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PrintToPeer is a web platform and printer driver that simplifies the 3D printing process. Printing an object is really awkward; you currently need three different pieces of software, with hundreds of settings in each. Each printer, object, and material has different settings that need to be entered manually, and your laptop has to stay with the printer for the entire 18 hour print unless you physically transferred files via SD card. We are replacing this with cloud printing and an easy device dashboard and workflow. Our driver works with the majority of current desktop 3D printers. We’ve hidden the complicated steps for novice users, and have given full configuration capability for power users. PrintToPeer offers multiple cloud slicers, slicing profiles, queues, multi-user access, analytics, and fine-grained control through a responsive web app. Our software is the glue that ties together the hardware and the growing set of applications built on top of 3D printing.
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