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National Digital Asset Exchange is Canada's fastest growing Cryptocurrency exchange Read more
Offcourse makes it easier to figure out what you have to do to get better at golf. It tracks your stats and handicap and suggests exercises and lessons you can do to get better so you can lower your score and have more fun. Read more
ZayZoon gives employees access to their paycheck at any point in the pay cycle. Read more
Medical error results in $17- 50 billion in direct costs annually in the United States. That mark rises to as high as a trillion dollars when indirect costs are included. Studies have implicated communication failure in over 90% of medical error. Specifically, information handover between teams contribute to a quarter of medical error in hospital. The failure of communication and handover costs billions of dollars a year and more tragically hundreds of thousands of lives. List Runner is a task management tool that doctors and their teams use to facilitate better communication during their daily rounds and handovers from one team to the next. Instead of all the team members duplicating their notes on lists of patients, they all contribute to the shared list. They can spend more time focusing on patient care and teaching. The application works on any device and is using bank level standard in term of security.  Read more
At Cardup we strive to provide intuitive solutions to real-world problems; we’re currently providing a way for people to call family, friends, relatives around the world. For the first time ever our users will be able to side step the rising price tag of international calling. Read more
PrintToPeer is a web platform and printer driver that simplifies the 3D printing process. Printing an object is really awkward; you currently need three different pieces of software, with hundreds of settings in each. Each printer, object, and material has different settings that need to be entered manually, and your laptop has to stay with the printer for the entire 18 hour print unless you physically transferred files via SD card. We are replacing this with cloud printing and an easy device dashboard and workflow. Our driver works with the majority of current desktop 3D printers. We’ve hidden the complicated steps for novice users, and have given full configuration capability for power users. PrintToPeer offers multiple cloud slicers, slicing profiles, queues, multi-user access, analytics, and fine-grained control through a responsive web app. Our software is the glue that ties together the hardware and the growing set of applications built on top of 3D printing. Read more
Partake Brewing is the craft non-alcoholic beer brand. Read more
The Sprawl is a journal which focused on digital publication that provides local news coverage for city residents. Read more
SolidFace is a 3D/2D CAD software parametric solid modeler with historic constructive. Some of its main features are: editing features and commands in any stage of the project, parameterization, mounting assemblies, motion simulation, etc.. In general, stands out for its graphics core * Parasolid ® and its strong parameterization. Enables the creation of complex 3D models and advanced editing features at all stages of a project Read more
Built for kids, not just aimed at them, Kidoodle.TV is designed specifically for the use and navigation of kids (ages 12 and under), ensuring an age-appropriate viewing experience. With over 2,000 hours of premium and educational content, Kidoodle.TV is available for only $4.99 per month with a variety of parental controls. It features a brightly colored, easy-to-use user interface, and is customizable up to 5 kid profiles. Kidoodle.TV is child oriented and convenient, with no adult content. Once logged into Kidoodle.TV, parents simply select a Kid Profile and hand off the navigation to the child. Kidoodle.TV™ is owned and operated by a Parent Media Co. Inc. (“APMC”). APMC’s mission is to provide an audience-appropriate approach to television and movie viewing by allowing parents and caregivers to tailor content to match family values, and by allowing safe viewing anytime, anywhere.  Read more
Kudos is a corporate social network with a recognition engine at its core that is designed to enhance employee engagement. It is a simple SaaS peer-to-peer platform that allows team members to give meaningful recognition and feedback in real time to one another. Kudos helps organizations connect with their teams and drive performance with authentic engagement, collaboration and communication.  Read more
We provide our clients with an opportunity to receive auto financing they can afford while helping them establish a positive credit history. We work with the top Dealerships Across Canada who have access to all the major banks and subprime lenders. Our goal is to provide you the right car at low rates that build positive credit with an easy online application. Read more
Bidali is a payment platform that helps small and large companies accept next generation payments and grow their business. Read more
RoboGarden is an e-learning game that enables students from grade 1 through 9 to learn how to code using the 'Visual Blocky System'. The platform further integrates with educators to be used in classrooms and with parents to monitor child progress. RoboGarden was built using a 'teacher-first' approach. and allows teachers, not familiar with coding, to teach it. RoboGarden was named among the Top50 Global Startups in 2018 by StartupGrind, was nominated for the innovative product award at GESS 2018 and is featured on the 'Hour of Code' at In two years the company has already grown its presence to 34 countries! Read more
Accelerate Financial Technologies develops a suite of exchange-traded hedge funds and alternative strategies. Read more is fulfilling our social mission of educating organizations through the world's first online peer collaboration platform for social enterprise. This global community of practice provides our members with the practical tools they need to navigate building a profitable and mission-aligned business. Tools include curated case studies, webinars and our Watercooler - a discussion forum where members can share their learnings on topics ranging from marketing a social enterprise product or service to legal considerations when starting out. To provide an actionable learning experience, is developing a peer mentoring program where participants are paired with a peers working on similar issues to discuss ongoing challenges and work through social enterprise content together. Over a 12 week period participants will join live online group discussions where the essentials of social enterprise design and implementation will be taught.  Read more
