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mBond mBond is an extremely cost effective alternative to fibre and microwave that enables telecommunications operators to realise a far quicker and improved return on investment. mBond™ provides mobile and fixed telecommunications operators (Telcos) with a unique opportunity to dramatically enhance their copper backhaul capacity performance by a factor of ten. Bandwidth needs are significantly increasing with the deployment of high-speed mobile data services such as 3G, HPSA and LTE. Operators need to enhance their backhaul as quickly as possible while minimising capital and operating expenditures. mBond delivers up to 1 Gb/s at 500 meter and up to 150 Mb/s over 1.5 Km. Any number of pairs can be bonded, and when even more bandwidth is required the bonded pairs may be grouped. mBond exploits unique high-speed copper backhaul technology developed and patented for Genesis’s DSL Rings.
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