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Workana is a marketplace for remote and freelance employment targeting Latin America. We help businesses find & manage the best remote talents for their projects, while also helping workers get projects according to their preferences, skills and price level. Workana is free to join, free to post, with open bidding. Clients only pay when an agreement is reached. Read more
Real trends provides MercadoLibre's sellers with an awesome suite of tools to help them manage their account, thus making them sell more and reduce costs. Among these, real trends provides tools for answering questions faster, improving positioning and ranking, analyzing competition and managing operators. It also offers a real-time updated dashboard and real-time notifications. Hundreds of sellers are already taking advantage of the potential that real trends' tools offer them, answering their questions up to 20x faster, improving their listings' positioning, reducing costs, and selling more and more every day. Read more
CrowdSolving community where companies and consumers collaborate to resolve consumer complaints. By integrating social media and recommendation systems, we created a win-win scenario where consumers get help faster while companies improve their customer loyalty and online reputation. Since our live version was launched in June 2013, we have generated more than 100,000 success stories in Latin America & Spain. Read more
Tienda Nube (in Spanish Latam) and Nuvem Shop (in Brazil) is a SaaS startup born and headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with commercial offices in São Paulo, Brazil. It aims to provide a complete e-commerce platform for small retailers and entrepreneurs in Latin American markets. It was founded by 4 college friends with software engineering background and today it hosts thousands of online stores mainly in the fashion industry. Tienda Nube is completely integrated with the whole Latam e-commerce ecosystem including payment gateways, couriers, anti-fraud system, marketing tools, etc.  Read more
Ualá is a personal financial management mobile app developed in Argentina that allows users to conduct financial transactions Read more
Blended is the most used management and communication platform for schools in Argentina. 500 institutions across the country are its customers. Read more
We provide businesses a set of marketing tools and a network of partners that enhances their business attracting new customers and cultivating the loyalty of existing customers. The best online guides, web sites, management software’s, daily deals and loyalty companies are working together with Bukeala to create the most powerful marketing and booking platform in the market. Think for a minute about a new restaurant recently opened in the city or a recreational activity center that needs to improve its sales. Using Bukeala, they can create online campaigns, special offers or even discounts and publish it instantly in their own website and in Bukeala’s partners network, reaching millions of potential customers. Businesses can also create email and SMS marketing campaigns and send them to their Bukeala customer’s database improving online reservations and appointments. Using Bukeala, businesses will have their best ROI indicator: more reservations and appointments. Read more
Soicos is the first affiliate network born in Argentina with offices in Chile, Mexico & Colombia. Our vision is to become a benchmark in affiliate marketing. Guide advertisers on their introduction into this industry and offering our affiliates profitable offers to work with. This integration of advertisers and affiliates is achieved on a technological self-developed interface which gives high valued control and optimization to all parts of the business. Read more
Zolvers connects people with pending tasks with a network of background-checked individuals ready to help them. Zolvers is a task pending crowdsourcing marketplace, where people can outsource errands such as cleaning, home or office maintenance and any short pending task. On the other hand, Zolvers allows freelance people and small local businesses to increase their works and make extra money. We have a bounded group of self-employed zolvers with different specialities. We certify every zolver and they also earns reputation while they complete tasks. Is very easy for customers to outsource an errand. Thery just need to publish the task in the platform and wait to receive the offers from our zolvers. They can exchange messages and photos through the application. Then, the customer selects his zolver looking their profile, experiences and comments from other customers.  Read more
Sirena is a business solution platform that allow every department of businesses to have a unique WhatsApp line to centralize communications and track their interactions with the company. Read more is the first job portal aimed to help people with disabilities in Latin America (more than 30 million people) to find a job. We are working with leading companies in Latin America, helping them to show their inclusion programs and get the best talent from people with disabilities. The company was founded by Natalia Ca, Pablo Veltri and Gabriel Marcolongo in December 2012, aiming to reduce the ~70% unemployment rate which is affecting people with disabilities in the region. The company has operations in Buenos Aires and is planning to expand to new clusters in the region. Read more
