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Bitt is a Caribbean digital asset exchange whose core focus is providing access to cryptocurrencies in emerging markets. Read more
PolySwarm is a threat detection used by security experts to analyze, detect & get intel on malicious files & digital artifacts. Read more
Hxro is a company that focuses on crypto trading and bitcoin for gaming and entertainment to its customers. Read more
GoChain is a scalable, Ethereum-based blockchain that's fast, secure and green, giving DApp and smart contract developers 100x performance. Read more
FV Bank provides business and individual accounts, supports multiple currencies, international payments, and investment accounts. Read more
WiPay is an innovative provider of electronic payment solutions. Read more
Elite develops and manufactures products such as smartphones, feature phones, laptops, and VR. Read more
GiveSignup is the nonprofit technology leader that provides nonprofits the technology to generate revenue and engage supporters. Read more
EQIBank is a global digital banking that provides traditional banking services for corporates and businesses. Read more
MintDice is a fully-featured online cryptocurrency casino. Read more
Applied Fiber is the world’s leading provider of terminated synthetic fiber tension systems. Read more
NUtv provides Pay TV services (116 channels) in Haiti using wireless digital terrestrial television Read more
Mind The Graph is a DIY Platform for creating impactful Life Science infographics. Read more
Puerto Rico's real estate search engine. Read more
DNS (Domain Naming Service) is a service that translates domain names – like – to numerical IP addresses that machines understand much better than words. It works the other way around, too! Right now, your DNS provider is probably also your Internet Service Provider. That means that if they want to, they can see what domains you visit. Trust DNS is a free tool that helps you bypass censorship, access blocked websites, & browse privately. Free your internet, for free! We have a strict no-logs policy & zero ads in the app. It’s just an app which can change your DNS server. With Trust DNS you can: - Unlock access to restricted sites & services. - Unblock Wikipedia, YouTube, Telegram, & more! - Access the internet privately. - Bypass censorship & protect your freedom of speech. Read more
Bookselling platform that connects Puerto Rican authors with the U.S. Hispanic Market. Read more
Edupass is a hub for students navigating the US college admission process. Read more
Mobile APP and Platform for your Cannabis Dispensary. Read more
BrainHi brings secretary-patient conversations to online private messaging through digital channels for those in the health and service industry. Read more
Uva! is a food delivery platform that connects hungry customers to restaurants. It allows customers to order food easily to their location through a mobile app or website while creating a new sales channel for restaurants so that they can expand their reach. Read more
We’re bringing the sharing economy to the apparel industry by creating a clothing rental subscription service for women who want a convenient, easy, and affordable way to experience fashion. Read more
In iGenApps, we believe each small business and mobile device owners are capable of creating beautiful and useful apps in an easy and affordable way. iGenApps Inc. is a catalyst for revolutionizing the app development industry. Its lead product is a cloud-base app builder, with an exclusive patented method, that allows any Apple or Android device user to rapidly create mobile apps in the palm of their hand without any programming. iGenApps™ have been awarded 1st place in the International CTIA Big Idea Contest, Cloudmob iOS Mobile Platform Challenge and 1st place at the UNE Patent Competition. iGenApps was also chosen on the 2012 DEMO, 12th Founder Showcase event, the Distilled Intelligence 2.0 held in Washington D.C. and recently at the ReleaseIT startup competition at SXSW.  Read more
Ebrolis is a free email informing you of the best deals on ebooks in Spanish Read more
PrivacyWall is the seach engine that protects your PrivacyWall. Our fans call us the #UnSearchEngine. Read more
Beaxy is the new generation of cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange Read more
NuxGame is a B2B software provider that offers solutions for sports betting and online gaming business using lightning fast technologies. Read more
Jompeame is a crowdfunding platfom aiming to develop entrepreneurship and fight poverty by collecting funds (from small donations) that people need to develop their business or to support a social cause. We are the first crowdfunding platform for Haiti and Dominican Republic. Jompeame’s vision is to have a crowdfunding platform for every country of the caribbean. The ideas and projects will come from: artists and influencers with a minimum amount of 2000 followers, NGOS and Startups with a proven prototype. The money will come from people like you and me, fans and organizations that support entrepreneurship, social development and dissaster relief, including several embassies such as USA, CHINA and JAPAN. We believe that if we all contribute we can build, transform and create. Read more
3Spine is a privately-held medical device company offering the BalancedBack Total Joint Replacement for leg and back pain. Read more
Sirena Patterns is a platform that leverages the internet to introduce people from all over the world to sewing spandex fabric. It provides its niche audience with; online courses and PDF sewing patterns. Read more
The Happy Givers is a social enterprise that is selling goods, apparel, and accessories in order to fund non-profit work on the island. Read more
Cloud Carib offers virtual datacenters-as-a-service (offshore IaaS) for customers in the Caribbean region, based on the technology stack of VMware vCloud. In addition to the hosted services, Cloud Carib offers comprehensive consulting and technical implementation services in the cloud space, namely VMware, Citrix, and NetApp solutions for firms in the finance, hospitality, and healthcare sectors. Read more
Connecting local producers with chefs and restaurants through a virtual marketplace app. Read more
Connect with readers like you and discover books. Join our bookish community and get personalized recommendations. Read more
SOIL transforms waste into resources through the use of ecological sanitation Read more
MicroPower builds systems that convert heat directly into emissions-free electricity using thermoelectric technology. Read more
We Are Your App-based Marketplace for On-Demand Services and On-Demand Work Locally. Our Innovative Proprietary Technology Connects Customers & Service Experts Directly! No Bidding. No Variable Price Quotes. No Endless Back & Forth. What You See & Buy Is What You Get Read more
Quibble is pricing and revenue management software for vacation rentals. We increase vacation rental property managers’ revenue performance by engineering and implementing custom pricing strategies. We also provide full-service revenue management consulting. Read more
AutoCubana is an online marketplace for cars, motorbikes and trucks for cubans. Read more
Abexus is an analytics startup that uses AI to enhance customer’s data while generating new revenue streams for our customers. Read more
Dame Un Bite is an online ordering platform and logistic company focus in on-demand delivery. We are building a delivery network to bring convenience to people. Read more
Piezas Rush sells online appliance parts direct-to-consumer in Puerto Rico. We promote the repair of broken appliances instead of buying new appliances. Read more
Have fun transforming the information you want to learn into a personalized memory palace so you can unlock your genius and never forget. Read more
Textile technology made with sustainability Read more
Ronpon delivers you beers, wines, spirits, convenience items and more in less than 60 minutes. Read more
Uncommon EntrePReneurs is the heartbeat of entrepreneurial ecosystems in thriving communities where regenerative technology, real estate and investment merge. We provide a platform for connecting conscious leaders, and services through exclusive events and educational content. Read more
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