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ManagedPMO's access control module you can setup your individual staff, unit owners and their tenants, and suppliers. Each with their own specific permissions and functionality. We even allow custom role creation Read more
Revolution of Kitten is a software development company in Cebu City, Philippines specializing in applications for Robots and Artificial Intelligence. Read more
HV Power Concepts are founded with strong technical background on hardware and monitoring software of leading UPS brands, reinforced with constant research and update on the latest technologies. Read more
Skooteo's mission is to transform public transit through on-board digital infotainment and OOH advertising solutions, managed through secure cloud-based connectivity. Read more
Iris Workshare Community is a platform where everyone supports each other and earns together. You can do this in three ways: Book a service, Sell your service, Earn passive income. Read more
Edge Cloud Technology and Solutions is a dynamic and agile Philippine owned IT company delivering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) via Private Cloud Solutions. Read more
Direct2Guests is a hospitality software company specialising in Hotel IPTV, D2G-Tv; and Contactless Check-In D2G-Ci. Read more
CloudNinjaPH is a software solutions, AI and Robotics service provider that offers reliable and cost-effective solution for businesses and people’s everyday lives. Read more
DataHyv strives to maximize the use of DEAR Inventory and other business data of its clients to enable them to make business decisions that aren't made based on a limited perspective, but with a more holistic view through our data warehousing and analytics solution. Read more
Symph harnesses technology to be a tool that adapts to business needs. Read more
NEXTIX specializes in creating customer-driven innovations with universally available information and communication technology solutions that constantly aim to drive technology to the next level with robust, scalable & agile systems, creating infinite feature-rich applications. Read more
Tier One is Southeast Asia’s premier Gaming and Esports Entertainment Company Read more
Startup Oasis offers an immersive experience to build your Web/Mobile product. From day 1 you get a full team of experienced developers and product managers to build your Minimum Viable Product in just few weeks. Read more is a financial services network in the Philippines. Read more
We make it our MISSION to provide ourselves and you, our fellow runners, what we, the Cebu and Philippine running community, deserve - a painless registration process for races, and a properly curated list of events. Read more
Easy FIS (Financial Information System) is a cloud-base SAAS Application designed for robust enterprise transactions that includes customer and sales management, payables, supply-chain management, warehousing, accounting and finance for trading businesses. Read more
CodeChum is an online platform where teachers can manage their class, and create programming problems and activities for students to answer online Read more
A property tech startup dedicated to integrating Extended Reality (XR) and visual marketing solutions to serve the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) and Real Estate industry. Read more
Philippine Jeepney Routes and commuter navigation on the go -Convenience at your fingertips. Track jeepneys, check fares, travel time and more. Read more
The OMG is a web and mobile application that allows people to order groceries anytime and anywhere. Unlike other online offerings, our product provides users the simplest and most efficient way to get on-demand delivery of best-value-for-money groceries Read more
A community Tracing App - WeTrace assigns unique QR codes to every user to protect their privacy and uses geolocation data for contact tracing. No other information is collected by the app. Watch the video below to know more: Read more
All-in-one real estate sales management system with the right features Read more
We are new company involved in developing new concepts of innovative solutions focusing on the transport and container complex logic to meet various conditions that passes through the rigorous tests of scenarios that are happening in the field. Read more
Polka.PH helps businesses and HR teams launch an office e-commerce shopping program that employees actually love. Read more
A community for travelers where you can share travel experiences and find travel tips or information of your next travel destination. Read more
Zoog Technologies creates apps and websites starting from layout to function and using the best technologies. Read more
Our mission is to be the partner of medical professionals in saving lives and providing easy-access, safe, reliable, and centralized healthcare information system for everyone through information applications. Read more
Mynimo is committed to connecting job seekers and employers fast by keeping features super simple. Read more
Tudlo creates apps for businesses. Read more
The Complete Human Resource Information System with Payroll. Customizable to meet your business needs. Read more
Dealogikal is an online commodity marketplace. We elevate the supply chain by embedding transparency, competition, and automation in the procurement process. Read more
GeoPik is a convenient, secure, safe and simple way to share user location. A SaaS company that provides location-based data. Read more
Whether it is buying a new home, financing a new car, sending a child to college, financing your medical bills, LoanSolutions.PH is here to help you! Together, we strive to be an ally for borrowers and lenders alike. We’re here to do the heavy lifting for you if you’re looking to compare and optimize your loan choices- and hey, we’ll lift for you without a price. Read more
Offerchat is a live chat tool that allows website owners to be able to chat with their visitors and convert them into paying customers. Read more
DEADOPEN is a simple, reliable, and secure service that allows you to give a note to someone in the event that you pass away unexpectedly. If nothing happens to you, no one has to know the note ever existed... Read more
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