Brubank is the largest and fastest growing challenger bank in Argentina. Read more
Ticket Hoy is Today´s Going Out App and Web Mobile for Latam cities The easiest way to buy show tickets for tonight with last-minute discounts. Ticket Hoy offers a selection of live shows that are soon to begin, and are close to the users (geolocated), presenting proposals in a personalized way, in line with preferences and behaviors (personalization), offering "last-minute" discounts (last-minute deals), and advising, according to the social profile (social), if any contact has been or will be at the event. Ticket Hoy is available in Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile. Coming soon to Sao Paulo, Bogotá & Medellin. Ticket Hoy´s model increases global ticket demand, linking empty seats at a show which is about to begin with people eager to enjoy them at a discounted price Our Market: - 180M unsold tickets per year (in 7 LatAm Cities) - 180M empty seats to fulfill - Market size: potential $6.3B usd in revenue/year Read more
El Meme la red más activa de productores creativos digitales de la región. Read more
Docturno is the first site where patients can find doctors and book their appointments online instantly for free , 24-7 in Latin America. Read more
EGA Futura is a Cloud ERP Software for SMBs. Read more
The simplest, most personalized, and most accessible retail investment platform in LATAM. Read more
Satoshi Tango exchanges bitcoins for argentinian pesos and offers merchants a new payment method for their customers, without dealing with technicalities and price volatility. Moreover, merchants don't even need to handle bitcoins: we receive the bitcoins and give them pesos, with 0% fee. Now argentinian businesses can give their customers the chance of paying through this amazing new technology.  Read more
Bundle is a mobile news-reading app that simplifies reaching to news from mobile by offering users a fast; easy-to-use, tastefully designed, localized and smartly personalized experience. Read more
Acamica is a global online learning platform that provides alternative education opportunities for top talent who are not satisfied with or cannot access formal education programs, with the aim of addressing the job skills gap in technology and the worrying youth unemployment rates worldwide. We offer 100% online, on-demand and asynchronous programs so our students can go from knowing nothing to being employable in just a few months' time. For this we have a proprietary formula that optimizes the learning experience in technology by leveraging a dynamic combo of videos, interactive quizzes, exams, coding activities, games, projects and gamification features, all in a social environment. Acamica makes learning technology accessible, social and engaging, through a learn-by-doing methodology, collaborating with others and focused on the real needs of the industry. Read more
Tienda Dólar is an online exchange agency in Argentina offering the best rates in the market Read more
Nubi is a startup to buy or sell anywhere in the world without a credit card. Read more
We provide a multi-device and powerful social-Learning platform. A complete and intuitive LMS and an online event platform - 100% in the cloud, with no downloads or installations. In fact, we provide the technological solution for: - A unique online learning experience: Micro video-tutorials and interactive html5 quizzes and exercises, complemented with pre-scheduled Classes & Lectures Live in HD, and Gamification & collaborative tools. - A Social Network for Education with user profiles, academic background and career plans. - An online course marketplace (Similar to but for institutions). - A course rental platform: customers, suppliers and employees are trained by quality rented content from Wisboos’ channels. Target customers B2B & B2B2C: -Educational institutions promoting & distributing their quality content. -Chambers and associations distributing their own content. -Companies renting content for internal distribution. Read more
AgentBot is an automatic customer service solution through digital channels. The virtual agent recognizes, interprets and answers customer’s inquiries, creating an interactive dialogue between the company and the users, without waiting time, 24/7 and with a lower cost than human attention. AgenBot centralizes the knowledge in a single reference source and integrates other applications to accomplish precise responses. AgentBot is very simple to be managed and updated. Thanks to the analytics tool companies can collect valuable information to increase client’s satisfaction and sales.  Read more
Colppy is an online accounting solution customized for small businesses to get owners organized and to successfully manage their business from anywhere. Any time.  Read more
