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Most people need to drink more water. With busy schedules and lifestyles, staying properly hydrated is not as easy as it may seem. The failure to properly hydrate can result in physical and cognitive performance decrease, weight gain and kidney stones, among other ailments. Caktus is helping users achieve physical and mental wellbeing through proper and timely hydration. Our hybrid hardware/soware solution consists of an adjustable sensor along with a companion app to automatically track drinking frequency and push notifications to coach users towards optimal hydration. The Hug sensor band goes around your water bottle, and sends the data via BT to an iOS app that works as a hydration coach.The app calculates an optimal hydration base rate (using also real-time activity data).Our API allows the data to be utilized by other applications and companies. Our entry target market in the US are the young,physically active individuals interested in self-quantification and personal health.
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