CoinRabbit is an instant cryptocurrency lending service without credit checks, monthly payments, and maximum loan sizes. Read more
Gateway Gazette - Panoptic News is collaborative media, we harness the power of numbers and shared resources. 10,000 people gathering & sharing news and 10,000 people selling advertising all to be inputted into a single, unified system, all while retaining individual identity, branding and profits. Gateway Gazette has it covered for Newsrooms, Journalists, Businesses & Consumers. (The currently live site is a bare minimum MVP for testing purposes.) Read more
We are developing high-tech, low-power, user-friendly sensor-based, "smart" insoles that wirelessly communicate with feedback systems. Healthcare applications include prevention of diabetic foot complications and rehab from stroke, spinal cord and nerve injuries. Sports applications include athletic optimization in high performance athletes. Read more
Leankor, a SaaS visual workflow management solution, targets an unmet need created by the nexus of two significant "S-curves" of innovation - one in business/organizational design and the other in touch/collaboration technology. The first trend is the emergence of lean management principles in almost every vertical market with lean construction, lean healthcare and lean financial services leading the way. This methodology demands visualization and standardization of work. The second trend is the emergence of visual touch/gesture devices of every size - from iPads used in the field to 100-inch LCD/LED "whiteboards" in project rooms. My customers collaborate in real time around large wall-mounted dry-erase boards (e.g. They need to visualize workflow and they need visual cues to be simple, simple, simple. Complex BPM systems are severe overkill. But what if planning boards could be shared globally? Social? Intelligent sticky notes? Read more
Mammoth Beard is Canada's leading choice for all natural, high quality beard care products. Read more
Virtual Gurus is a freelancing platform that connects businesses with skilled, trained and professional Virtual Assistants. Read more
ClickDishes partners with local restaurants to enable their consumers to order and pay directly through their phones. Read more
Just Bio Fiber develops & manufactures sustainable structural building system. Read more
Keyworks is an international Technology Strategy and Services company headquartered in Calgary, with an Australian subsidiary company. Read more
Kinetyx Sciences develops in-shoe sensor-based solutions for a broad range of sports and performance applications. Read more
We're taking the highly manual and outdated 2 week long Canadian mortgage process and automating it. Houski's mortgage process takes 20 minutes. Read more
VEERUM is a global SaaS provider who brings reality to the digital world. We are the world's platform to see itself. Read more
Stellaralgo helps organizations to organize, analyze, and leverage the data they need to make successful business decisions. Read more
MoneyExpress targets the cashless payment system market. We believe that this will be the new evolution of how money is handled. This product manages cash flow better then having to count cash at the end of events. Plus it prevents theft from employees, eliminates cashier errors, saves on labor, speeds line ups, increases sales by 15-20% and of course brings in a profit for its clients. MoneyExpress has partnered with Systopia cashless payment systems-the leaders in this industry. Our vision is to have our cashless payment system in all major arena venues across North America. We believe Systopia provides all the essential systems and tools to enable MoneyExpress to make our vision a reality. We would like a partner who we feel we share the same entrepreneurial vision with to make a dynamic team! Read more
Neuraura will improve the lives of millions of people by unlocking personalized brain care with its next-generation neural data Read more
SolarSteam is a renewable energy company which develops the lowest cost, cleanest way of generating process heat. Read more
Simplifying complexity in the power industry.  Read more
Goodpin leverages the power of fun, mobile, and social to remove the barriers between You might give $1 to a water charity while enjoying your morning latte. By publishing that to your network you fuel the virtuous cycle and inspire others to get involved too. Brands can match you as well. Your $1 give could grow to $100's.  Read more
Ambyint company bringing a new level of intelligence to the oil and gas industry. Read more
Drone based data analysis company Read more
Tailings Treatment, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, R&D Company Read more
Verge provides information technology services for farming. Read more
Audacious Energy Provides energy storage services and software intended to support better energy demand side management. Read more
ICwhatUC is an amazingly simple web based video support service that uses Augmented Reality for home and field service. Read more
ConnectUs Global offers a dual frequency UWB solution, badges, tags and receivers to facilitate asset and personnel tracking. Read more
CalAgua designs ionic liquid and unconventional hydrocarbons to develop next-generation solutions for the energy industry’s extraction. Read more
Industrial Climate Solutions develops and commercializes industrial process technologies to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. Read more
Creative Protein Solutions is a real-time portable diagnostic technology, with a current focus on diagnosing farm animal diseases. Read more
NuVessl is a nanotechnology company that specializes in pharmaceutical, product development, and research development. Read more
Advoz is a social media management and advertising app designed to help business owners increase their revenue. Read more
Sure Fuel is a Mobile Gas Station. We deliver fuel directly to our customers' vehicles, 7 days a week. Read more
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