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Leankor, a SaaS visual workflow management solution, targets an unmet need created by the nexus of two significant "S-curves" of innovation - one in business/organizational design and the other in touch/collaboration technology. The first trend is the emergence of lean management principles in almost every vertical market with lean construction, lean healthcare and lean financial services leading the way. This methodology demands visualization and standardization of work. The second trend is the emergence of visual touch/gesture devices of every size - from iPads used in the field to 100-inch LCD/LED "whiteboards" in project rooms. My customers collaborate in real time around large wall-mounted dry-erase boards (e.g. They need to visualize workflow and they need visual cues to be simple, simple, simple. Complex BPM systems are severe overkill. But what if planning boards could be shared globally? Social? Intelligent sticky notes?
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