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AlgaeBio+ produce y comercializa productos de alto valor comercial derivados del cultivo masivo de microalgas. El primer producto es Astaxantina destinada a consumo animal y humano, que permite sustituir pigmentos sintéticos utilizados principalmente en salmonicultura. Read more
This app allows for middle of a statement sworn control access people according to COVID 19 standards. Read more
Widergy acompaña a las Utilities en su proceso de transformación hacia la Utility del Futuro, a partir de proveerles soluciones de software de alto valor agregado. Utility GO! Read more
Sumato-ID crea soluciones innovadoras basadas en la Biometría. Por medio de cámaras de video y algoritmos de Biometría Facial obtiene características de los consumidores frente a los diferentes productos tales como; género, rango etario y hasta sentimientos. Read more
Checkteams se especializa en la prevención de accidentes. Lo logra mediante un poderoso sistema informático basado en inteligencia artificial que analiza el estado psicofísico del usuario y condiciones de las unidades antes de comenzar su turno. Read more
Ponce busca disminuir las pérdidas de agua potable, energía, y grandes daños, tanto en el rendimiento como en la calidad de los cultivo, a través de un sistema IoT de detección de fallas para equipos de riego. Read more
Guilab brinda una propuesta innovadora y creativa al servicio del mundo de las experiencias, mediante el diseño y elaboración en el momento de sabores helados con nitrógeno líquido. Guilab busca ser creador de tendencias, reconocido en la gastronomía molecular. Read more
Borna busca ser referente de personas que hacen que #CadaDiaCuente, mediante productos de indumentaria de calidad y diseño elaboradas por personas que transitan diversas situaciones de vulnerabilidad. Read more
We strive to immerse visitors in our large city of Buenos Aires with eco-friendly electric bikes, coupled with live narration headsets to learn about the culture and history Read more
We offer a 3D printing process using biocompatible materials in order to recreate complex 3D biological environments. It can be used for regenerative medicine, drugs screening and other biotech research. Read more
We offer a virtual store for the rental of high quality and variety garments. Read more
Our goal is to transform cleaning and hygiene habits, taking care of the Environment and Health. We offer an effective, natural and ecofriendly cleaning product. Read more
We are producers of special effects and plastic artists with more than 10 years of experience and today we have within our reach the possibility of developing aesthetic prostheses that improve the quality of life of our clients. Read more
We offer a learning platform through the use of interactive video games. Our goal is to assist pedagogical organizations to maximize their educational potential. Read more
Octamer is a biotechnology services platform, dedicated to finding innovative solutions to the needs of agribusiness. Read more
Our first product, AVaTAR (Aortic Valve Trileaflet Autologous Reconstruction), is a device that builds and implants a new valve that does not require anticoagulation and does not stop the growth of the artery that contains it. Read more
This company offers a coating that allows antimicrobial disinfection.It is a solution with nano-structured micro-particles adsorbed with silver and copper ions, which act as antimicrobial agents, adhering to the surface where they are applied. Read more
Via Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and the Internet of Things, ZoomAgri provides quality assessment of agricultural commodities to all participants of the agri supply chain. Read more
This application allows diabetic patients to know the glycemic index contained in food based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Read more
We offer a monitoring, control and waste prevention software for the gastronomic industry using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Read more
At Limay we seek to improve the quality of life of patients with neurogenetic diseases through the commercialization of low-cost and easy-to-apply diagnostic tools. We use state-of-the-art nucleases and polymerase isothermal amplification technologies. Read more
We are making the small sat Launch Vehicle of the future. State of the art technology mixed with the right amount of creativity and smart choices make the best possible design to meet the expectations of the growing market of Launch Vehicles. Read more
Move Technology offers the user the best tools to optimize and improve the performance of logistics processes, achieving a reduction of up to 30% in operating costs. Read more
The objective of this company is to provide an industrial process monitoring service, specially oriented to small and mediaum sized industries.By analyzing assets in real time, Maper generates reliable information, which facilitates decision-making and increases productivity. Read more
Henry trains software developers for free and helps them find a job in exchange for a share of their future income. Read more
Saas Banking Software, ePayments, Telco, Retail & Big Community Business Fintech Solutions Read more
Online Recruiting Agency that links, connect and engage prospective students and educational institutions Read more
Advertising Solution provider for merchants and marketplaces in latam. Read more
We democratize high-quality healthcare with our pay-per-use platform Read more
Affordable and inclusive helathcare for everyone Read more
Ykamp is a platform designed for communicating, coaching, educating, and training sales teams and clients. Read more
Payment & Multi-Currency Exchange Solution Read more
Circular is a cloud collaboration platform that improves the lives of all participants in the logistics chain. Read more
TradeStars is a Fantasy Sports Game where users can trade digital assets that represent athletes’ real-life performances. Read more
Información madura para un mundo verde. Read more
Entelai provide AI-powered services to the healthcare industry. Read more
Experimental develops blockchain games that are not only incredibly fun to play but also allow users to monetize their gaming experiences. Read more
Welcome to Identitic. We are reinventing Education through Technology. #TheFutureOfEducation Read more
Drixit Technologies helps industries mitigate workplace accidents and achieve operational excellence Read more
Vakiano is the platform that guides buyers to access unique and exclusive objects- Read more
Cell Farm is a LATAM's first clean meat startup developing & standardizing a biotechnology process to produce meat from animal stem cells. Read more
Brubank is the largest and fastest growing challenger bank in Argentina. Read more
Karvi is the digital future of Latin America's auto market. Read more
Digirodeo is an AgTech company that specializes in providing strategic technological solutions for the field industry. Read more
Nilus is a social enterprise that applies crowdsourcing technology and AI to create healthy food markets for low income people Read more
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