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Vortex Power Motor which eliminates the need to use fossil fuels. Vortex Power Motor which will generate power for a single family home 100% off-the-grid or become a full replacement motor for gasoline or diesel vehicles with no consuming of any fossil fuels. Vortex Power Motor is a tornado in box which will provide continuous clean energy with out ever having to worry about adding any fossil fuel. The Vortex Power Motor will initially be introduced as a replacement motor for 10 tons trucks with 6.0 litres 6.4 litre diesel and gas motors. Weighting only 200 lbs the motor will come out in two versions a 670 hp to replace the larger 6 litre diesel or gas motors and a 335 hp version to replace 5 litre or 3 litre V-6 engines. Both motors will come will 1,600,000 km warranty with no consumption of fuel. Pricing will be $ 14,995 for the 670 hp replacement motor and $ 7995 for a 335 hp replacement motor.
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