted as either Classified ads or "Buy Now" ads. Anyone may contact a member privately to inquire about a Classified ad listing. Only members can place orders for a "Buy Now" ad listing posted by other members. Individuals and businesses may post new and used gear for sale. Every ad listing has a question and answer section and every member profile can be rated and reviewed by other members. Read more
vāga is an online marketplace for short term workspace rentals. Workspaces include offices, warehouse space, art studios, etc. Read more
Pixifly is the exciting new application that gives you the power to discover the world like never before, by TIME & PLACE. Rather than browsing images according to follower, hashtag, organized event, or keyword, Pixifly lets you discover the world by when and where photos were uploaded; either by specifying the name of a place or zeroing in on a specific location via the map view. Read more
When a lot of people think "golf" terms like outdated, funny pants, elitist, uptight, and close-minded often come to mind. There are some big problems with golf that we need to solve. Being able to connect with golfing friends and coordinate tee times can be tedious and difficult to do. Finding new golfing friends who match your skill level, playing style and more can seem nearly impossible. We all know golf can get very expensive and golfers are always looking for ways to save money on golf related services and products. Golf can also be very intimidating for anyone trying to get into the game and it can seem a little "snobbish" to outsiders, discouraging the growth of the game. Golfalong is the solution to these core problems in golf. Everything a golfer needs all in one place. And because everything is connected to the social graph, it creates a valuable and beneficial user experience. Golfalong’s core mission is to grow the game by making it more open for everyone.  Read more takes your food order over SMS and prints it inside the restaurant. Electronic ordering has always been about filling out forms for food. takes a different approach; using a conversational, rather than transactional approach. Customers use an app that is already installed on their phone: SMS. They converse with our smart software and place their order in a few steps. Our software remembers the customer name, order history and delivery addresses. Finished orders are sent to purpose-built, cellular printers which we place inside restaurants. In 2013, $70 billion was spent at independently-owned restaurants on pickup and delivery but only 3% of that was electronic. Restaurants struggle to manage and profit from online ordering while customers are stuck filling out forms on their devices. We have patented a method of food ordering that is 50% cheaper for restaurants on a medium universally popular with consumers: SMS. Read more
Red Rose Vintage is more than an online vintage clothing store. It is a place where females can come to be inspired, and to learn about history and self confidence. Red Rose Vintage is for the girl who takes risks. She is an independent. She is a leader, not a follower. She is unique and like the vintage pieces we have, she is one of a kind. Every piece in the Red Rose Vintage collection is curated to meet this esthetic.  Read more
American Workbench has redeveloped the way in which Clients buy their workspace. We have designed Non- Conductive benches for the electronics industry and most importantly a variety of Customizable workbenches. The Client controls the height, shelf depth, color and finish. Benches can morph into a Woodworkers bench at half the cost. Hobby Benches, Computer benches, reloading benches (which no one else produces. Most reloader's have a gate keeper, their wife! Our benches pass the test! Read more
We sell remodeled single family homes with tenants and property management in place (aka Turnkey Rental Properties) to other real estate investors who want to own real estate; however, they do not have the time, knowledge and/or resources to identify, acquire, remodel, select tenants for and manage a property. We create investment opportunities in residential properties that reduce or overcome many of the challenges that confront individuals or firms considering investments in real estate. Read more
The Multiple Application Shared Health Information Network (MASH iNetwork) is the operating platform, similar to Apple and Microsoft specifically designed for the medical community. It allows health organizations, public health agencies, clinical research organizations, payers and patients to share protected health information (PHI) in a secured environment, in full compliance of the new health care mandates. Health-related applications can be created through this platform. Ideas are endless! Read more
Zubie makes driving safer, easier and less expensive. For families and small businesses. It combines a smart device - the Zubie Key - which uses an onboard GPS, accelerometer and cellular data connection - and track various metrics about your car's performance and your driving habits. A smartphone app (on both iOS and Android) delivers real-time engine health monitoring and phenomenal insight into repair costs, upcoming maintenance costs and car value. It even works when the car is parked and the engine off - for example, to notify you of a battery problem, or if the car was stolen or towed. Consumers can also try out some of the features using the free Zubie App. It uses phone-based location data to support easy location tracking of family members, driver-scoring, location-based alerts and private location-sharing during trips with friends. In addition to consumer solutions, Zubie's market focus includes fleet-managment and Usage-Based-Insurance (UBI).  Read more
ISI Technology has developed and patented a breakthrough method to provide "on demand" hot water using electricity. The technology saves up to 40% of power and 10% of water and eliminates all failure modes of conventional technology for the same or lower cost, .  Read more
Cloud Support is a highly salable service company that leverages the organization’s technological expertise to deliver mature and actionable distributed computing cloud platforms, services, and tools to the small enterprise and to provide these clients comprehensive support in whatever manner may be required as defined by the client. Cloud Support differentiates itself from other technology firms in that it is a service organization. While we sell the same market basket of services that other firms offer individually, Cloud Support provides all the applicable services collectively to the client with consulting and support that ensure that the client is taking full advantage. Through this method, and our devotion to relentless performance and results, we gain customer loyalty measured in an entirely different scale that a SaaS company as well as measurably higher reoccurring revenue and gross margins.  Read more
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