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The Marketplace for Digital Assets and Services based on Blockchain Read more
Mimirium builds a software ecosystem where the user collects and keeps his data encrypted securely in a mobile app or browser extension. Read more
Blockchain start-up building services to improve criteria of transparency, quality, usability and compliance in crypto mining and exchange. Read more
Smart stock and delivery management for retailers. Read more
DEV.BG is a place for everyone who is interested in the creation, testing and maintenance of software products. Read more
A virtual one-stop-shop for startup acceleration. Read more
An Educational platform with a virtual classroom and a LMS built behind Read more
Web and Mobile Blockchain Platform for the shared food economy Read more
Interactive co-browsing, session replay, reporting, and analytics tools for support teams. Read more
Ayo is a light-based, energy-boosting wearable that beats jet lag, improves sleep and increases energy levels! Read more
CoKitchen is a co-working space for chefs, where good food is prepared with locally grown ingredients by freelancing food professionals. Read more
Klear is a FinTech company that offers P2P lending and financial education platform. Read more
We create a product that is useful and needed by all, which helps in everyday life and work that will make us all closer to each other. Read more
Tickey disrupts urban mobility ticketing by enabling one-tap payment for any service and pricing based on each individual's travel pattern. Read more
The world's first smart speed radar gun Read more
Power Week enables businesses to work near nature. Read more
Pivoteka a start-up in distribution and marketing of craft beer. Read more
Content Insights is a SaaS editorial intelligence suite providing information on how to have more effective and efficient content production Read more
Flyver is enabling developers to write, publish and monetize apps for drones. As easy as for smartphones. Read more
Sunlot aims to stop liquidation of bitcoins. Read more
CM2W provides the ability to remotely monitor and control a wide range of hardware equipment. Read more
Althemy is a Marketplace and Community for Alternative subcultures and lifestyles. Read more
Collectim is the easiest way to raise funds for your problem, cause or project. It leverages the power of crowd for reaching personal goals. Read more
Findy is all about sending the lost and found process into oblivion. Read more
Edoms is a startup disrupting the domain name industry. It focuses on acquiring valuable domains and developing tools & marketplaces. Read more
MAXCART e everything you need to start and run a successful online business. Read more
Dextrophobia Rooms is the first real-life, room escape game in Bulgaria, incredibly enjoyable, game combines aspects of real life. Read more
Casualino is a software development studio. We arе creative, young and hardworking people who have passion for gaming. Read more
Soundvamp is a music-based platform that provides social integration solutions for performers and music fans. Read more
Race Cloud is a telemetry software used for go karts. Read more
Datacraft & Magic specializes in the conceptualization, design and development of vertical-specific and bespoke Data Mining solutions to Read more
Viblast is an innovator operating in the online video industry that improves on last-mile delivery, stream quality and playback. Read more
Sell more with personalized recommendations. Read more
Association Footura from Sofia, Bulgaria, NGO, not for profit, organizing and participating in sports events with social dimension Read more
The IN is a solution for expo centers to solve the problem of indoor positioning, finding a route to the desired object and getting information on objects. Read more
CURES Token is a Blockchain-based healthcare platform Read more
Encharge has developed a marketing automation software for SaaS companies. Read more
Archimedes - UDSS developed a unique watering management technology that helps revolutionise irrigation. Read more
NitroPack.IO is the most comprehensive website speed optimization cloud service Read more
ProsFit team is building the capability to accommodate the increasing number of amputees, at the same time dramatically improving their experience. We aim to play our part in enabling mobility and integration in society Read more
Appzio is a app creation platform which lets developers create apps faster and more efficiently. Read more
MammothDB is a big data analytics company. They developed a parallel SQL compliant analytical database, which enables you to process your data and run reports and analysis on top of it using standard SQL queries Read more
Vayant provides airfare search solutions and brings customers, airlines, and internet booking engines through targeted promotions. Read more
Food Chain is an e-commerce app which prevents food wastage by allowing users to buy and sell expired or nearly expired food for a fraction of the price. Read more
Phoenix Point is a game development startup based in Sofia. Read more
Tavan is an app that offers Weather-based individualized clothing recommendations for runners and cyclists. Read more
MEC is a P2P LEARNING PLATFORM which focuses on your skills and knowledge Read more
LimePay is a SaaS platform that enables end-users to freely execute transactions for decentralized applications (dApps) with fiat money. No need for registration or creating a crypto wallet. Just a credit card. LimePay takes care of the rest. Read more
InChainZ is the first contact-trading and contact-investing platform on blockchain. InChainZ is to change the way people gain access to other people, handle and utilise their contacts forever. Read more
Fram Fintech is a company focused on providing digital design, development and marketing solutions exlusively for the financial sector. We have helped over 30 banking, insurance, etc. companies to position their brand online, attract new clients, and boost customer satisfaction. Read more
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