Aulica is an administrative platform for schools. It allows schools to track students' performance and delinquencies. Read more
Ideame ( is the only regional crowdfunding platform in Latin America, supporting individuals in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and USA Hispanic. javascript:void(0); Ideame is a, online marketplace that brings creators and consumers together to discover ideas and empower individuals. We provide creators resources, support and access to capital via crowdfunding and provide backers the place to discover, buy products/experiences and fund talent.  Read more
Expensas Online is an all-in-one SaaS for building and private neighborhoods management and payment collection Read more
Book beauty appoinments, first beauty-services marketplace in LatAm Read more
Tu VideoCV operates as an audiovisual platform designed for job search and recruitment. Read more
Live-Learning Platform creators: the simplest way for classes and online training. Thousand of companies, educational institutions and professional associations choose daily Wormhole to their classes and trainings online, without losing the quality of a live training. Wormhole’s Platform improves people interaction to create more effective virtual environments for online education. From Argentina to more than ten countries abroad, Wormhole provides the best products to education programs, create campus online and, more than all, improve the relation between teacher and student, from any place with your PC, tablet o mobile.  Read more
Información madura para un mundo verde. Read more
Rsk is the most secure smart contract network in the world and enables decentralized applications secured by the Bitcoin Network to empower people and improve the quality of life of millions. Read more
Get to know who your customers are with our Data Management Platform and increase your ROI by targeting the right audiences based on 1st & 3rd party data available through our Data Marketplace. We collect 1st party data by placing our Tag/SDK in your site or mobile app and then we combine it with 3rd party data in large scale sorting your traffic into audience segments. You can explore those segments, discover who your customers are, what do they do and what they need. Then, you can choose from your top performing segments and target similar audiences through multiple channels. If you are an online media buyer, now you can get more value from your campaigns by targeting specific audiences based on intent, interest, demographic and psycographic data through Retargetly's Data Marketplace.  Read more is a real estate market place for Latam that provides insightful data to help users take better decisions. Read more
This company offers a coating that allows antimicrobial disinfection.It is a solution with nano-structured micro-particles adsorbed with silver and copper ions, which act as antimicrobial agents, adhering to the surface where they are applied. Read more
Zelucash is an online platform that allows users to buy and sell second-hand smartphones. Read more
Job Search App based on Artificial Inteligence, Videos and a unique UX Read more
BotBit is a marketing and satisfaction platform for local businesses and the communities they serve Read more
Gorsh is a fun online gift store with a curated collection of more than 700 unique products. Read more is a unique online gift store based in Argentina that supports emerging designers adding new amazing products everyday. We are the first place you go online when you need to buy a fun, sexy and accessible present for yourself or the ones you love!  Read more
TradeStars is a Fantasy Sports Game where users can trade digital assets that represent athletes’ real-life performances. Read more
Henry trains software developers for free and helps them find a job in exchange for a share of their future income. Read more
Datacrush is developing software that is a marketing and sales platform, or all-in-one software. Read more
Search and get medical appointment by geolocation, speciality, health insurance or doctor´s name. E-health platform Busca y agenda de manera instantánea y segura turnos con profesionales de la salud de cualquier lugar del mundo. Encuentra por dirección, ciudad, especialidad médica, cobertura de salud o por el nombre del profesional. Read more
Moova is a technological platform that captures idle logistic capacity and transforms it into high efficiency and low cost shipping solutions. Read more
Social Tools is a Social Marketing Suite, that enables Agencies and Marketer to run low-cost promotions and contests on Facebook. Social Tools allows brands to build and Run any kind of promotion such as sweepstakes, image contest, coupons, giveaways, and much more, on any Facebook page, website or mobile device, on a very easy way. Social Tools enables brands grow their social audience, engage consumers, and drive sales reducing the CPA and increasing the ROI in Social Media.  Read more
BeTransit - Social Network for Traffic Status Sharing and logistics. Read more
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